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  1. Spishak Cola

    New Here

    Hello-Allo... Hmm...There once was a story of a DoomWorld member named RailGunner... But this story is irrelevant because he was 13 at the time, not 14. The End :P -Thanks-
  2. Spishak Cola

    New Here

    Yes. The Final Spamomalus
  3. Spishak Cola

    In DeeP trouble...

    Hello-Allo... Well, I found a earlier version on my Hard Drive and it's working again. =) Thanks for the help all. -Thanks-
  4. Spishak Cola

    In DeeP trouble...

    Hello-Allo... My DeePsea seems to have a bit of a problem, and the problem being as follows: When DeePsea tries to load a map, (when I start it up and it auto loads it or if I double-click a Wad.) it just closes DeePsea. I'm not sure why this is it, it only does this when I try and open or look at maps, (pretty much the reason of DeePsea ;)). The version I am using is 11.74 Shareware if I recall correctly. Can anyone help me out here? -Thanks-
  5. Spishak Cola


    Hello-Allo... When ever I try to run the Kickstart thing for JDoom I get this error: Run-Time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object Does anyone know exactly why this is happening and perhaps how I can fix it? -Thanks-
  6. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... Thanks for all the help, I didn't get to convert it in time, but I did find a mp3 version of it so it turned out fine, as for what you suggested Wobbo, I will try that so that I will be able to do so in future times, thanks. Since I'm here I might as well kill two birds with one stone and not make another thread. My next question is simular. Is there a way I can convert a Midi into a Wav.? -Thanks-
  7. Spishak Cola

    The Question parade continues...

    Hello-Allo... I'm not very clear if this is the proper place to ask such a question but I do not know where else to ask this so I'll give it a go. The question for now is as follows. How do I actually like make my own midis? Is there some program that I need to have? If these are a bit broad then I can elaborate if needed. -Thanks-
  8. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... Well, I downloaded everything and tried everything that was suggested and, well, Nothing worked, not even close. -Thanks-
  9. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... ...Ummm, exactly what version of WinAmp do you got? mine dont have Plug-Ins in the Preferences section. Thanks, but, I dont know how to do any of that "making" or "editing" midi's or anything, I just need to find out how I can put a midi file in a mp3 form, without changing the sound or quality, just the format, cause the program I need it for, only accepts mp3's. -Thanks-
  10. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... This is a tickleish question but here it goes anyways... Is there a way I can convert a midi file into a Mp3 file and it will still work properly? I dont need anything added or anything, its just that in a program Im using I need mp3's for music and it dont allow midi's, and I tried just converting it with Winamp, but it didnt work. Could anyone here be so kind to lend me a helping hand here? -Thanks-
  11. Spishak Cola

    Indeed, yet another question.

    Hello-Allo... Thank you, but may I ask what PSP is? -thanks-
  12. Spishak Cola

    Indeed, yet another question.

    Hello-Allo... I know this may no be the proper forum nor website to ask this question but I just don't know where else to ask it and there is always someone with a answer here so here it goes... ...Exactly how do I make a animated Gif file? Example: I wanted to have a stickman dancing, I already have all the frames of his movements, but how do I put them together and make them go as a looping animation? Are there programs that would help me? -Thanks-
  13. Spishak Cola

    More Questions arise...

    Hello-Allo... I have a few questions here... Firstly, How exactly do I watch demos in Zdoom? Secondly, How do I get those neato 3D models in Jdoom? Thirdly, How do you like have bots in a game? Eg: I want to play Greenhouse.wad on single player, but with bots in it (dueling btw :P). Can someone(s) be so polite to help me on either one of these three or all? --Thanks--
  14. Spishak Cola

    Zipp, Zippity Zip Zip Zip...

    Hello-allo... This is a ticklish question but here it goes... How do I like put something so its like in a zipped file? Example: Lets say I have a level/wad and a text file, how do I put them into one zipped file thingy? I have no idea what-so-ever on how to do this... Oh, and if these instructions aren't clear enough for you, just tell me, I'll try and clarify them. -Thanks-
  15. Spishak Cola

    Scans are up

    Hello-allo... so far this all sounds good with the acception of the no use button. What's Pr0n?