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  1. What should I do for my 500th Doom WAD Review?

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    2. Armaetus


      @geo: I've tried this, it's ridiculous enough I had to tone the quantity down from 7.0 to 4.0 and even it's still tough. Having heaps of ammo/health and very soon weapons helps a lot too.

    3. geo


      I too have tried it with Brutal Doom and oddly enough I got used to the sheer mountain climb that is the first 10 minutes of hiding in order to survive. It gets easier the more weapons you get of course.


      Back on topic, like others have suggested... Action Doom, Scythe, any Aliens mod, Russian Overkill, D!Zone, anything from the Cacowards. As someone who hasn't watched all 500 videos I'm only throwing out ideas.

    4. nxGangrel


      If you're looking to play levels, I would suggest something odd or unique like action doom. If it's a gameplay wad, Doom 4 Doom or russian overkill and things like this are pretty fun.

      ...*ahem* Misasma is overrated. Like seriously.