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  1. Really liked this one :)
  2. currently getting a list together for my Halloween special! I'm looking for:
    Heretic maps (got one that I like but am open to suggestions)
    Hexen maps

    Quake maps

    Doom maps

    that are Halloween themed! If you have suggestions, please let me know! 

  3. Definitely not one of my finer reviews, admittedly :P I've made more of an effort not to be an ass about the stuff I play anymore.
  4. One of my biggest turnoffs with Heretic (vanilla) was the first episode's "boss". Literally the most underwhelming "boss" ever, especially when you run into four or five of them in every map after.
  5. Markiplier I guess, although the video he has on his channel is Brutal Doom, I don't know if he plays vanilla doom at all. I think he said he did when he was younger.
  6. nvm. episode 2 has me killing dogs and squished me for no reason. >.< I'll try again tomorrow~

  7. Finished episode 1 of quake. probably going to try to play all the way through it tonight.

  8. so... I'm playing Quake.


    1. 42PercentHealth


      I just played it for the first time myself. It really nails the atmosphere! :-)

    2. YukiRaven


      mappi2 = my most favorite of the favorite user-made levels

  9. There's a difference between making something for fun, because you want to do it, and making something that's a specific request that someone asked you to do. I think that's the main difference. For example, architects do their work for an amount of money, but could go home and build a treehouse for their family or something and not charge them. It only really gets unethical when you start charging people for everything you do, including the stuff for funzies.
  10. Depends on the execution, like everything else. I'm fine as long as it flows well and doesn't break up action too much (of course, it can make perfect sense to one person and no sense to another).
  11. A's in both my classes so far, A's on both my exams... and a new episode of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is coming out tonight. 
    This is a good week. Time to crack open a cold one and relax B)

  12. Making it? Probably easy, would just take a while. Personally, I'd be impressed if you could get it to run. My computer can barely handle a map with 500 monsters... it would melt if you did a billion or even just a million.
  13. on Complex AV on the Zandro servers if anyone would like to join me :)

    1. nxGangGirl


      Damn, did I miss you? :(

    2. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      yea, sorry :c

  14. First round of exams are OVER! I'm a very happy camper today :)