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  1. obake

    The Omega Project 2019

    Hello, all. Since Scifista is still absent, I thought it would be good to at least start the next Omega Project while we wait for his return. This project will have a few new rules implemented, which should make compiling the maps together at the end of the year easier. That said, I hope it is open enough to inspire lots and lots of different ideas and creativity. The project goal: to get any amount of polished zdoom/GZDoom maps before January 1, 2020. They can be of any theme, difficulty, etc. Though there are specific rules: Only one map per author Authors may use up to five new textures/flats combined, no more. However, after a mapper has submitted their map, their new textures will become available to all other people in the project, and will not count towards the five limit. Also, changes can be made retroactively to older maps whenever new textures are submitted. This is to save on the final file size of the compilation, while also ensuring a wide variety of new material. Animated textures and switches will also count as single textures (as long as the animated texture doesn't have too many frames. Ten or more is a where I'd draw the line.) Two new skies are allowed for each map, if an author wishes to use them (and it will not count towards the new texture limit.) This rule can be broken if the player uses a skybox, which can have up to six separate sky textures. New music is allowed, as long as it does not break copyright, or is of an excessive file size. MIDIs and OGG are preferred. Maps MUST be playable. Absolutely NO TERRY TRAPS (any mappers who send one in will get automatically banned from the project.) Otherwise, maps of all kinds are allowed. No new DECORATE stuff (as of yet.) Though there is going to be a small resource wad with some extra stuff in it, including a new monster or two, probably from Realm667. Note that this rule will probably be relaxed later on down the line. I just want to get the project off of its feet first. There will be a Discord set up soon, likely next week. Maps will be critiqued and authors encouraged to refine them. Hopefully this project goes smoothly, and the new rules are not too harsh. I feel having the textures implemented this way will still allow a lot of freedom, especially as more mappers join in, while making sure the file size is not overbearing. Also, I hope this does not get in the way of DWMP 2019. I am glad that particular project has more relaxed rules regarding zdoom. Thank you for your hard work in running all of these wads, @TimeOfDeath666 Of one last note, whenever a map is submitted, ALL new textures, flats, skies, and music, MUST be credited with their source in the txt file, otherwise they will not be allowed in the wad. I have seen the hassle of trying to confirm the sources of textures and music when compiling. Thank you all, and have a grand day. God bless.
  2. obake

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Looking back, I want to make an entirely new map in place of the map I submitted. The reason is that not only do I know more about the original Final Doom now than I did then, but I also want to try mapping within actual vanilla limits, if possible. I have recently gotten into playing Chocolate Doom, after all. Would I be allowed to do so?
  3. obake

    The Omega Project 2019

    Hmm. I guess the rule should be that whatever format they are in, the maps should be playable in Zdoom/GZdoom. I'd encourage mappers to map for Zdoom or GZdoom, even if the maps are simple and don't use much/any fancy effects. But if a mapper wants to make a map in a different format, they are sure free!
  4. obake

    The Omega Project 2019

    Absolutely! I actually didn't know that is how skyboxes worked. :) Yes. I'll do my best to quickly update the resource pack whenever a new map is posted. I'm glad you like the idea!
  5. obake

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Port to Port with a Purpose by Pegleg. A map split off into two sections at the start. The ending room with the Cyber is the most fun. Not much else to say, it's a cool little map. Locked Room Mystery by Judge Deadd This library has a ton of atmosphere and creative use of textures. For example, the way books are displayed, or laid out on the ground. The map itself, despite having less than 50 enemies, is actually really tough, but never to the point of frustration. My favorite encounter was the one with Pain Elementals. It took me a few deaths to finally get through, but it is a good map. I'm hoping the Omega Project 2019 is different enough in rules to avoid being confused with the DWMP. I understand your frustrations.
  6. obake

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Thanks, Voltcom! I have started playing the set. The reviews so far: Intro by Voltcom A rather somber techbase, with dire messages written in blood on certain walls. It feels as if something terrible had taken place, and the player stumbled into it long afterward. I really like this map. It is not as fancy as a hub, but it serves its purpose in setting up the rest of the wad, especially how it transitions into the next map. Speedismo by Marlamir This one almost has an Ultimate Doom vibe in terms of textures and layout. Mostly it is a standard techbase, but there are abstract touches that make certain areas, like the stairs to get the blue key, stand out. Overall I like this one. The encounters are fun and, despite liberal use of Chaingunners, not too difficult.
  7. obake

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    So I was wondering if I'd be able to take up the mantle and lead the 2019 Omega Project? I have some ideas for rules that I believe would make customization extremely open, and yet make compiling at the end of the year simpler. What are your guy's thoughts? Also, I will get to playing and reviewing the maps here and providing reviews, starting today.
  8. Map 11: The Glacier Base by Waverider I agree with @NuMetalManiak on a lot of points. This level is not among my favorites, but it does have some interesting stuff going for it. I actually like the (excuse the pun) chill atmosphere during the first part of the map. The Cyberdemon, for example, is not too threatening but can still be a nuisance, plus there are enough other monsters around to cause trouble should you try running away. I noticed a lot of Sergeants behind barred windows, which were actually more of a threat than the Cybie. Things pick up at the halfway point with the SpiderMasterminds. After their encounters, though, things start dragging. A lot of the encounters are not that memorable, and the progression can be difficult to figure out. On that note, however, there is one aspect that is actually quite nice, and that is there are multiple teleports which lead right to key doors, making traveling easier to manage. Not my favorite map, but it has its moments.
  9. Map 08: Winter Stronghold by The Mysterious Moustachio This one definitely has a Tricks and Traps vibe, and not just because of the music. The setup of the map is a little strange, and not in a bad way. Areas like the Yellow Key room and the outside hall surrounding the Blue Key stand out in terms of design, being aesthetically fairly simple but also pleasing. Gameplay is fine for the most part, though there may be a few too many Chaingunners for my liking. I also am not a fan of the final stretch, with the crusher room and that huge open hallway with all of the barrels. It felt extraneous, especially with so many Viles. However, it does not do much to hurt the map. Perhaps nixing a Vile and providing some more armor bonuses in the last hall would ease the frustration. Overall, not my favorite of the set, but still fun.
  10. I think having those is fine. I feel the Arachnotrons fit well into the maps space, without being too difficult to take care of. As far as save game buffers, with Chocolate Doom I simply removed the Doom savegame buffer limit, as will most people probably. So I wouldn't worry too much about those.
  11. I'll be providing feedback on each submitted map. Map 07: Carnage Facility by Valkriforce This one is quite long, taking over 30 minutes. While there are some standout parts (of which I'll get to), this map as a whole felt meh. Let's get to the good: there are some nicely designed rooms, especially the one with the blue key. The setup of that area is really cool, and you can tell a lot of effort went into it. There are some other cool areas, like a pseudo-bathroom with two sinks, and a few trippy lite-textured staircases. But overall, I felt the map doesn't have as much of an identity as the first, and the progression can feel iffy. There were a few moments where I was lost, though some of that could just be my derpiness. Gameplay is still quite good. I really like the trap with the two Mancubuses, for instance. There is one area that could use changing up: the hallway where barrels appear and explode in Chaingunners faces. The idea is cool, but I found that if you go through the back way first, it is hard to escape the barrels exploding. Again, the set up is interesting (not sure how it is even achieved in Vanilla), but the execution can be refined. Overall, not a bad map, but not as good as the first.
  12. I'll be providing feedback on each submitted map, using Chocolate Doom to playtest. Map 01: The Generator by Valkriforce anbd Waverider This is a great opener, for quite a few reasons. First off, it's tough enough to show some teeth, yet not overtaxing. I died a few times, though most of that can be chalked up to me getting used to Chocolate Doom's controls. I really like the opening scene after going through the first door: there is a wide, winding staircase going up, encased in a vista of snow and ice, and plenty of enemies strategically placed to keep the player on their toes. Once you get passed the outside area and into the buildings, you are treated with a bit of technological architecture. I do not have much to say about the fist, but the second-is it pretty. It is the right amount of detail without being too busy. I especially like the way the staircases are built, utilizing more than one texture to make each step. This must have taken a lot of time to finesse, and get working in vanilla limitations. Both the second building and the opening area outside are quite vast. This is an impressive level to look at. Gameplay wise, there is not much to criticize. I think the bestiary presented works well; you have the usual gang of gunners and Imps, plus a few Arachnotrons (placed in nice, open space for full advantage of their attacks). Overall, this is a very solid starting level. I can't wait to try out more!
  13. When I initially learned of Eviternity, I was sad. I felt like I would never be able to garner the same praise and attention with any of my works. I also felt wads like Elementalism would always overshadow my own UDMF maps. This is a feeling many have to some degree. They want to do something great, they want to be remembered. Yet they feel as if their own work will never match up to those of another. For the record, I have nothing but praise to give to the creators of Elementalism and Eviternity, and all other fantastic works. They deserve the accolades. What I am really getting at is that it is normal to feel what I call mapping sadness. Everyone has felt poor about their own work when compared to others. It is okay to feel sad. What is not okay is to beat yourself up because you feel overshadowed. This thread is about how to deal with mapping sadness, and healthy ways to get noticed and receive recognition. I have asked some of the creators of Eviternity to give their own views, and shed light on some of their own times of feeling sad. Perhaps projects they worked on that didn't pan out, or didn't receive recognition, or just general sadness when dooming, and how they overcame those feelings. I would also ask other experienced members how they've overcome mapping sadness, too. Thank you all, and God bless.
  14. Would it be alright if I take one of the secret maps? I know the focus is mostly on E1 as of now, but if possible, I would like to try out making a secret map for a community project.
  15. obake

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    If Scifista doesn't come back soon, I might have to help organize a 2019 omega style project. There are just so few gzdoom centered community projects, especially with the absence of the DWMP. Edit: For a specific date, how about January 12th? It's far enough for Scifista to respond, but close enough to reasonably get the wad compiled. Just my thoughts.
  16. Welcome to the biggest mall around! This is the Mall of Alexandria, a GZdoom map for UDMF, utilizing resources from the OTEX texture set: From Verse Hopper: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/versehop and from Realm667 (included in the wad.) Thanks to Captain Toenail for the new resources (which I'll keep a surprise), and to Alfonzo and Mouldy for the music (which I got permission to use.) Jumping and crouching are required. Hopefully you all will have fun with the map. It took me over a month to make, and this is only version 1, so please tell of any bugs/problems you encounter, and your opinions on the map, so I can get it as good to play as possible. Thanks again, and God bless! moas.zip
  17. obake

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    I feel terrible that this was your experience. For me, the feedback I've received, though critical, has also been constructive. Hopefully you'll receive nicer critiques in the future. What are some of your wads? Perhaps I can help provide better feedback. :)
  18. obake

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC2

    I'm sure Major will make videos for the wad, I just don't know when. Suite is currently busy with Eternal Doom and other projects, so it's understandable he may not get to it. Perhaps if I start streaming, I could tackle it.
  19. I feel bad. I lost my main email password, so I am unable to comment on Gimunema's Verse Hopper video. Gimunema, if you see this, thank you for the video! I love seeing these levels played.

  20. obake

    Whats your favorite animes

    I'm currently watching Fruits Basket, which is fun so far. I also like the Lupin the III series, especially the 1971 TV show. Plus Miyazaki movies, too.
  21. obake

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC2

    Hopefully there will be a few streams soon!
  22. Just uploaded a new profile pic. For those wondering, it is from the Viewtiful Joe anime.

    1. Gerardo194


      Yeah, I just saw your profile pic and realized it was Silvia from Viewtiful Joe. My memories still work well. I don't watch it since 2007.

  23. obake

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Part of a little project using OTEX.
  24. Samus Aran and Sexy Silvia are my favorites.
  25. I got a Fruits Basket Blu-ray, and the CS Lewis book The Screwtape Letters, plus some Rifftrax DVDs.