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  1. Finally, got this room done for the most part. Yes, yes, a lot of silver and SHAWN2 but that's the point of this particular room. More fun and color to come!
    Lessons learned for this room:
    1. 3D floors 
    2. Dynamic light (types, color, intensity)
    3. Use of transparency on middle textures
    4. More ACS stuff (hooking multiple linedefs to a single action)



    1. Remilia Scarlet
    2. Misty


      For more fancyness(is this a real word?) add some floor reflection. Not much, if you don't want your computer to lag.

    3. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      @Myst.Haruko this is a whatever sort of map, mostly future-tech based. I'll look into that.