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  1. Other than some minor brightness fixes and 3D sector stuff, this room is nearly complete! I am not a huge fan of pink but I am loving it in this area. Don't let the girlish color fool you, though- you'll be in for a pretty interesting surprise when you make it here. 
    Things learned for this room:

    1. More advanced usage of 3D sectors
    2. Defining variables in ACS (a specific monster, in this case)
    3. Using textures more effectively 

    4. The color pink actually can look good when given the chance :)






    1. 42PercentHealth


      I'm confident enough in my masculinity to play a pink Doom WAD.

    2. Steve D

      Steve D

      Very cool. Love pink. I always wanted a Panther Pink Dodge Challenger. 

    3. MidnightMage


      This looks great so far! Not too often that you see pink used in maps. Blue, Purple and Green have been done before but never this. :)