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  1. Major Arlene

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    TikTok suffers the same problems of human stupidity as every other social media platform, it's just really cool to hate on it because it's run by a company in a country that everyone thinks is shady (same deal with Tencent). It's fine. Like everything it takes curation. It'll give you more of what you watch like Youtube. I use it for marketing as well and it's honestly not the best for that purpose but I don't buy into the moral panic. There's actually very kind and genuine people, musicians I love that I wouldn't have heard of without the platform, topics I wouldn't have thought to have an interest in, even if only fleetingly. It's also wonderful for all your cute animal needs.
  2. Major Arlene


    And this thread is right here and 62 pages long, having discussed this issue at length already. if these youtubers and journalists gave a damn about the context around which this WAD was received by the community and what theories were already out there (which Pyro acknowledges that there were certain theories already talked about or not talked about) - they would read this thread. they reference the beginning page of this thread so the minimum they can do is skim the rest if they're already taking the time to read the lore and play the WAD. or get one of their researchers to do it if they're worried about spoilers. but instead they do this crap for clicks and relevancy all while thinking "omg I have the best juicy scoop that none of these other videos do!" Or maybe he just wanted to be left alone. The extent to which people hand-wave boundary crossing is absolutely insane to me. Because it's not okay. The internet exists. People can look up what a WAD is just as easily as they can an ARG. Amazingly, on the same website that the video we are talking about exists on! I don't buy this line of thinking, I'm sorry. I didn't know what an ARG was for the longest time but I also can look things up. Hell, Doom is older than me but I figured out all of these things with the help of Google. And sure, maybe I have a higher bar for just how much people care about the content they consume but I also think that people get way too caught up in needing to unravel every single thread without understanding the greater emotional consequences of that. Pyro acknowledges Veddge is a real person but don't once think "hmm, would Veddge be okay with me talking about this? How would I feel if this was me someone was talking about?" I know this is how the internet is now but it's frustrating to watch. And somehow I feel really uncomfortable with handwaving this kind of behavior as just people being people. it's carelessness that needs to be called out. For what it's worth I think that a lot of ARGs can be shady and weird and have bad people behind them, which is why I've never had this reaction in the past to this kind of content but I have zero reason to assume bad intentions or deception to dig further into this. Possibly (probably) due to bias, to be fair.
  3. Major Arlene


    essentially, yes. people are treating the project like an Alternate Reality Game (basically at the behest of all of the youtubers outside of the doom community that have covered this) instead of, idk, a WAD. it's so weird. I have never seen any other "my house" WAD treated in this manner, which is something I've said before. I'm not saying this project isn't special, obviously it is, but watching people with no understanding about how the community has treated these projects in the past - i.e. with the understanding that people put these things out trusting the community not to be weird and digging too far into the author's personal details - is incredibly strange.
  4. Major Arlene


    it's bloody exhausting. it hurts the brain how stupid people are and even Kotaku had the decency to remove their references.
  5. Major Arlene

    I feel ostracised from the community

    I literally explained why. Because people have lives outside the internet. Sorry you don't.
  6. Major Arlene

    Unity goes full Unity

    I have no words. what
  7. Major Arlene

    I feel ostracised from the community

    That's literally just the way the fucking internet works, dude. Before this thread derails further, let me clarify: developing your online identity requires regular care and posting so you are visible and present. visibility in any community, online or offline, requires being present on a consistent basis. that was the first part of my original reply. the second part of my reply is the offline part of people's identity. people do not spend their entire lives online, nor should they be expected to. and people's interests change over time. for example, I no longer use tumblr because I no longer hold the interests that tumblr holds in high regard. this is before considering people spent a LOT more time online during the pandemic and now they are no longer able to do so. like, stop taking every person's posts at the worst faith interpretation. please. it's unhelpful. for everyone. EDIT: my original post was not an attempt to talk down to anyone. but as someone with a probable social media addiction and a lot of bad online experiences, I believe in some pragmatism in online habits. obviously that's not as easily manageable for everyone but there's no harm in trying, yeah?
  8. Major Arlene

    I feel ostracised from the community

    literally nothing you say makes any sense and nor is it helpful. he asked, we answered.
  9. Major Arlene

    List of PWADs from members of old/defunct Doom Modding Teams

    I'm pretty sure a lot of these teams are still around? this is labeled as old or defunct mapping teams but the BTSX team is clearly still active.
  10. Major Arlene

    I feel ostracised from the community

    Sooooo ignore the first three unhelpful idiots who have replied to your posts. Bud, this is a problem that he is saying he has with posting on DOOMWORLD. so no, I think here is a good place to post it. I will say a forum will give you what you put into it, a quick look at your post history shows a pretty sporadic post frequency over the last year which is why you may be having issues with engagement. The only reason anyone would not have a place on Doomworld is if they're actively rude or hateful towards other members. So no, you're fine. Don't overthink it. this is a highly active forum so there's a lot of stuff that just sort of gets skipped over. it's nothing personal towards you (or anyone really) - it's just sort of a side effect of being on a forum with a large userbase and post count. Also, users will just sometimes leave forums and not go back for a variety of reasons - lack of time, lack of energy to engage, etc. Don't worry too much.
  11. Major Arlene

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    I think it is EXTRA interesting that he brings this up during his meeting with Netanyahu, which was actually about the rampant antisemitism that's been plaguing the site since... well probably since before Musk bought it but has ramped up in further degrees with moderation doing sweet fuck all about it. Actually, even more than that, actively fighting against the ADL and threatening to sue them. So it's not lost on me the timing of this. He's planning literally holding the site hostage with all of his shitty pundits who can or want to afford either their real accounts or botnets to boost their shitty views. It's like it's never occurred to him there is a whole business of buying followers, bots, and accounts with followers to boost social media engagement - including on websites that are supposed to indicate whether or not you're shadowbanned, a practice Elon has said he would eliminate. It's utter bullshit, won't work, and will just put him in the hole even further. And let's be real. This shit is starting at the top. If he wants bots gone that are ruining the site with hate, he should start with himself.
  12. as a Powerwash Sim superfan,,,,, absolutely fucking not
  13. Major Arlene

    What keeps Doom modding alive?

  14. Major Arlene

    Unity goes full Unity

    This part precisely. I am way too aware of how much blood, sweat and tears go into dev work and this model actively punishes success of devs and the needs of end-users
  15. for what it's worth I think it's an interesting premise. don't let the naysayers about Doom having a plot get you down. From what I understand there is only one fundamental flaw, that DG was transferred instead of discharged, but otherwise I think it works fine for the plot of Doom.