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  1. So, I played nuts.wad again, and I learned a couple things:

    1. invulnerability powerup improves framerate. this may have to do with the amount of color being rendered, but I reached around 12 fps when using the powerup.

    2. there is a distinct change in fps when reaching the second sector and keeping your back to the first. anytime you are somehow angled toward the first sector, there is much more lag. however, facing the right wall in the second sector seems to help fps. 

    Sorry if these are obvious things, just seemed cool to me :)

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    2. Edward850


      What port is this? As far as Doom's software renderer is concerned, that shouldn't be physically possible (you still need to do colourmap lookups even if the lighting is disabled).

    3. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      @Edward850 I believe gzdoom was what I played on. 

    4. Edward850


      Well there's part of your problem, you are playing nuts.wad on the worst port for the job, and really the lighting alone having an effect on performance speaks volumes. PRBoom+ runs it the best and Eternity isn't far behind (although its rendering has a tough time with the scene due to the high precision).