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  1. Anyone specifically being targeted? Most of the ones that have been demonetized on my channel are those that have copyrighted music.
  2. @NeedHealth that's my crosshair, I dunno why it looks so blotchy- it wasn't like that before on my old setup. I'll try to fix it. my aim is shit so the crosshair helps me some.
  3. 500+ maps reviewed on my channel! I can't believe I'm still doing it after all these years. It was only supposed to be a little side project to pass time, but it's become one of my greatest sources of pride.
  4. ICYMI: A map that, IMO, should be played at least once by everyone. Enjoy!


  5. 65 mil? Yikes. No excuse for that. But I'm willing to bet most of that was to pay Dwayne Johnson to be in there. It definitely didn't go to effects. Exactly. There's other characters besides Doomguy in the new Doom. At least three somewhat fleshed-out ones, if not more. And there is an actual plot, one that could definitely be worked on and furthered.
  6. @Battle_Kirby that would be cool!
  7. because it was made on a college student budget. If given enough proper care and attention to detail it could work. see: Resident Evil.
  8. I guess a 2 minute google search would have solved that, eh? thank you though.
  9. I was playing a map where a Cyberdemon was trapped behind a few pillars. He could still get rockets through the pillars to get to me, but a lot of them hit the pillars. I didn't hear any pain noises from him when he fired and hit the pillars, though. Is it possible a Cyberdemon can hurt himself via the splash damage of his own rockets? For what few hits with plasma and my own rockets I got on him it seemed, he seemed to die fairly quickly.
  10. As long as it isn't the monstrosity that was the Doom movie, I'd be cool with pretty much anything. Set in Doom 2016 would be a good idea since it would probably relate more to the youngins. In fact, an addendum to the actual plot of Doom 2016 would be cool. Maybe a search and an epic fight with Hayden or something would be good.
  11. Doom seems to be one of those things that's an acquired taste, like music or art or anything else. Different strokes for different folks. Hell, I couldn't even get my own boyfriend to like Doom.
  12. Aw, I'm apparently a nice member now. ^-^

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      nice.... ;)

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      This rank seems to confuse everybody.. xD

  13. @Fonze Thank you! I enjoyed this. We should all do this again sometime.