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  1. skinpack

    Yet More Doom Movie Stuff

    And you're basing this on what?
  2. skinpack

    Yet another music thread

    ID Software's Christian Antkow [under the alias of Feed] provided a remix of Dismantled's 'Shift' to the recently released 'Exit' single on Dependent Records. There is a rumour floating around Dependent's website that Dismantled's Gary Zon may be involved with the Doom III score but nothing is confirmed as of yet. [It's actually quite unlikely, but is something worth thinking about. Check out Dismantled's tracks Hypersleep, Subcore, and Unmanned. They would make great atmospheric soundtrack pieces.]
  3. skinpack

    Chris Vrenna?

    Woops. You're right. Looks like suicide for me again.
  4. skinpack

    Chris Vrenna?

    I wonder why ID hasn't hired sound designer such as David Kristian for their projects. I agree that structured music tracks would not fit in a game such as Doom III. They really stood out like a sore thumb in I and II, in my opinion. I read a rumor a while ago on a few other messageboards that Daniel Meyer of Haujobb was onboard to score the game, but I'm certain that fell through even before it was even confirmed. Regardless, if Vrenna is now scoring the game I am confident that he will produce a quality product. He is a very skilled engineer and a talented producer. The soundtrack to Alice is proof enough.
  5. skinpack

    Which weapons would you like to see in Doom III?

    I would like to see a) can opener b) oversized, novelty sporting-event foam glove c) potato gun d) Zomba/Jive recording contract. Those would be awesome.
  6. skinpack

    Who's NOT looking forward to Doom 3?

    [If I see another freakin' MP5 or flash grenade, I'm going to puke.]
  7. skinpack

    Who's NOT looking forward to Doom 3?

    Hmm. I don't know... Late last year, I was raving about it... and don't get me wrong--I've loved Doom since the beginning--but now, after playing through Metroid Prime numerous times, I think ID has a lot to top as far as first-person games go. Though, I'm sure D3 be a great action gane [as opposed to MP's adventure/platform based gameplay]. It has been a while since we've seen anything authentic from ID, but at this point, that certainly goes without saying. And I'm sure it will be innovative insofar as it will be one of the few new shooters that isn't a drab point-click-counterstrike clone. :P
  8. skinpack

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    I would like to fight a large modular synthesizer [a demonic one!] and it's operator [demonic] who should be wearing a [demonic] lab coat. Also bees. And communism.
  9. skinpack

    A Few Questions

    I think it's safe to assume that Betruger will be acting as the game's signature NPC.
  10. skinpack

    Marines of UAC Released!!!!!

    I don't really understand the point of the mods pseudo-but-not-really-a-plot plot. It felt a bit stagnant after two or three maps. Granted, I really enjoyed using the M1911. Excellent job on that.
  11. skinpack

    Id Software is looking for a sound designer

    I wonder if this may have anything to do with the rumour of Daniel Myer taking over as producer of the musical score.
  12. skinpack

    Your favorite stomping ground:

    Doom, Pandemonium--E3M3 Doom II, Dead Simple--MAP07 Quake III, Any of the space/void maps.
  13. skinpack

    New PSX Doom music tracks up:

    As am I. Having never played the PSX version of Doom, these tracks strike me as very impressive. Music not unlike that of composers such as David Kristian. Thank you for your efforts in posting these.
  14. skinpack

    Trent Reznor no longer looking after the soundtrack?

    He most definately has, and it's certainly something to consider. Granted that Reznor does have computer engineering and programming experience, I would not be at all surprised if he's done additional coding and development of the sound engine itself.
  15. skinpack

    Trent Reznor no longer looking after the soundtrack?

    Certainly Myer would not be the best choice for an ambience themed soundtrack, but imagine some of the string and percussive arrangements he would be able to integrate into the situational music--think of Haujobb's Penetration EP if nothing else.