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Demon of the Well

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  1. Oh he was born ... in a well

    The demons split ... when he comes around

    Because they know ... he'll give them hell

    With the BFG ... that he found


    In a secret ... everyone else missed

    With his secret ... finding gift

    That cyber ... sure is pissed

    Got two-shot, now it's stuck on a lift


    Oh demon .. . of the well

    Not just your ordinary pinky

    He conquers every corner of hell

    With weapons both grand and dinky

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    2. rdwpa


      That means a lot coming from a cat. 

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I just imagine this "one of a kind" demon, that's always been rejected and bullied by the others, because it came out of a well.


      Wandering about the shores of hell, lonely, with noone to talk to, crying bitter tears because of how alone it felt, the demon of the well eventually found that secret holding the weapon to build its confidence and self esteem.


      Now it's not getting bullied anymore, and other demons talk to it as well, though most they say is "Please NO! WAIT..! AAaarr-AARGH!", at least there's some communication.


      Always look on the bright side.

    4. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Slave'ring horde calls

      for blood; Lo, to see them fall

      simply hump the walls.