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  1. Ijon Tichy

    Putting player start on a 3d floor.

    where were you sticking the MAPINFO lump because if it's in between the MAP01 lump and the TEXTMAP/THINGS/whatever lumps, then of course it can't find map01 because you broke the map lump layout see https://doomwiki.org/wiki/WAD#Map_data_lumps for info UDMF uses different lumps but the same thing applies; don't break the lump order)
  2. Ijon Tichy

    What kind of liquid does health bonus contain?

    it's an oddly shaped bottle of pepsi
  3. Ijon Tichy

    How to block noise of doors/platforms?

    the dummy sector trick can work in zdoom as well as long as you have compact_sectorsounds specified in the map's MAPINFO block
  4. Ijon Tichy

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    just use a widescreen hud mod http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=37960
  5. Ijon Tichy

    Lost Soul health

    http://jinotra.in/downloads/mods/doom/assorted/cappedpe.wad it's zdoom-only (2.8.1 and up, so no zandronum compatibility), and obviously won't work with any DEHACKED, but this does exactly that change pe_soulcap in the DECORATE to change where the cap is (default 8) edit: http://jinotra.in/downloads/mods/doom/assorted/cappedpe_v2.wad this version works in zandronum 3 (and therefore zdoom 2.7.1), and has three cvars: cappedpe_maxsouls (default 8): how many souls each pain elemental can have tethered to it (0 means infinite) cappedpe_maxsouls_total (default 0): how many pain elemental souls can exist in the map at once (including ones spawned on death) (0 means infinite) cappedpe_uncappeddeath (default true): if this is false, the souls spawned on death are also capped by the above two cvars
  6. Ijon Tichy

    Lowering platforms

    I was looking for something like Floor_MoveToHeight, but there's a big issue with it in that you're limited to heights in the -255/255 range if you're using it on a line in hexen format, and if for some reason the target height changes, it's not flexible enough on its own but yeah that'd simplify the second half of my six-line script down if you used it there come to think of it, you'd need to do a ">> 16" on the target height if you're getting it from GetSectorFloorZ, since the line specials expect ints and not fixeds
  7. Ijon Tichy

    Lowering platforms

    to do it generically, you'll need a combination of GetSectorFloorZ and Floor_(Raise/Lower)ByValue in ACS since hexen format doesn't support arguments greater than 255, what I'd do is tag the platform and floors you want it to stop at with a unique tag each, then send it to an ACS script like this one: script 1 (int platformTag, int targetTag) { int platformHeight = GetSectorFloorZ(platformTag, 0, 0); int targetHeight = GetSectorFloorZ(targetTag, 0, 0); int diff = targetHeight - platformHeight; if (diff == 0) { terminate; } if (diff > 0) { Floor_RaiseByValue(platformTag, 8, diff); } // 8 is the speed - 8 units per 8 tics else { Floor_LowerByValue(platformTag, 8, -diff); } }so you'd be using ACS_ExecuteAlways (special 226), first argument 1 (the script number), second argument 0 (we want it to run on this map), third argument the tag of the platform sector, fourth argument the tag of the sector it should stop at keep in mind if there's multiple sectors with the same tag that GetSectorFloorZ will grab the floor height of the sector with the lowest sector number (ie. usually the one created first)
  8. Ijon Tichy

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    I almost killed the cyberdemon once
  9. Ijon Tichy

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    is this code for "cacodemons and lost souls fucking everywhere"
  10. Ijon Tichy

    ACS is being dumb

    your zspecial.acs is out of date redownload acc from zdoom.org, it'll have the most recent zcommon/zspecial/zdefs files
  11. Ijon Tichy

    Making a game on the Doom Engine.

    look at either gzdoom-gpl or gloome (hasn't been updated in a long time), they're versions of gzdoom that have all proprietary stuff ripped out, allowing you to use them for your own games and distribute it commercially
  12. Ijon Tichy

    How Do You Change The HUD Weapon Names?

    and hell, if we're talking zdoom-only then you might as well just use LANGUAGE for the GOT**** strings anyway, since LANGUAGE is The Right Way to do things in zdoom (I have a feeling I'm just reiterating your point but still)
  13. Ijon Tichy

    How Do You Change The HUD Weapon Names?

    why is dehacked even coming up for a zdoom-only thing? completely ignore the stuff about dehacked, it's wrong and stupid just make a LANGUAGE lump in SLADE 3. this is all you need to put in: and so on and so forth all you need is here; check the Tag property on each of them to see what you need to replace in LANGUAGE then save the LANGUAGE lump, save the wad with it, and that's it
  14. Ijon Tichy

    Using ACS to scale a decoration

    it took me 10000 rocket boxes looping a pretty complicated script every tic for things to drop below 30fps here, I think 100 decorations calling a short script every second or two will be fine
  15. Ijon Tichy

    Using ACS to scale a decoration

    you shouldn't even need to give the decoration a tid, GetFloor/CeilingZ and SetActorProperty all accept 0 as "activator" for tid put "nodelay" before the ACS call, the first state run on an actor doesn't have its action function run by default edit: yes, nodelay is available in zandronum 3, although I don't know if an actor's modified scalex/y is sent to new clients I'd test that, and if it isn't, I'd just have the script set the scale every second or two, the performance and bandwidth hit is negligible if you aren't using a billion of these (after submitting a bug report to the zandronum tracker anyway)
  16. Ijon Tichy

    Whacked4 Problem

    looks like the settings file is empty going by the error message
  17. I'm confused, wouldn't pointing the ball in a direction using yaw and rolling it with pitch work
  18. doom weapons have tags in zdoom because of the option that allows you to see inventory's name tags when cycling through them
  19. Ijon Tichy

    Is there a way of selftesting coop maps?

    zandronum coop isn't vanilla coop m8
  20. Ijon Tichy

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    I swear cacos love to forget -fast *isn't* on when you get up close, and just never stop attacking
  21. Ijon Tichy

    Is latest ZDoom version able to run BUILD Maps ?

    can't happen in the general case, things like dynamic slopes, reshaping sectors and non-euclidean geometry all inhibit it while line portals do exist in zdoom now I wouldn't expect a program to ever be able to handle converting build maps to use it reliably
  22. zombie shotgun zombie spiky brown guy pinky not-pinky flying tomato flying skull big pinky rocket crotch monster spider brain chaingun zombie big not-pinky skeleton meatball reviving fire asshole tiny spider brain fatass nazi dead kid
  23. Ijon Tichy

    Doom: Earrape Edition

    i feel like somewhere along the line someone forgot what the word 'joke' means in 'jokewad'
  24. Ijon Tichy

    your mainstraem idea of Porn is laughable

    what i'm wondering is what is with you writing "ea" in words as "ae" never mind the rest of this, *that's* what's really (wait shit, RAELLY) confusing me
  25. Ijon Tichy

    DUMP Episode 2: Dump Harder [RELEASED]

    @SoundofDoomDoors there is no ssg in my map (MAP07) - that was a conscious design decision, as I wanted to focus more on the rocket launcher and plasma rifle in the later areas plus, a super shotgun in the hell area would just annihilate the cave and techbase areas, even more than the plasma rifle does - at least with plasma you have to moderate its usage in those areas, which balances out its power in an area where the toughest enemy has 500 hp (and most are under 200), and an area where the toughest enemy has 150 hp (and most are under 100) --- which hitscanners are you talking about? the 'turret' hitscanners in the cave area are set up in such a way that a single rocket will dispatch each batch while the hell area doesn't allow for that, I count only 11 hitscanners in that entire area, four of which are chaingunners - only a couple of the shotgunners should even be able to see you at any given time, and they go down in a couple chaingun taps, so it can't be that bad and if you're talking about the techbase area, there's only so much you can do with zombies, imps, and demons, and if I just placed them in front of you they'd be dead before they could do anything, so iuno --- edit: the invuln is there to make the archviles that spawn in easier to deal with (as if they need to be any easier to deal with), but if you have other parts of the map left to clear then feel free to rocket straight through them with the invuln too