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  1. Man this mapset doesn't screw around, anyway I played MAP01 and MAP02, looks good but I feel like MAP02 in particular suffers from the whole "Doorway cover shooting" thing where it's far easier and more viable to simply poke out around a door frame and take potshots/kite enemies over rather than engage in any kind of run 'n' gun combat. In this case I think it's just the density of enemies vs the size of rooms. I'm not saying set up more ambushes, but perhaps create the rooms in such a way that only a portion of the enemies are initially present, luring the player into the arena then teleport in the rest (gradually if they're hitscanners, just to avoid exploding their HP too fast) once they reach a point far enough in that it's easier to stay and fight. Not every encounter had that though, maybe about 40-50%. That isn't to say I found it overly hard though, the difficulty aside from the previously mentioned bits is quite good, it didn't feel cheap or anything so great job there. Looking forward to playing the rest when it isn't 3AM in my timezone.
  2. Xangi

    That Amazing Space Amazon

    I don't get it, but it's pretty good.
  3. Xangi

    Target: Tharsis

    Eh, Difficulty curve is more like a bed of nails, generally kind of boring. Also, I feel like I broke it a bit with some SR40, not sure.
  4. Xangi

    Doomworld Forum Adventures!

    Man, people were so sensitive back in '03 I just laughed my ass off at the goatse, decent wad.