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  1. finally decided on a final name and schema for my map:

    Title: Harkonnen

    Schema: Hellsing meets Giger

    Why Harkonnen? Well, if I was going to use Giger textures, it was only fitting that I name the map after one of his works. From his official website, he's selling a ring named Harkonnen.

    Originally, the colors were going to be green, black, gray, brown, and orange. For the most part, I'm keeping these, but replacing green with red. For obvious design reasons, I can't do green and red. 

    Harkonnen is also the name of a badass rocket launcher wielded by an equally badass chick in the Hellsing Ultimate series. So, I decided to work in the blood-soaked awesomeness of one of my favorite series into my map.
    Luckily, I hadn't gotten into too much detailing (actually fell behind and had to re-script some things), so the switch should be fairly easy to work in.