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  1. I'm sad to say that UAC Enterprises: Rebooted may get cancelled. It's not a sure thing yet, but I just can't seem to get it to a satisfactory state. It's becoming too daunting, and I simply don't feel like a good enough mapper to pull it off. But I'll at least try a few more times.

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    2. Phade102


      Obake, how about you release one of your favourite maps to the public, and see what people think? I feel having some encouraging words, good or bad, might be able to push you to get it done. But ultimately, if you dont feel that you are capable of finishing it, then maybe you shouldn't. if your heart isn't in it, you aren't going to make a product you're ever happy with.

    3. obake


      That's a good idea. I'll make a standalone map to sort of get my feet wet, and hopefully it will get things rolling.

    4. Phade102


      Great! Ill happily play it when its released!