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  1. Really, you mean Doom 1? Well this is for plutonia shouldn't it be Doom 2 format? Does the start/exit have to be the same (plut_starts.wad) for every map?
  2. Thanks, now I used the DEH file correctly and everything's now working perfectly! Well, Gonna start building map03 right now...
  3. May I start working on map 3? NOTE: -For now I'll just claim one map, I don't know if I'll contribute more than one map (I hope so) 'cause I don't know yet if I'm really up to the quality you want for this project. -I've got huge experience in building maps with good layout, architecture and level design but I think I suck at thing placement, worse I can't make the monsters silent until the player finds them (shooting to a wall alerts all monsters). QUESTIONS: -The super-shotgun is still being worked isn't it? -When I pick up a pair of rockets I just get one, is it suppose to be this way? -I only know how to work with doom builder 2 (although I like most gzdoom builder), anyway, which format, doom 2, zdoom (doom in doom format) or other? -I have tendency to make very detailed maps but I don't think it's fair from me if your making simple (few detail) maps and I think that then there would be a huge difference between maps, shall I reduce in detail?
  4. Hi! I played the map and well here's my review: Short but still somewhat challenging map, very good for a start IMO. I kinda liked the architecture and level design although I think that some less brightness here and there and few more detail here and there would be great. What did I most enjoy? Well the gameplay, sweet traps and enemy encounter, very well action-packed and monster placement! I love to play plutonia style maps and more, I love to create, can I join? I would be very happy to participate, besides I think that maybe I could learn something from you (and others if there are others too) and you from me (and others if there are others too), may I join this project?
  5. Finished Scythe 2 some days ago and I've gotta say, AMAZING! Map26 sucked IMO for lack of ammo. Now playing Speed of Doom, two amazing different styles combined together in a megawad, well I love joshy's style but I'm loving Darkwave0000's even more. Loved map01, short and sweet, good presentation, map02 has a feeling of suspense. Map03 was weak, loved maps 4, 6 and 8, 10, 12 and 14 from Darkwave0000, map10 stands out for me, inspired by the famous style of level 11 from Plutonia although he add pain elementals too. Joshy's maps are more linear, shorter and don't even have that feeling of open-world or exploration that Darkwave0000's maps have but Joshy's style of mapping reminds me of scythe 2, it seems like joshy's work was inspired by Eric Alm's, the best joshy's map for me is map05, GREAT UNFORGETTABLE MAP! I think it was inspired by map06 from Alien Vendetta. So far I'm at map20...
  6. I've got a new map, see first post for details. Actually, I changed my mind! Maybe I'll finish it myself!
  7. I'm now at map25 of Scythe 2, RIDICULOUSLY HARD, way too many revenants and arch-viles but I kinda like it, but those red marines no, I HATE THEM!!! I think that Scythe 2 starts to bore the player when it becomes heavy slaughtering, only waves and waves and "endless" waves of bony freaks!
  8. Finished Surge and Scythe X, beautiful, just beautiful!!! =P Loved every bit of Scythe X, BTW I would LOVE to see Scythe 3 but I don't even know if Erik Alm is still in the doom community. :( Right now I'm gonna start scythe 2 UV pistol start and then Speed of Doom and then Vanguard and then etc...
  9. I can't find words to describe what I can see in those SWEET screenshots, SUPER MEGA PROFESSIONAL WORK, I'm surprised! Well I'm too curious, that is for the project HPACK, right?
  10. Awesome! I'd like to know which project is this, can you guys tell me where to find details such as progression, how many maps, for which engine, etc...?
  11. Well, I don't really know if this is a joke but at least it's funny IMO: (Imp tells little imps to hold hands) (Little imps hold hands) (Imp realizes the symbol they've just formed) This was my brother's idea, he drew it on a paper and then I drew it on Paint.
  12. I like the joke idea that Ciberdemon and Spidermint are a married couple that have a daughter arachnotron, this idea I took from a post hell markanthony89's thread. I'm gonna try my own first joke about this idea: A Ciberdemon enters a HUGE hall and sees 1 Spidermind and 100 arachnotrons fighting againts a doom marine and then the Ciberdemon says: "Am I drunk? NO! 99 new daughters?!!! MY WIFE YOU B*TCH YOU'VE BEEN BETRAYING ME 99 TIMES WITH THAT DOOM MARINE???!!!! Or did we f*ck 99 times? Sh*t now I'm confused!!!"
  13. AWESOME screenshots, can you tell me which wad is that? I think I know about 90% all wads (for doom 2) in the world, looks that I'm missing something GREAT, or is this a wad being built?
  14. Finished scythe all maps on UV and pistol start Now playing Surge by Josh Sealy, man I'm loving! Short and sweet! The level design seems to surpass every thing I have played before IMO, so simple but yet so well thought out! :) Next to play: Scythe X Scythe 2 Speed of Doom Vanguard And the list will never end :P
  15. I'm very glad that I could find another fate to this map other than oblivion! Well deimosoft, it's yours! I said not to worry about copyright but that's OK if you want to give me credit for the architecture as I honestly understand 'cause I must admit: I wouldn't be able to take an unfinished map from other author without giving him/her credit, too) Now by the way, I could make more maps this way (only layout, sector tags, textures and brightness) and give it to others, but only if anyone asks me to, if that happen I might be able to "fight" my laziness! :)