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    2. Cynical


      This compilation is one of the best things Dark Descent has put out.

    3. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Yeah, that sure was a prosperous period there a few years back, where pretty much every piece of DM from the 90s was getting lavish reissues/compilations of one sort or another. Picked up a lot of stuff I'd missed that way, though this particular EP was one I actually own an original copy of (it used to be cheap/bargain bin until The Internet sort of went of wild with "Rarity Rabies" a few years prior). Of course, the usual marketing discourse for all this stuff is "AMAZING FORGOTTEN GEM TRUE UNDERGROUND CLASSIC" etc. etc. etc., and while naturally this simply does not hold true in many cases, nevertheless a lot of good stuff got a second lease on life as a result.


      That really fever-pitch "OSDM" fad has now more or less passed its peak, as these things inevitably do, though another side-effect of it during its height is that a lot of bands dating from that 90s period, many of whom had been largely unappreciated or glossed over in their own time, ended up reforming to try to catch the 'wave' while it was happening (though I don't believe Depravity was one of them, IIRC). Results on this front have been very mixed, perhaps to be expected. A number of these reformations were quite good, IMO, but there were also a fair few that proved to be downright tragic, middle-aged men phoning in a style they have blatantly long lost the true passion for. Always a double-edged sword, the power of Marketing Unbound!

    4. Cynical


      Any "fad" that causes Imprecation to come back and Incantation to get back to releasing good material is OK by me.


      Yeah, the Seance and Pestilence reunions were garbage, and the Asphyx reunion turned to shit after that first great album, but oh well!  IMPRECATION!!!!!!!