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  1. Ecstatic Electricity Welcome to Ecstatic Electricity! This is a community wad open to any mappers. The wad is inspired by Italo Doom in its use of short, uber-challenging maps. Note this set will start out a bit slower than Italo, but will hopefully catch up in difficulty as it goes on. Ecstatic Electricity is in UDMF format, and uses a selection of my custom monsters. Resources you will need are: OTEX for textures The new, less intensive resource file: M48 The six custom monsters I am including are as follows: Baron 2.0: A faster Baron who has pigtails and fires as if you were invisible. Tough to deal with and dodge. Caco Clown: A Caco in clown attire who shoots pies. The pies follow you around like Revenant missiles, but are not as damaging. Mabel Macabre: A possessed doll that barfs on you when up close. Don’t underestimate their power. They heal other monsters nearby, making fights last longer if not taken care of. Old Mancubus Winter: A small Mancubus that flies and creates ice storms. Deals low damage, but causes a lot of visual noise. Rocket Bully: An evil humanoid who shoots volleys of regular and small sized rockets. Think a Cyber but more mobile and with less hit points. (Thanks to the TheNosid for providing the Rocket Bully) UAC Goon: Essentially a more dangerous zombieman. With a surprise chaingun-like attack if health drops low enough. Also included are two turrets, which do not count as monsters but are just as deadly: Maintenance Turret: Shoots fireballs at a slow pace. Spread Turret: Shoots three small fireballs in a spread pattern. Rules: *Except for the last few maps in the set, maps in this set will be relatively short, at most 250 monsters. *No troll submissions. I can choose to not include submissions for whatever reason. On that note, I will do my best to help guide submissions I see that have potential. *Except for me, there will be a limit of one map per mapper. Note I may make it two maps per one mapper, depending on how many submissions I get. I want this to be a 32 map set, so I will try to fill in any gaps I can. *Maps must be beatable, and must have at least one secret. *With secrets in mind, the first secret map will be accessible from Map07, and the second secret map will be accessible by map 31 as normal. *Submissions must be sent in by the last day of May. *Music must be MIDIs, and must not be copyrighted. This is to save on filesize. The first three maps are done, and are found here. A Discord will be set up tomorrow. Edit: Also forgot to credit Alfonzo and Jimmy for the MIDIs so far. Available map slots: MAP01 - OBAKE (Maps 01-03 are found in the initial wad) MAP02 - OBAKE MAP03 - OBAKE MAP04 MAP05 MAP06 MAP07 MAP31 MAP32 MAP08 MAP09 MAP10 MAP11 MAP12 MAP13 MAP14 MAP15 MAP16 MAP17 MAP18 MAP19 MAP20 MAP21 MAP22 MAP23 MAP24 MAP25 MAP26 MAP27 MAP28 MAP29 MAP30
  2. Happy Easter!


  3. Not feeling good, physically or mentally. Anyway, here's a video of CatPusic, one of my favorite YouTube cats:

    I'll be resting the next few days. God bless you all, and have a great day.

    1. RastaManGames


      I wish you great mental & physical strength!

    2. Biodegradable


      Hope you feel better soon, Obake!

  4. Replied super late to a message on Doom wiki. I feel bad, and should have checked a lot earlier.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Sometimes it just plays out that way, what's done is done and ain't no point getting upset about it now.

  5. obake

    Custom monsters, GO or NO?

    Depends on the wad. I've built my brand on a unique library of custom enemies. Look up "Enterprises: Rebooted" on YouTube and you'll see just some of them. I love crafting new enemies of my own, and seeing how players react to them. But I also understand that having too many can be a problem, especially if some of them are redundant.
  6. Thanks to all those who helped make this project a reality Thanks also to everyone for the kind reviews!
  7. Updated my map slightly: Update Not a huge update, but added a little ammo.
  8. Merry Christmas, Doomkid! I made a three map deathmatch wad (name still pending.)




    You'll need to load it up with OTEX. I hope it's good. The maps are "Frozen Library", "Crazy Stuff", and "Patchwork".

    Have a wonderful day, and God bless.

    1. Doomkid


      Thanks so much, what a nice gift to receive!

    2. obake


      You're welcome! Thanks for being an awesome friend.

  9. Thanks for playing my map, Bio! I agree, it is one of the meaner maps I've made. I almost always do the same as well. Looking forward to seeing your map!
  10. Here is my map, Caught Red Handed. The format is Boom. It uses mostly stock textures, with just a touch of OTEX. I'll get those separated later. I just want the map to be uploaded for bug-testing first. Map I welcome any and all reviews. I especially want to know if it works properly on Prboom. Edit: Also, music is Squar by Jimmy, from the Claustrophobia 1024 map project.
  11. obake

    User Ghastly has passed away

    Condolences to Ghastly and his family. He will be missed.
  12. Welcome to the world of Penance 2: The Retribution! This is an eight map wad for UDMF. You'll fight for your life at every turn, as the monsters here take no pity. Luckily you have new weapons at your disposal. The maps were made by me and MKSkeletron666 in less than two weeks. These may be some of the most challenging maps either of us have made, despite the majority of them being short. UV is super tough, with special warning towards maps 03, 04, 07, and 08. I made Maps 01, 03, 05, 07, and 08, while Skeletron made Maps 02, 04, and 06. You will need OTEX and the resource wad file (included in the zip file). Also included in the zip is MKSkeletron's new playerclass wad. Credits for all of the new monsters and weapons are included in the WADINFO lump, but I'll also leave them here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SoulEater Shotgun replacement sounds mixed by skeletronMK666, and edited form one of the counterstrike shotgun sounds and the doom64 shotgun sounds pump sound for Soul eater provided by https://mixkit.co/free-sound-effects/ "The Mighty Mallet - Steel Warhammer - Weapon" (https://skfb.ly/6WOqN) by Billy Jackman is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). pickup sprites edited form the Throwing hammer projecitle form HEXEN and also projectile was modified sprites form hexen FlameAxe sprite skeleton hands created with ZAnatomy and can be found at: https://www.z-anatomy.com/ and a fire gif i found on the internet. the axe it'self was downloaded at: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-hand-axe-3d-model/457778 free of use. sounds for the Vulken player uses sounds form https://freesound.org/ code for most weapons was taken form the ID sourcecode and edited to save time, but was edited by SkeletronMK666 ssg replacement, the fireshot, sounds edited with sounds form https://freesound.org/ and also Doom64. mixed and edited by skeletronmk666 other skeletal renders paid for and used from this link on turbosquid https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-rigged-skeleton-hand-model-1837489 other models for weapons where rendred and made by skeletronMK666 Status bar edited form doom and hexen status bars. playtesters: ---Ludwig, hollow,JohnSuitepee, Bigbad75, wanderwytch NEW soul shot sound taken form doom eternal, edited by DarkQuill PAIN sound for the Vulken playerclass taken form Vectorman 2 Boss damage sound. Corpse Candle sprites by Obake, sounds from Soundbible Credits for the Rocket Bully (or Rocketman originally) go as follows: Code: thenosid GLDefs: Sounds: alterred sound from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLwy1uYfpRo and ED 209 steps sound from Robocop, by ndroidz and thenosid Sprites: original by thenosid and ndroidz Sprite Edit: none Idea Base: blue big guys from super smash tv, also look like a fat blue chaingunner Credits for the Nail Sprites go to: Decorate: Mechadon, TheShooter7 Sprites: Id Software, RoTT, Midway Sprite Edit: Mechadon, TheShooter7 Sounds: Id Software Idea Base: Quake 3 Team Arena Nailgun The Baron2.0 credits are as follows: Decorate: Obake Sprites: MKSkeletron666, modified Id sprite Sounds: Id Software Credits for the UAC-Goon are as follows: Decorate: Obake Sprites: Obake, modified Id sprite Sounds: Id Software Credits for the Pumpkin Caco are as follows: Decorate: Base Cacodemon Sprites: MKSkeletron666 Sounds: Id Software Credits for the Maintenance Turret are as follows: Decorate: Obake Sprites: Obake Sounds: From Soundbible Credits for the Fire Invoker are as follows: Decorate: MKSkeletron666 Sprites: MKSkeletron666, modified from Hexen's Warrior class Sounds: Id Software Credits for the Hell Gunner are as follows: Decorate: The Eviternity Team Sprites: MKSkeletron666 (the monster), Antares031 (bullet sprites) Sounds: Id Software, Antares031 (bullet sounds) Idea Base: The Chaingunners from Eviternity ----------------------------------------- Most of the new MIDIs are by Skeletron, one of which is based on a song called "Ghost." The zip is here. Please playtest and let us know what you think!
  13. obake

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Down the Drain

    Map 01 - From: Unknown My impressions of this wad are "Imagine D!Zone but with teeth." I don't mean that in a derogatory way. From my experience playing Benjo's maps, texturing, decoration, etc, are put on the back burner to focus more on sharp, ruthless combat. Given the odd layout, purposefully misaligned textures, I'm guessing Benjo wanted to recreate the days of old, in a sense, where wads were less polished in aesthetics, but also have the modern day combat, too. I guess I was right about what Benjo was going for, given the comments in this thread. This map has bite, starting with lots of hitscanners and imps in relatively cramped hallways, and even introduces a Cyber midway through. Going along with the oddities of D!Zone type map-design are the secrets, which are plentiful and often not really hidden. As far as the map goes, it's fun. I like that Benjogami gives no flying feathers about introducing things gradually, instead opting to make the player work to forge ahead. Map 02 - Someone's Castle I swear every time I finally get health here, I lose it immediately to Chaingunners hidden on platforms. The map ends with a huge fight with a single, vicious Vile behind hordes of monsters. Taking time to round up some of the lesser fodder towards the Rocket Launcher area seems necessary to make sure you can actually target the Archie. Again, a fun, if frustrating, map. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this wad. Hope this month is better for you!
  14. You're welcome :) This was tons of fun to work on
  15. A remake of one of my old maps, set in a giant, colorful city. I couldn't get it to work.
  16. obake

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Nier Automa on Switch. Fun so far.
  17. Thanks so much! I can't wait to see your map as well.
  18. Looking forward to seeing your map especially, @HorseJockey. I like the layout. Can't wait for the stream!
  19. I can ask around for help. I would do it myself, but I've got a busy schedule.
  20. Got mine done! It is UDMF format, with resources included in the wad file. I would have added more of the winding design of the drawing if I had time. That said, the map still does have some of the almost-lollipop shapes of the drawing, as well as some flowers. I can't wait to see you play it! I want to see you play it live, if possible. I'll do my best to be on stream quickly. Sbday wad Happy birthday, John!
  21. My map and its description look fine. I can't wait for this project to be compiled :)
  22. obake

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    I noticed that on some twitch streams as well, though they were using Twitchy Doom. Must be something buried in RAMP's code.
  23. obake

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    Just uploaded my map to the linked page, as map 62. Note: there are a few error messages, but the map still loads and functions properly. I'll iron out those bugs in the next few days. Thanks for letting me be part of this project! I look forward to seeing what people think of my map :D