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  1. Thanks for the video! Sorry I didn't comment earlier. It's been a hectic week. Version 3 is out now! It mainly fixes bugs in map 3, as well as adding slight detailing to other maps.
  2. Version 2 is up and ready for testing! It fixes a lot of stuff, from misaligned textures to (in one case) a broken teleport trap and other bugs. Also, make sure to download the newest version of the resources if you haven't already, which is at the top of the thread.
  3. obake

    Share Your Sprites!

    Those are awesome! Would I have permission to perhaps use those in a future project (with you being credited, of course)?
  4. obake

    Dartagur Dungeon - my second UDMF map

    Looks awesome! I'll have to give it a whirl :)
  5. Personally, I think the more mappers, the merrier, though I agree with Walter above that perhaps mappers can have up to two maps submitted. I'd love to contribute to a project like this
  6. Alas, here are the final list of credits: Sounds: 15.ai, Daniel Jones, Dawn de Era (Uberduck.ai), Dion Stapper (soundbible), Ezwa (soundbible), Jim Rogers (soundbible), KP (soundbible), Major Arlene, Man (soundbible), Mark DiAngelo (soundbible), Mike Koenig (soundbible), Nps.gov (soundbible), @PRIMEVAL, Smoothie (soundbible), StickintheMud (soundbible), Wildcat (soundbible), Wrzesian (soundbible) Special Thanks: God, Id Software, Jimmy, John Suitepee, Major Arlene, my family, @Toxie Rocks
  7. Finished the set. First things first, these are a vast improvement over the Astroverse in every way. There's nothing wrong with long maps, but the Astroverse looked like it became tedious, especially considering the lack of visual flare or different encounter types. Tempest remedies all of Astroverse's problems by making three short, super punchy maps. The visuals have had a massive upgrade, not only with new textures but consistent, yet fluid aesthetics. I especially dig the outside arenas of map two, and the almost catacomb rooms of map 3. Map 1 is the weakest of the three, good but not as noteable as 2 or 3. Encounters are punched up to 11 straight off the bat. I like that you're not afraid to use Archviles and Pain Elementals in already intense combat. The only bug I found was in Map 3, where the walls leading back up from the basement didn't go back down for awhile, possibly because monsters got stuck on them. But that's a minor nitpick. Overall, these are three really tense, fun maps!
  8. Screenshots look good! I'll try it out soon
  9. Feeling like garbage again. What a crappy December.

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    2. obake


      Thanks for the kind responses. I hope all of you are doing well.

    3. MidnightMage


      Sorry to hear that Obake. 

    4. obake


      I'm doing better now. I had to get quite a few things sorted out, but all is in order again.

  10. obake

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    From Enterprises: Rebooted
  11. Now for the resource credits: 3D Realms, Apogee, Beaublen, Captain J , Damson, DavidRaven, Dolores49, Dreadopp, FloatRand, Fuzzballfox, Ghastly_Dragon, Graf Zahl, Id Software, ItsNatureToDie, Jimmy, Jimmy91, Karltroid51, MagicWazard, @Mechadon, Midnight Mage, Midway, Monolith Producties, @ndroidz, Obake, The Skulltag Team, @thenosid, TheShooter7, @Tormentor667, @RottKing, @ukiro, Untrustable, @Vader, @Xaser, Xim, Yuraofthehairfan Note: Doomworld seems to be having problems linking names at the moment, so I'll get to linking them all later.
  12. Awesome :) Btw, here is part 1 of the credits: Mappers: @obake Music: Aubrey Hodges, Christian Pacaud, Eric Swinson, @Immorpher, @Jimmy, Joe McDermott, Obake, ProtrocitySong Playtesters: @Biodegradable, @Bridgeburner56, @esselfortium, @FrancisT218, Jimmy, @Suitepee, @Major Arlene, @MidnightMage, @Pegleg I will compile the resource and sound credits soon.
  13. Thanks for hosting it! It's nice to have a project where the community can share custom stuff especially.