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  1. Spishak Cola

    New Here

    Hello-Allo... Hmm...There once was a story of a DoomWorld member named RailGunner... But this story is irrelevant because he was 13 at the time, not 14. The End :P -Thanks-
  2. Spishak Cola

    New Here

    Yes. The Final Spamomalus
  3. Spishak Cola

    In DeeP trouble...

    Hello-Allo... My DeePsea seems to have a bit of a problem, and the problem being as follows: When DeePsea tries to load a map, (when I start it up and it auto loads it or if I double-click a Wad.) it just closes DeePsea. I'm not sure why this is it, it only does this when I try and open or look at maps, (pretty much the reason of DeePsea ;)). The version I am using is 11.74 Shareware if I recall correctly. Can anyone help me out here? -Thanks-
  4. Spishak Cola

    In DeeP trouble...

    Hello-Allo... Well, I found a earlier version on my Hard Drive and it's working again. =) Thanks for the help all. -Thanks-
  5. Spishak Cola


    Hello-Allo... When ever I try to run the Kickstart thing for JDoom I get this error: Run-Time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object Does anyone know exactly why this is happening and perhaps how I can fix it? -Thanks-
  6. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... This is a tickleish question but here it goes anyways... Is there a way I can convert a midi file into a Mp3 file and it will still work properly? I dont need anything added or anything, its just that in a program Im using I need mp3's for music and it dont allow midi's, and I tried just converting it with Winamp, but it didnt work. Could anyone here be so kind to lend me a helping hand here? -Thanks-
  7. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... Thanks for all the help, I didn't get to convert it in time, but I did find a mp3 version of it so it turned out fine, as for what you suggested Wobbo, I will try that so that I will be able to do so in future times, thanks. Since I'm here I might as well kill two birds with one stone and not make another thread. My next question is simular. Is there a way I can convert a Midi into a Wav.? -Thanks-
  8. Spishak Cola

    The Question parade continues...

    Hello-Allo... I'm not very clear if this is the proper place to ask such a question but I do not know where else to ask this so I'll give it a go. The question for now is as follows. How do I actually like make my own midis? Is there some program that I need to have? If these are a bit broad then I can elaborate if needed. -Thanks-
  9. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... Well, I downloaded everything and tried everything that was suggested and, well, Nothing worked, not even close. -Thanks-
  10. Spishak Cola

    q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, Question!

    Hello-Allo... ...Ummm, exactly what version of WinAmp do you got? mine dont have Plug-Ins in the Preferences section. Thanks, but, I dont know how to do any of that "making" or "editing" midi's or anything, I just need to find out how I can put a midi file in a mp3 form, without changing the sound or quality, just the format, cause the program I need it for, only accepts mp3's. -Thanks-
  11. Spishak Cola

    More Questions arise...

    Hello-Allo... I have a few questions here... Firstly, How exactly do I watch demos in Zdoom? Secondly, How do I get those neato 3D models in Jdoom? Thirdly, How do you like have bots in a game? Eg: I want to play Greenhouse.wad on single player, but with bots in it (dueling btw :P). Can someone(s) be so polite to help me on either one of these three or all? --Thanks--
  12. Spishak Cola

    Indeed, yet another question.

    Hello-Allo... I know this may no be the proper forum nor website to ask this question but I just don't know where else to ask it and there is always someone with a answer here so here it goes... ...Exactly how do I make a animated Gif file? Example: I wanted to have a stickman dancing, I already have all the frames of his movements, but how do I put them together and make them go as a looping animation? Are there programs that would help me? -Thanks-
  13. Spishak Cola

    Indeed, yet another question.

    Hello-Allo... Thank you, but may I ask what PSP is? -thanks-
  14. Spishak Cola

    Zipp, Zippity Zip Zip Zip...

    Hello-allo... This is a ticklish question but here it goes... How do I like put something so its like in a zipped file? Example: Lets say I have a level/wad and a text file, how do I put them into one zipped file thingy? I have no idea what-so-ever on how to do this... Oh, and if these instructions aren't clear enough for you, just tell me, I'll try and clarify them. -Thanks-
  15. Spishak Cola

    Scans are up

    Hello-allo... so far this all sounds good with the acception of the no use button. What's Pr0n?
  16. Spishak Cola

    The /newstuff Chronicles #99

    Hello-allo... I'll supply the pop/soda =)
  17. Spishak Cola

    ...Which one...

    Hello-allo... Which MP type port do you use/like the most? CsDoom, Zdaemon, SkullTag, or 'Other'? I personally use Zdaemon the most, but I like the others aswell.
  18. Spishak Cola

    Its that time again...

    Hello-allo... Its that time again for yet another question by Me :D This weeks question is... When I try to launch or join a game on IDE I get this message: "W_ReadLump: only read 0 of 290 on lump 3389" but sum times the "3389" number changes depending on the server in which I join. Also when I try and join a game on Csdoom it shows the message and then it shows the Oh So annoying "This program has preformed and illegal operation and will be shut down" message. [EDIT] Also the title heading thingy for the "W_ReadLump: only read 0 of 290 on lump 3389" message is "ZDOOM Fatal Error", Im not sure if that'll help tho...[/EDIT] Can someone be so kind to help me out here? -Thanks-
  19. Spishak Cola

    I will answer any question you have about Doomworld

    What is up with that guys head thingy in the upper left corner in Post Hell? And why is there a Mod for PH? does it really need to be moderated? And why am I such a wad?
  20. Spishak Cola

    When/where did you...

    Hello-allo... ..When/where did you first find out about Doom? (this can be for Doom or DoomII) I myself found out about it about 6 years ago from a friend that had Doom and invited me over to watch him play, and play myself.
  21. Spishak Cola

    I have a question.

    The chances are this has already been answered but I'm going to ask it anyways... How do you like make your own servers on Internet Doom Explorer? I have gone to the "Custom Servers" section and clicked on "add" but I dont know how to get my address on it... Could someone be so kind to help me here? -Thanks-
  22. Spishak Cola

    I have a question.

    Ok thanks Fodders :)
  23. Spishak Cola

    I have a question.

    Thanks, but I have another question, I got a server, and its sitting there, how do I get anything on it and such...or If not that Wheres the manual thingy that tells me how to. -Thanks-
  24. I cant seem to figure this out...Why can't lagacy play demos properly? When ever I watch demos in Iwads or Pwads they get messed up for some reason...They work fine on Doom95 but, Doom95 isn't as good as Legacy for playing demos (messages, eye candy ect.) also, i use mouse-look on it so I can't view them in Doom95...I'm assuming there is no fix to this but does anyone actually know why this occurs? -thx-
  25. Spishak Cola

    I have another question.

    Is there any possible way to convert Mp3's to Midi files? I know this is a incompetent question to ask, but I've found good music that suits levels in my Pwad...Can anyone guide me towards the light in this darkness that is my problem? Or show me I should lay off the Meds... -Thanks-