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  1. Major Arlene

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    thanks for putting Technicolor on your list! Dancing in the Abyss is still VERY WIP so you could probably take that off lol
  2. Major Arlene

    Does anybody really value Cacowards?

    I'm pretty sure monster hunter was on the top 100 most memorable list somewhere I'd played one of those and got extremely lost, i do remember that
  3. Major Arlene

    Total number of people globally who've played Doom, ever?

    like, at least 2 I think
  4. Major Arlene

    Does anybody really value Cacowards?

  5. I actually loved the fact that the newer Doom titles have made reference to classic Doom- they've definitely not forgotten their roots, and it gives the modern Doom fans a frame of reference to ask questions about classic Doom and learn about it. Admittedly I've been mostly a creature of old-school habits but we're quite lucky to have such a fanbase still because of the way that the Doom franchise has been kept going all these years. There's renewed interest in it every time a new game comes out and it's a blessing imo. Reddit is just straight up cancer, I've never paid attention to that side of the community for good reason. This community and the Doom communities on Discord in particular have remained steadfast and generally good as long as I've been in it and that's what matters to me. TL;DR doom community is still good, let em rip and tear and listen to bfg division :3
  6. I've already experienced this with Dancing in the Abyss and Near Death Experiences, honestly as long as the maps are functional and playable, at this point there's no reason for me to go back to them because I'll never get the rest of the maps finished. Feature creep is 100% a part of this, especially with UDMF- it's the joy and bane of our existence as UDMF mappers tbh. Sometimes once the map is done you've just gotta let it go- having released few maps on my own it's definitely scary every single time but a simultaneous relief.
  7. Major Arlene

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    all you should need is gzdoom 4.2.0 or later :)
  8. Major Arlene

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    Hi guys, did another quick update on TAB to fix a softlock so if you got stuck, feel free to update :D
  9. Major Arlene

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    here's my awful hot take mods for doom are for people who don't like doom :)
  10. Major Arlene

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    The issue i take with this is that it was not made clear in any of the promotional materials that it was in pre-alpha or alpha state. Most of the other games shown at Realms Deep looked to at least be in beta state or mostly completed so it wouldn't be unfair to assume the same for BF. The screenshots on the steam page offer extremely little- square, gray maps and one enemy. It looks like the gore was the only thing that got much love so far, to be honest. Edit: sorry, the trailer does say alpha state. Not sure about the steam page but I'll admit to being wrong on that.
  11. Major Arlene

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    It looks quite forgettable in compares to the rest of what was shown today.
  12. Major Arlene

    Should TC's be eligible for Cacowards?

    Hi there! Speaking as both a Cacoward "judge" and someone closely following a few Doom TCs, my answer is yes. TCs do take a lot of effort but they're still very much Doom- hell, the amount of finagling with the graphics, weapons, monsters, etc.- not just the maps- deserve just as much to be awarded as maps do. There is a level of care that is taken a step beyond with TC's, this is true. But I've also seen Doom maps using vanilla assets/weapons/monsters that were crafted with the same amount of care and compassion- so long as you're willing to do the work, you can stand side-by-side with TC's, as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Major Arlene

    [WIP] Dancing in the Abyss

    Hi Hi! Been a while since I've posted, I promise I'm still working on this. I'm in the process of possibly changing the palette from the Eviternity to the Wormwood palette (cheers to Scotty for introducing me to it) so quite a bit of graphics will be changing. Here's a taste of what's going on: BTW, I'm pretty active on my Twitter so if you'd like the latest developments on DITA please follow me there! I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts. I'm not going to hold myself to the idea of finishing at the end of the year and rushing it but I do want to keep working on this and doing my best.