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  1. Major Arlene

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC1

    Heh, thanks for the feedback! The inspiration for this map is actually loosely based on Portal 2- I wanted to give the feeling of clean and detached rather than flow-through. Yeah, that orange hallway I had no idea what to do with, it's probably my least favorite part of the map but I wasn't sure how to fix it. So... lights everywhere. :P
  2. Major Arlene

    Doom Streams

  3. Major Arlene

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Congratulations to the all of the winners and runners-up! You all definitely didn't make it easy :P I cannot wait to see what next year holds - the possibilities, of course, are infinite. I know all of you will continue to make great things and I look forward to seeing what you guys create!
  4. Major Arlene

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    working and doing schoolwork unfortunately, but luckily the semester is almost over and I'll be playing all of the cacoward winners :D
  5. Major Arlene

    An Introduction Thread

    Hello and welcome! as far as TNT goes, you may want to start out playing it just vanilla first- it's notoriously difficult. Complex, as you've probably found out, ups the monsters' attack damages, I'm unsure if it adds to the monster count but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But hey, it's up to you- if you can beat it that way, go for it! I can tell you from my experience with the Doom community (at least here), we're a pretty passionate bunch. I've always enjoyed checking the forums each day for different questions and theories that pop up about different things, and if you want to create things, there's a lot of support to be found. I hope you come to enjoy your time here and stick around a while! :D
  6. Major Arlene

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC1

    well, here it is :3 my first boom map is for the most part done! https://www.dropbox.com/s/smpy2m1oja6lu87/overgrowth_2.wad?dl=0
  7. Major Arlene

    Eagle Mapping Project - RC1

    I'll take a spot if I'm able :D I've gotten a start, just not used to mapping in Boom, heh.
  8. Major Arlene

    Kill 'Em With Kindness

    I had raised my eyebrows when I read everything in the text file, but I really enjoyed this! It's totally adorable, all the assets were obviously hand-made with love, and the puppy is wonderful :) Just wish it was longer! I hope you do some more with this, it's definitely a welcome break. Maybe add some menu assets to really sell the idea.
  9. Major Arlene

    Most recent movie you saw

    Rediscovered Contagion after years of not watching it. It's a very well put-together movie that tries to avoid all the cliche mis-steps that a lot of movies today make- opening narration, excessive exposition, etc. There's just something I enjoy about the very stark and grim way the movie presents epidemics and their effects.
  10. Major Arlene


    just a fun poke, 'tis all. welcome to you as well! :D it would seem we all come to this place just to ask a question and go, and then we end up staying forever. I literally came here to ask one question, too. aaaand... ended up staying 5 years. it's been great! :3 i've never seen that movie, but I think I'm going to now!
  11. Major Arlene


    ah, the good ol' "signed up to make one post" member! welcome. yeah, Doom was never an arcade game. we've got literally a zillion ports of Doom (hell, we've got it working on lamps and thermostats), but never an arcade cabinet. There was one featured in a movie but it was just a prop, never an actual functional arcade game. That being said, why haven't we had a Doom arcade cabinet? I feel like it being the 90's, it still would've gone it over huge if an arcade version was released. I guess it was the time when we decided it probably wasn't a good idea to put super gory games in arcades... I'm not 100% sure of the video game climate back in the '90's, but I've gotten the vibe that games like Doom had moms clutching their pearls. But that is another conversation for another day. do you have a pic of him wearing the shirt, since he wore it so much? maybe we could help ID what game it was.
  12. I struggle a lot with aesthetics- detailing especially, and just making decent architecture. Also, breaking out of the block of "I need to make everything super colorful in order to make it look interesting." Mostly, I think I just really need to develop a sense of style, though color has tended to define what my maps have been thus far. My Near Death Experiences map using Cry of Fear textures has been an exercise in doing everything in mapping I usually don't do, so maybe that will help along with that process. I too, would like to learn how to make better, more open areas without necessarily feeling the need to fill them with monsters, rather abstract shapes and details.
  13. Major Arlene

    What Video Game(s) are you Currently Ignoring?

    I tend to stay away from most of the AAA titles of this day and age, mostly because my computer can't handle it. The only thing that piqued my interest from this year was Detroit: Become Human, but since I don't own a PS4, I won't be playing it anytime soon. There's several older titles in my steam library I'm ignoring too, both the Watch_Dogs titles, Dishonored, etc. I've gotten to points where I'm kind of stuck so I've gotta get back on track with them. I bought some more stealth-focused titles hoping it would help with my stealthing skills a bit, haven't quite gotten there yet :p
  14. Major Arlene

    Best community project leader?

    I'll say Jimmy, I've been involved in a few projects this year and he's been there for every one of them. He's excellent with all the difficult stuff (difficult to me, at least)- the compiling, and determining when what's done is done for good. I'll also say, though not the official leader of one of the projects I've been involved in, Pegleg has an excellent way of really sitting down and figuring what's done, what should be done, and what steps need to be taken next. I've found many community projects really only get hard when it comes time to finalize everything. It's hard to keep everyone on track, especially when there are many voices that wish to be heard. Much of what projects involve is organization and thesis- the concept and rules should be rock solid and agreed-upon before the mapping period starts. It's tempting to finesse rules to fit a certain idea, which can cause a lot of rift, and while it's good to be flexible as new ideas are brought in, a good project leader should ensure that the foundation of the concept is solid and can be built upon without being destroyed. That way, when all is said and done, the project is cohesive, solid, and therefore pleasing to players.