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  1. I may take my own life depending if something called the Trans Pacific Partnership passes. For those who do not know, the TPP is a secret trade deal certain people are trying to get passed. From the little known about what is actually written in the deal, we know that it has worldwide reaching effects, including laws that would allow corporations to censor the internet(much like SOPA)

    There are many other terrible things within the TPP and its sister "trade deals" (I believe one is called the TAA) that would effect the world at large.

    If the TPP passes, then it is likely going to get rid of all online uses of copyrighted material, including pictures, videos, music, everything. It will not matter whether those materials were being used in fair use. Doomworld will probably not exists, the same with sharing Doom levels, videos, etc.

    Sigh. It saddens me that there are politicians callous enough to vote yes to something they themselves and the people they are supposed to represent have not been given a chance to read.

    I really hope the majority of Congress votes No to the TPP, and the internet stays safe. I love you all, my friends, and hope to be able to freely continue sharing with you on this very website,

    Sincerely, Obake

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    2. Danarchy


      Phml said:

      Apathy sucks. Get angry.


      There's no point in killing yourself over politics (or almost any other reason, for that matter). If politics are making you sad or angry, then fight back. Get involved in whatever way you can think of, even if you're just sending spreading political information over Facebook.

    3. dg93


      TheCupboard said:

      Unfortunately this is probably more bad neoliberal legislation so I partially sympathize with the OP's meltdown.

      Most neoliberal legislation is pretty bad in my opinion. Even neocon legislation is not that much better either.

    4. Cupboard


      You probably already know this but it is important to clarify because some readers are under-informed about what certain labels mean.

      When it comes to the school of economics, being a "liberal" is not the same as being "liberal" in the political sense.

      Economic liberalism is agreed on by the two-party system. All the Republicans since the end of WWII have been Keynesians who believe the federal government should intervene in the US marketplace, not to mention the Democrats.

      Neoconservative legislation does not apply to economic policy, it is always directed toward domestic defense policy and international interventionism in the political structures of countries.

      That being said, neoconservatism is an incredibly dangerous ideology that gained sway in the 80s and blasted off after 9/11. Neoliberalism is a sad reality, very difficult to undo due to the effects of globalization that has its roots in the post-WWII geopolitical landscape and the power of corporations (many of them multi-national) who have large influence over US trade policy. Globalization is not a bad thing, in many ways it is inevitable and essentially a positive force, but neoliberalism is a very lop-sided way of meeting the challenge of an economically-integrated Earth. The super-rich are the ones benefitting the most from unchecked free-trade, currency manipulation, and suppression of fledgling industries and even agricultural sectors of many small countries. Many of these super-rich are in fact from the US but there are many tin-pot dictators, moguls, and the most important EU countries, in addition to most of western and central Europe are also reaping the profits.