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  1. Major Arlene

    Mapwich 2!! Come join the chaos

    As stated in the tweet, I've had an absolute blast this time around (even with mister Bridge constantly stealing my mapping partner for Supercharge updates ;P ) I hope we can continue this tradition for a while, it's been incredible to watch what amazing things people create when they work together. I think you guys will enjoy every last bite of this Mapwich!
  2. Major Arlene

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Feel free to host your own awards list :3
  3. Major Arlene

    [WIP] Dancing in the Abyss

    Two months later and I have another new map, this one entitled "Night We Lived". Some previews:
  4. Major Arlene

    What are your objectives for 2020? (Doom Edition)

    Main goals are to finish work on Dancing in the Abyss and Near Death Experiences, quite keen to have both released and see what yall think :) Biggest overarching goal though: keep an open mind, and keep learning.
  5. Major Arlene

    Near Death Experiences: A Community Project [WIP]

    it's been a few months since I've last updated, but rest assured for all it's still very much a thing. I've got a few completed maps for the set and an awesome lineup of mappers that I'm proud to have with me here :) Attached is an album with some map screens to prove we're all still working on it :) Updated hopeful release date is the tail-end of 2020. https://imgur.com/a/Rt3CZa7
  6. Major Arlene

    Doom Streams

    Looking back//moving forward: my mapping journey so far: https://www.twitch.tv/majorarlene
  7. Major Arlene

    The 2019 Cacowards

    It was an honor to have the opportunity to write for you guys again this year! It warms my heart to see the community come together each year this way, and more so to be a part of it. Our winners- and even those who didn't win, but still continue to create- are what keeps Doom alive. 26 years later and here we all are! I look forward to what the coming year brings. Keep creating, keep being passionate, keep ripping and tearing!
  8. here we go again! super keen to see how this goes :3
  9. Sometimes a fresh set of textures can enhance simple geometry to look detailed. I have gotten a lot of use out of OTEX, and OTEX does have textures comparable to vanilla (even has some STARTAN-type textures!). The hi-res gives extra dimension to maps, I feel.
  10. Major Arlene

    Hellforge Speedmapping Sessions (and other community events)

    had a lot of fun this time! keen to see what next session will bring! as usual, I wasted way too much time with dynlights but if it ain't cute it ain't a map
  11. Major Arlene

    Most recent movie you saw

    The Arrival. Took a bit to get into it but my god, the ending was incredibly full of emotion. Highly recommend.
  12. Major Arlene

    An Avatar Conundrum

    hell, i've got an invuln attached to me. life is good. this is my old avatar though, i've got another who's an unkillable robot chick. same thing i suppose *shrug*
  13. Major Arlene

    [WIP] Dancing in the Abyss

    After a couple months of on and off development, I'm now feeling committed enough to post up my first multi-map serious project, entitled "Dancing in the Abyss". It's a map set roughly inspired by the likes of @Bridgeburner56's Slaughter Spectrum and Insane Gazebo's Sunder. The maps are large, slaughter type maps, set in void-like spaces. More details can be found in this spreadsheet, as well as an FAQ. I'm still currently looking for music, mostly Irish-folk in nature. I have a map currently available for testing, MAP07, Tending the Flames. It's still a bit rough around the edges, and the asset pack is also in rough shape, but I'll be refining everything in the coming months. Map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpu4d71g3xmcnce/tending the flames.wad?dl=0 Asset pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8iisz8bsj27s3cp/dita 0.2.pk3?dl=0 This map set also uses OTEX 1.0, which I've not yet integrated into the asset pack. OTEX can be found here. Tending the Flames previews on my Twitter: I'll be updating on a regular basis and hope to have this completed by June 2020. Also HUGE shout out to Bridgeburner for being an amazing teacher and just amazing human in general, I can't do what I do without him :3 I look forward to seeing what you guys think of this!
  14. Major Arlene

    Post a picture of yourself!

    did a thing with my hair today and I realized I haven't shown my face here in a while :p