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  1. started playing Heretic! enjoying it thus far.

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    2. Pavera


      I have a soft spot for Heretic, despite all of the convincing arguments against it. It has a deeper nostalgic effect for me than Doom actually does, especially the Cathedral level (E1M5?).


      My dad and I used to play it together when I was growing up, and I remember us stopping just before we began exploring that level. That night, I dreamed about it and wondered what kind of weirdness would be beyond the mysterious opening screen. It's one of the most vivid dreams I still remember from my childhood.

    3. Manuel-K


      @42PercentHealth: If I remember correctly the weapons are more powerful than in Doom, but all monsters have more health. :-P


      I like Heretic. It does not have many textures, but most of them are nice (no FIREBLU). The Tome of Power was a nice idea.

    4. leodoom85


      Heretic ftw, the firemace is terribly underrated and for a good reason but when it's powered up....

      @PaveraThe Cathedral is E1M6 :)