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  1. Imback55

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    Again I was referring to YouTubers and not celebrities. I was mainly talking about those people who do videos on current events for the most part and I never said that the medium should die with them. Of course, that is still a possibility and I once again never said that there's no point in even trying. Making YouTube videos is mostly supposed to be for fun and not as a job. Doing videos on current events as job takes the fun out of the hobby.
  2. Imback55

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    Yeah, when most of those galleries are just low quality images converted to software making them look even uglier.
  3. Imback55

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    I was referring to YouTubers who aren't real celebrities however, there are some YouTubers like Philp DeFranco for example who can actually do this for the rest of their lives. Eventually most of them are going to have to go out in the real world and find a job when they can't make a living off of YouTube videos anymore.
  4. Imback55

    Good job, YouTube. You fucked up again.

    Something that contributes something to society and not making videos talking about current events. Then again there's also people who like their jobs doing what they do for a living.
  5. I wouldn't be excited for it since there's better wads out there, but would be interested in checking it out to see if lives up to the hype.
  6. Imback55

    Custom avatar post requirement is now 50

    I didn't think that nowadays it would be easy for somebody like to have a custom avatar since I rarely post anyways.
  7. Can I talk about 1x1box.wad being an example or is that wad disqualified?
  8. Imback55

    Weird psychos that end up in Post Hell

    Yeah, that's who I'm talking about.
  9. Imback55

    Weird psychos that end up in Post Hell

    What about that one guy who keeps making sock accounts creating pointless threads?
  10. Imback55

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    I'm guessing if H-Doom would win some sort of award, it would most likely get a sidebar mention instead of an actual award because it's for adults only.
  11. Imback55

    What's the worst game ever made?

    I'll go with Depression Quest because the game looks so boring and trying to watch reviews of it put me to sleep.
  12. Imback55

    Any good jokewads?

    I think he was being serious.
  13. Imback55

    problems with Doomworld's Idgames archive

    I also seem to get this problem when I'm not logged in.
  14. Imback55

    Cacowards 2015 Nomination Thread

    I'll go +1 for Final NeoDoom.