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  1. After working with the map more and working through some various thematic quirks, I've decided to change my theme to be a Hellsing gore-fest. Giger is good stuff but won't work with what I have in mind. Perhaps I'll use Giger for a different project.
  2. Time to obsess over this for a month or so until I get sick of it! :D
  3. I have literally no idea how to do that but I’m willing to try :P a hub would be cool, but maybe impractical for 32 maps? Maybe split the worlds up by a common theme or something and make sub-hubs in those. Like one would be dark themes, another would be tech themes, etc.
  4. Slight change to my theme, still Giger but with a major Hellsing blood-soaked twist. should be fun :D
  5. Never mind, played in GZDoom and spawned fine.... Any reason for the voodoo doll though?
  6. @Empyre I don't know if this is because I'm playing in Zandronum, but I get stuck to a voodoo doll when I spawn.
  7. finally decided on a final name and schema for my map:

    Title: Harkonnen

    Schema: Hellsing meets Giger

    Why Harkonnen? Well, if I was going to use Giger textures, it was only fitting that I name the map after one of his works. From his official website, he's selling a ring named Harkonnen.

    Originally, the colors were going to be green, black, gray, brown, and orange. For the most part, I'm keeping these, but replacing green with red. For obvious design reasons, I can't do green and red. 

    Harkonnen is also the name of a badass rocket launcher wielded by an equally badass chick in the Hellsing Ultimate series. So, I decided to work in the blood-soaked awesomeness of one of my favorite series into my map.
    Luckily, I hadn't gotten into too much detailing (actually fell behind and had to re-script some things), so the switch should be fairly easy to work in. 

  8. many of the same concepts still apply and I find I'm not as limited on what I can do. I don't think that it's an issue with ZDoom mapping as much as it is just figuring out what I'm doing. :P besides, learning the harder way will hopefully make mapping easier in the future.
  9. I am a new mapper, and have been running into a LOT of issues just getting my map built and functioning properly. The biggest issue I encountered thus far was getting my sky to look right. I went through tutorials on how to build skyboxes, how to stretch sky textures in MAPINFO lumps, nothing was working. How did I solve it? I looked at Doom 2's first map. I built my outdoor area the way they did, and after a bit of finessing, it worked! So, I was curious. How do you guys figure out how to solve issues with your maps?
  10. My sky now looks like it should!!! I don't even care about what happens the rest of this week, I got my sky to look proper :D

  11. UGH. canNOT get my skybox to look right, and my mapinfo lump won't compile properly, which is the thing I need to fix the skybox. I hate life :<

  12. more "beginner" mapper community projects. I'm most definitely a beginner, and I think due to this I haven't really wanted to try releasing a map (again) because I'm afraid I'll look like an idiot releasing something that isn't very impressive. I think a community project would be a great way to draw out beginners who are nervous about releasing their maps out into the /idgames archives. A sort of confidence booster, if you will. the 4800 Hell Knights project is a great example. tl;dr every mapper's gotta start somewhere, let's give them better places to start.
  13. I learned how to write some simple scripts today! Progress! It kinda sucks I have to rework the map I had but I'm still super excited to be part of a community project. It's forcing me to learn how to do things that I always discounted myself from being able to do. 

    1. YukiRaven


      script 42 (void) {
        log(s:"Nice!  What are you using scripting for in your level?");


    2. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      just some simple things, I'm doing some deep nukage so adding color, then spawning monsters in another area. 



    3. riderr3


      I tried ZDoom mapping with scripts/blows/whistles in 2011 but stuck at my mapper block. Now I made 50+ vanilla/lr/boom maps and it's my habitual formats. May be I will try again ZDoom format someday.