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  1. Hoodle-hoy.

    Age plus one! :D

    Since I haven't done it before, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it next year, I'll jump on the wagon/van/car/locomotion. :D

    Today (November 11th) is my (and nii-san's) birthday. We're 17 now. :D

    Today I played Diablo II and watched animé. :D And now I am building my Yu-Gi-Oh! deck for future duels. :D (Quasar beware! >:D)

    I've concluded that since I've registered here when I was 13 that I've :D'd about a-sahillion (more than a million, even more than a billion) times. Here's to a-sahillion more. :D

    It's not my intention to steal this day as my own, but I haven't made a "birthday thread" in my previous times, so I figured now was as good of time as ever. :D

    Happy birthday DOOM Anomaly! :D

    p.s. I must make sure to wake up tomorrow morning for Saturday morning animé. :D

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    2. Use


      happy birthday man

    3. KwadDamyj


      Scuba Steve said:



      ^Happy spider

    4. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      May his suffering be long and legendary!

  2. If you could sum up the Beta Videos into one powerful word, what would it be?

    This is for a survey dee-lee I am conducting. :D

    Take part and you just might get a free cookie!

    Just might! :D

    Hopefully by the morning comes, which is about five hours. :D

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Danarchy said:

      I don't know a single person who uses minidiscs. They sound pretty damn useless. Why use a minidisc when you can use a normal disc?

      Re-recordable, smaller, the HI-MDs hold 1gb, they're a $1 a piece (sometimes), high quality sound, and you just can't bust 'em. You can run over a minidisc with a car- multiple times- and it'll still work fine. Not to mention you can define customized groupings of songs on the disc itself, split and splice songs using the handheld players, and even name the tracks, groups, and discs.

    3. Danarchy


      Weird. Why do they never say that in the advertisements? I thought they were just smaller, more compressed discs.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Danarchy said:

      Weird. Why do they never say that in the advertisements? I thought they were just smaller, more compressed discs.

      I think that was part of the problem: bad marketing here. In Japan, I got sold on them quick since those were the features they sold on.

  3. Hoodle-Doodles.

    Back about two weeks ago I submitted a poem I did to a poet to enter a poetry contest for me. (Which just so happens to be this poem.) Initially I intended it to be a silly joke, but the poet-person insisted that I submit it, so, I did. I didn't expect it to go anywhere because quite frankly, I didn't expect anyone there to really understand what was being said in it. :P

    Well I just got word from the poet-person that my poem tied for first place. It makes me wonder if the wonderful antics of the internet really stay only on the internet. :P In any event, I get some award dee-lee and prize in April of some sorts. Hopefully they won't ask me to say any more poetry or whatnot, that poem was a One-hit-wonder for me. :D

    I'll make sure to advertise Action DooM while I'm there. :D

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Numbermind said:

      You'll have to read it in front of people. HA!

      Hahaha, if that is so I will have to make sure to bring a beat along with me. :D

      Ooh and back-up dancers!

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      DOOM Anomaly said:

      I'll make sure to advertise Action DooM while I'm there. :D

      No this calls for something grander. Have you considered wearing a tee shirt with the Cockodemon on it?

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Scuba Steve said:

      No this calls for something grander. Have you considered wearing a tee shirt with the Cockodemon on it?

      Grander than Action DooM?!?! Bad Command or File Name!
      Hahaha, that would be awesome! But I have no such shirt, nor the materials of making one.

      But I just got a call from the head-guy there, it turns out that I will in fact be reading my poem in front of an audience.

      I only hope they don't ask what "stfu", "wtf" and "fap" mean. :P

  4. Hey-hey-hoo! :D

    This is actually a few weeks old, but I finally have time to type it up. :D
    As fate would have it. Reason gave way to passion and I bought a Dueldisk. I initially wanted a standard Kaiba Corp. one, but there were none to be found. So I got the next best thing, and got a Chaos Dueldisk. :D Despite my deck being a little short. :D I know it isn't as good as a real one would be, but it is better than nothing methinks. :D It works great and handles better than I had thought. It rests nicely around my forearm, holds the cards great without dropping them even if I shake it around (for those really intense duels. :D) Has a working life-point counter, and everything. I've used it numerous times in duels and it makes it that much more enjoyable. :D I often wear it when I go out, as it is part of my everyday attire. :D Though at times it can get in the way, I wonder how they make it look so easy. :D But it is worth it for how awesome it looks. :D

    For the sake of shake'n'bake, I took two pictures. :D

    Dueldisk when neutral.

    Dueldisk when it is time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel. :D

    Is it awesome or what? :D I am yet to go to a tournament and challenge someone to a Shadow duel. :D Then feed their soul to the great beast for a double-whammy of awesomeness. :D

    Quasar! Let's Duel! :D

    Edit: "Leviathan" seems more right of spelling. :D Thanks Coopersville. :D

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    2. Bucket


      How many times a day do you get punched in the face?

    3. Coopersville
    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I like it too. :D

      Numbermind said:

      How many times a day do you get punched in the face?

      Hahaha, none actually. :D Though, may I ask why you ask that? :D

      Coopersville said:


      I'm not sure actually, I just took a guess. :D Though that looks a bit more right, I'll change it to that, thanks. :D

  5. A hoodle hoy.

    Given that I have a few gift cards and my hard drive is usually riding along the 200MB line with me scrapping for extra space, I figured it is time to get an additional drive.

    However, the main problem being that I have no idea whatsoever on how to go abouts it. :D

    I have a few questions of this and if anyone can help me out that would be awesome to the tenth power. :D

    1. Is there, a certain type of drive that is specificly for being an additional one?

    2. How, exactly am I to connect it to my computer? (This kind of ties in with the first one, as I am not sure what type I buy and how it works.)

    I think that's about the just of that I need to know to start off with. :D Thanks. :D

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    2. AirRaid


      Thining about it, installing a second hard drive is probably the most difficult/complex thing to do inside a PC, unless you need to replace your motherboard. :P

    3. chilvence


      Shh There are people that will pay you to do this

    4. Danarchy


      AirRaid said:

      Thining about it, installing a second hard drive is probably the most difficult/complex thing to do inside a PC, unless you need to replace your motherboard. :P

      Heh, yeah. I was suprised how hard it was to install my second hard drive. It took me an entire day to get it right. I kept fucking things up and wondering what the Hell was going wrong. I learned this all a few years ago in a high school class, but I must have forgot something. My computer is still in 3 pieces because of that incident because the side panel that the mobo is attatched to refuses to reconnect to the rest of the case. Oh well.

  6. Hoodles.
    On Monday I made a deal with a friend and out of it, a teacher gave me Doom on my calculator. Just so that it sounds more real-like I took a few pictures right now to show it's calculatory glory.

    The title screen.

    Standing in the hallway with my pistol out.

    A Former Sargent has spotted me. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnn

    A map view of Wolfenstein.

    The game is pretty neato. It has 10 maps, all have the names of real Doom / Doom II maps, but as the maps go, have no link to the real levels. There are three weapons - Pistol, Shotgun and Chaingun. Two enemies - Imp and Former Sargent. Three keys - Red, Blue, and Yellow. Stimpacks and Medikits. And ability to view a the map. It's neato for a calculator and fun to play. It goes one step at a time (though you can run) and loads the map one block at a time. Some people say it is slow, but I call it suspenseful. :D

    Anyone else have Doom on their calculator or other cool dee-lee?

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    2. deathz0r


      BASIC Doom on a TI-83+? Yuck, get an Assembly coded one, they're 10 times better. Gemini is a good example that I can think of. (make sure you get MirageOS as well)

    3. Sephiroth


      ah those things where like crack in high school. everyone, yes everyone includeing non geeks, was into homebrewing stuff for them. ok not everyone. i really wast into it that much. also had the less powerful and older TI-82.

      however don't really know much about them. so those of you calculator mod masters. tell me more about the system. or provide me witha link about them.

      what are the specs of the TI calculators? why are they so popular? How easy and what languages are used on them?

    4. SYS


      I wish I didn't lose my TI-86. Oh well, that would've been so fun to play during math class, Tetris got boring after a while. Ah highschool, feels like yesterday. Is there any info on who made it?

  7. Hoodle-Dee-Doodle Smoodle.

    Well with the rise of a Tuesday (which has nothing to do with anything in-particular, actually) the day was dayful and the night wasn't dayful, more, dark, I think.

    Other than that, it was 1am of Wednesday morning and I was dared to shave my right eyebrow, let alone, I did.


    After. (Note the increasingly attractive acne. :D)

    And for the sake of jelly bellies, one I just took right now.

    I've gotten quite a few remarks of it, as it is a bit of a change I will say. Some of the things I have been compared to are:

    Butterbean, a cancer patient, Bowser from the Super Mario Brothers Movie, a snake, that guy from the movie Powder, Garaa of the Desert, a freak, and so on. :D Many of which I thought of myself. :D

    Personally I don't mind it at all, as it is hair and it will grow back in a bit so it can just pass as a silly little teenage antic that I have done. I am told that my eyebrow will become big and bushy now, but if that happens and it does grow big and thick, then I can be Platonic thick-brows! Rock Lee style. :D

    In any event, anyone else have any comparisons? Or any funtastic antics? :D

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      My hair isn't so much of an afro as it just is kinda poofy sometimes, as I never groom it, it tends to shape itself to its own liking and however it forms from sleeping or such. :D

    3. Csonicgo


      Scuba Steve said:

    4. Danarchy


      Way to not make a post.

  8. Zaboomafoo! :D




    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! (Okay, not really. :D)

    This bug was found in a backyard, however I have no idea what kind of bug it is or what it's called. The last picture is a picture of the shell it came out of. I tried a search for it on the internet, but I didn't get much seeing I can't really describe it so it would come up to a page with it. It's quite the wondering me, does anyone know what this cooltastic bug is? It's pretty dang big and noisy. :D

    Thanks. :D

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      myk said:

      In the first picture it looks pretty cute; more like a rubber toy than an actual bug.

      I know. :D It looks so cool in that one, it's my favourite one. :D

      Jordan said:

      where exactly in the backyard did you find it?... nice work with the camera, the first 2 look like they could be in some book...

      It wasn't in our backyard, it's from a friend's. That'd rule if we had cool bugs like that in our backyard. :D

    3. Jordan


      oh, hmm i wounder if my big novel on bugs has it in it.. it will give me something to do..

    4. Bucket


      Somewhat on-topic: I was watching an Animal Planet show earlier featuring this guy who was setting out to be stung by a Bullet Ant. Apparently, that's his whole schtick-- finding exotic insects and trying to get stung/bitten.

      Anyway, the Bullet Ant is notorious for having the most painful sting of any insect. He found one at the top of a tree, got stung, and by the time he reached the ground his arm had a 2-inch wide purple welt on it. He did updates every 4 hours saying how much it hurt. It wasn't until 24 hours later that he claimed the pain had gone down to a "dull, tingling ache".

      Just thought I'd share all that.

  9. Hoodle-Doodles. :D

    I'm back from camp. :D While there, I saw two mountains, and I got thinking.. How far can Spider-Man sling/shoot his web? Is there a limit to how far/long it can go? I tried asking Jeeves, but not even he knew! So I am now calling upon you, Doomworld members to step up and strud your stuff.

    And by that I mean help find the answer (if there is any) to this question that boggles my mind oh so.

    Transmission out. :D

    Wait, nevermind.


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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Awesome. :D That's really detailed. :D Though what about in the case of when he doesn't need those metal things on his arms? (When it comes out of his skin.) (I realize this is somewhat odd to ask, given it is only a comic book character. :D)

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      That's one of those changes I was glad to see in the film. The whole "canister web slinging" thing always seemed extremely stupid to me (even for a Superhero). The fact that Peter Parker made some wrist slingshot devices with incredibly strong fiber always seemed even less feasable than getting the power to shoot webbing from your wrists as a result of the bite from a radioactive spider.

    4. Danarchy


      It would also take more screen time.

  10. Hoodle-Dilly-ho.
    Someone elsewhere asked for a rapping battle so I contributed my skills into forming a rap so rapping it's country!
    Okay, it's not really, but it has a bit of a "Baby got Back" beat to it. :D Despite the call that the one shouted was for a serious answer, I couldn't help but "mong it up", if you will. :D :

    Stfu noobie,
    my haxors skills are groovy,
    my rhymes are cool but my attitude are bad,
    I spend my days operating AutoCAD,
    you jockeys can't deny,
    the sexiness of pi,
    I'll beat you with my skills,
    amaze you with my thrills,
    I hax you bad in a real great way,
    while selling my body on EBay,
    play your sporty games and athletics,
    but please don't stop that chess,
    I'll king, pawn you, pwn you,
    you will be a strategic mess,
    you'll be begging for those cheat codes,
    and struggle building those nodes,
    you cannot finish your map,
    fap. double-up. fap-fap
    my lingo is real real tight,
    my skin is pure white,
    I don't need no sun,
    a T-1 line and I'm done,
    my acmes bad and my specs are huge,
    don't mess with me I'm no n00b,
    snipe, shoot, bang,
    I'll frag you and your gang,
    my skills are so 1337,
    powerful, all-mighty, discreet,
    I'll beat you with my joy-stick,
    or mouse or keyboard-only,
    you are the way to destruction,
    your existence ends here homie,
    you cannot defeat me,
    you fail it big,
    I'm a rebel - I drink the whole cup,
    don't need no swig,
    surfing up the net,
    with virtual girl and corvette,
    Internet - the domain I rule,
    all the ladies just gawk and drool,
    my aim and precision is to a tee,
    I have invincibility,
    I jump, I duck, I fly and soar,
    all you lamers watch and envy my score,
    I’m as 1337 as 1337 can be,
    I don’t play no kiss-n-tell,
    I play for shoot-n-win,
    I will make your head spin,
    I hack I must confess,
    there’s nothing you can do,
    I am going to haxorz j00,
    All your base are belong to me,
    I’m 1337, I’m sweet, I’m a hax0r

    ©DOOM Anomaly 2004 (To look professional! :D)

    It's not that great but,
    You have been challenged!

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    2. BlueSonnet


      Whizz pop! Whizz bang!
      See the bubbles go down!
      Whizz pop! Whizz bang!
      Shaking all around!

      Couldn't resist.

    3. Zoost


      Just re-readed my rap. DAMN I was good!

    4. Danarchy


      Pop, pop.
      Fizz, fizz.
      Oh, what a relif it is.

  11. The Hobbit hair is Back!

    My girlfriend wanted me to cut my hair a bit so I did. :D I think it looks good. :D Anyone else got their haircut in the past while? If not, how long have You been growing it?! (If I remember correctly, member Korn had a few years advance on me. :D) I hadn't cut mine since December 20th 2002. :D

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    2. Bucket


      We have Pippin and Samwise so far... where's Frodo?

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Love the shirt.

    4. Fredrik


      chilvence said:

      I have more hair than Fredrik.


  12. Hoodle-Doodle. :D

    I was just thinking, seeing I have lots of time for that, of my future a bit, but more specifically, where I am now and the knowledge in which I have accessible from the depths of my mind. I always seemed to find myself to be “bright”, or so I was always told, I was always praised as being “The Smart Kid” (And also being insulted as such.), and such a view of myself made me feel good of who I was. (I will spare all the [pre-]teen angst that I can. :P) However I think now whether if I ever really was smart, or if it was just everyone else wasn’t as promising for getting work done, or perhaps, if it was the fact I let on the “fact” that I was “smart”, since being called smart and feeling I was smart was the only thing I liked of myself, I was determined to keep myself convinced that it was true, and that I, was indeed, smart.

    However, I always did doubt this, for surely if I was constantly yelled at, hit, and was getting at my most, a B average, I could have not been smart, and no where near “The Smart Kid” title. Though, given from people tell me I was smart, I felt good when I felt smart, I felt good if I felt that I had more (important) knowledge than those around me (Within age moderation). It felt good, and I hadn’t felt any pride in myself in anything else other than that. And since it was initiated that I was “smart” I craved, to stay that. (Little thing: When I am praised for anything, whether it be knowledge, athletics, humour, anything, I then have the dire need to be the absolute best at it. Despite this is a fleeting dream, I am ambitious like that, which is against my own good. But, I cannot help it, unfortunately.) So, given I was told I was smart, I had the desire to stay and be the smartest person. (At first, just around where ever I was, however, this need soon grew way out of proportion.)

    Despite I was making B’s, the odd A, and C’s, I convinced myself egotistically, that “I am simply not trying my best, I will try when I need to, then I’ll do great, then, I’ll do the best.” I brainwashed myself with this boulderdash of my “hidden potential”, I had the thought that “Since I am smart, if I really wanted to do anything, I could do it, and it’d be the best.”. And in denial, claiming that “I am not egotistical at all.”, trying to prove that fact with the aspect of me having little to none self esteem.

    Eventually I let that thought of mine become so tyrannical to how I looked at myself, that I didn’t try in any academic work I did, stating that “This year doesn’t matter, I will try when it counts.”. Also given I craved to be noticed and have friends, I acted as a fool and “whored” myself for other’s entertainment, just so I could be noticed. I soon found myself being proud of myself not handing in work, I found myself proud of myself that I had 27 NHIs (Not Handed In) in my grade 9 math class. Though deep inside, I felt ashamed and badly, I masked that with the false thought that “It’s worth it, if I have friends.”.

    That, was a year ago, and I have now changed the way in which I think. I am in Applications 10 math, which is considered the math for people who struggle with concepts or are just lazy, I, last year, was both. (Though I tried to tell myself that I could get it all if I tried.) Last year I passed math with 60.6%, this year in math I have 99.1% in the course. I have since changed how I was, I no longer care so much of going out with friends or being social, but more of my future. I realized with the help of my closest friend, that, well, I am pathetic. And that is without a doubt, true. I am 15, and in grade 10 and I do not have any idea of what post-secondary I plan to attend or what I plan to do for a living. Along side of how oblivious I am to the important things of this world, for I am mainly only educated in Sonic the Hedgehog, or Naruto, which, though fun and interesting, in the long run, mean nothing at all for my success in life.

    I realized with the help of a great friend, things aren’t going to just happen by themselves in my life, and that I got to work for my future, that I need to actually grow up and not play games all day and expect life to just fly by with ease. With that in mind, I, have changed my attitude on things, I am trying to learn of important things to the world and that would be good to know just in case. (These things being stuff such as issues with the government and around the world, political stuff. Which, I right now, sadly know nothing about, at all.)

    Since changing, and given my mark in math, I felt proud of myself and felt smart once more. However, this was short-lived when I realized that the curriculum of my school (grade 10), is the equivalent of my friend’s school (Who is in grade 8), and also their teachings from their previous grades (grade 7), and showing me that what I am learning is something they learned a long time ago, and on top of that, know it a lot better than I do, I was crushed once more.

    Though I was confident in myself, I couldn’t help but feel inferior, given that the information I am being taught (and that, I will admit, stumps me at times.) was taught to others at an earlier time. (Though, it seemed to be in a bit of a different method, which confused me more.) And though not initially my fault, I felt like a failure. I realized that my school curriculum wasn’t what it could be, that it could be better, and I felt that I would much rather be at my friend’s school, rather than my own, because I want to accumulate all the knowledge I can for when I am out of school and facing the workforce.

    Though, despite I wanted that, I did nothing but wish it, rather than do it. Sure, my school doesn’t have such a curriculum and doesn’t teach all that, but, that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn it all on my own, which my friend told me. They said that, “Then do something about it instead of making up lame excuses and whining.” That, indeed was something I needed to hear, for it is something I need to do.

    So, given that, I am trying to learn everything from Math to history to current day politics and law, along with computers. I still have the ambition to be great at something, for surely we all must yearn to be great at something. However, now, I am actually working for it, making myself actually deserving for such a thing. I may not go out, I may spend my free time at school in my math class and may days in my room, but I would rather withstand that and have a future I can be proud of, rather than fool around now and live to regret it in my, what would be called a “future”.

    The one thing I was actually typing all this about (But got kinda carried away, okay, really carried away. :D) is that of my school curriculum, and how my friend’s in America, is much better than mine. I myself am searching for places to learn more of math, in honesty, the Doomworld Forums provide me with a lot of good politics and views of things, as does my friend. (To be honest, some of the most interesting and intelligent people I have ever known are on these forums. :D) Though I do not know much, I love to learn, I love it when I learn something, and I feel good when I get things accomplished and understand concepts.

    Just out of curiosity, is there any site or book or any place Dee-Lee in which anyone suggests would be good to help me learn up on my math? (Seeing I plan to do it outside of school and during the summer.) Thanks. :D

    And if anyone has read all of this, and has understood any of it or found any of it coherent, or if you just read the first sentence, and scrolled to this last part here, thanks for reading. :D I know I kind of jabbered on, complained a fair bit and was pretty angsty, which I apologize for, but I just had that all on my mind and wanted to share a portion of it with one the most informative sites I’ve been to. :D Among all this, I would like to thank Steve, and Abigail for both helping me with this a whole lot, along side with much of the Doomworld Community, for your discussions and debates are often very interesting to read. :D

    Thank you. :D

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    2. Psyonisis


      Danarchy said:


      Grades are not an indication of intelligence. I'm unsure if you are in university or not, but you'd be surprised at the number of stupid people attending.

    3. Danarchy


      No, I was in community college. Loser school. And still I failed to keep up with everyone. Most everything just went right over my head.

    4. Bucket


      I had the same experience with High School Part 2(also known as High School With Ashtrays), but instead didn't bother going to any classes. I opted rather to walk to the wilderness behind the grounds and get high or whatever. A shame, too, because the AP classes were way more advanced than these CC classes. I could've tested my way out of a bachelor's degree.

      So you could say I decided to fail. Or you could say that I realized I could succeed at anything, so then attempted to fail because I wanted to see if the world would blow up.

      Or you could say that I was forced to go to college and pick up a job at the same time, which completely ruined the learning environment for me.

      Hell, if you thought long enough we all could think of 100 reasons why we failed at something, just to justify it in our own heads. The plain and simple fact is that there's a lesson learned in failure, and we needed to experience it. Or, our life's lessons we needed to learn at the time had nothing to do with academics.

  13. Hoodle-Dilly-Doodle-Ho.

    I am actually a bit late on saying this, but nonetheless.
    One of my best friends (and one of my only friends that I had as a younger hobbit) passed away. He had Lukemia, in which he was diagnosed with 2 years ago and has been in hospitals since. I last got to see him in October for 10 minutes before I had to go to school. Though I never got actually say bye or anything, which is quite the bummer. As the title says, 'rats' is used as a phrase for something dissapointing or unsightly, however in this case it was also the name of the club we were in when we were younger (6 years old-current), and he was the leader. I would post a picture of him, but I sadly don't have one.
    Wherever, whenever, forever, he was the best friend I had of such times, just makes me sad, a saaaaaaaaad Hobbit. :(

    However, I cannot forget such glorious times. :D
    Alongside missing them for a lifetime.
    Farewell, Adam.

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    2. SyntherAugustus


      No! We lost Frodo!

      Anyway, sad to hear.

    3. DooMBoy



      It always hurts to lose a friend, but keep in mind, there several more friends-in-waiting out there, just waiting to become friends with the ever-so-happy Doom Anomaly :)

    4. insertwackynamehere


      That's too bad. I'm truly sorry :(

  14. Hiya.
    Dee-Hoodle-hove-dilly-ho. :D

    I was just wondering to myself this time of after day, is there any refference or just any reason as to why there are those certain select words that are considered to be 'swear words' or curses? I've just been wondering why those few are considered such. :D

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    2. dsm


      Swearwords, as Quast said, have quite a history behind them. Usually in the days of old, some of them would be a way to call upon the powers of Evil and was considered to be blasphemy to utter.

      It also differs from language to language I'd assume, but many swearwords have an old meaning to them and back when they were "invented", you can bet your socks that it would've been among the most terrible things to say.

      On a related note, it's rather funny how formerly so acceptable words become taboo.
      "Retard" for instance (disregarding its overfrequent use on the internet), is considered an insult nowadays, while back in the day it was a perfectly acceptable term to denote a physically handicapped person.
      I remember that I told my parents about the word "retard" and they were damn surprised that it had evolved into an insulting word :-P

    3. Job


      Moreover, you can't use the word "retard" as describing "to slow or inhibit" because someone's bound to take offense.

    4. Danarchy


      I remember the orthodontist telling me that some of my teeth were retarding the growth of others.

      Also, it's pretty stupid that crazy femynists claim that vagina is a vulgar word because it means 'sheath' and cunt should be the proper word because it means 'flower' or somesuch. According to that article, they are completely wrong.

  15. Hey, that rhymed. :D
    Hoodle-Dilly Ho.
    I figured I'd just post this in here just in case. :D

    A friend of mine recently got a microphone today and we were trying to test it out. However when they plugged it in their computer, and we connected, when they spoke and any sounds that came from it were loud and sounded as if they were in really slow motion, when they talked I merely heard a loud and very deep moaning sound, like if a Giant was just moaning. When they tried to record in Sound Recorder (just for a testinator) the message came up for them "Your hardware cannot record into files like the current file. To record, create a new document" or something rather, but eventually they could record, but it sounded the same as it did for me.

    I was just wondering, does anyone know how this can be remedied?

    Thank you very much in advance. :D

  16. Hiya.

    This isn't really a bloggy thing but I gathered it would be best in the blog forum just incase seeing as I find it to be borderline.

    I was just wondering in a few of games (I'll give an eggzampill that I would know of; Sonic the Hedgehog 2) When the music tracks start, they start of and all, but go on forever in a loop, but never replay as if they are looping the whole song, in some songs the begining is something that differs from the rest of the song, and thus is only heard once. I was just wondering out of pure curiosity (Hence why in blogs) what music form is it or how that is done. Because I just find it neato how games can have a song but only a certain part of it loop forever without missing a beat, it amazes me. :D

    Thanks with watermellon fruit-by-the-foot wrapped around it. :D

    1. Hyena


      I know what you mean, but you worded that in a very confusing way.

      Actually, I've been wanting to find a way to insert music into doom that has an intro before the looping part. (Unfortunately, you can only use full-loop music)
      If Randy implements that in zdoom, I'll be happy.
      Oh, and maybe something where you can play two tracks at once (that are identical in length and beat, but have different music), and have it fade between one and another depending on your location in the map. Some video games have a really cool effect that way.

      And another similar effect except you have two tracks with the same length and beat, and you switch from one to the other at the exact same point in the song. (This is cool if you make two versions of the same music, and make one with more intense percussion, so you can trigger it whenever you enter a battle)

      Now that I've completely steered your topic away from its original purpose, enjoy.

    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Haha, sorry I have a bad way of explaining and wording things.

      But it just really amazes me how they made music do that, I know its nothing huge, but it really amazes me because they can have just one part of it run forever and ever without fail or notice of a skip or anything. :D

      No need ot worry aboot the topic steering, it is still generally the same and this is a blog topic so, blocker docks. :D

    3. Bloodshedder


      Hyena said:

      I've been wanting to find a way to insert music into doom that has an intro before the looping part. (Unfortunately, you can only use full-loop music)

      This is easily done. In the last pattern of the main music loop of the module, you simply insert a pattern jump effect that moves you to the proper loop point in the song, after the intro. I did this with the track for ZooM's C1T1.

      Oh, and maybe something where you can play two tracks at once (that are identical in length and beat, but have different music), and have it fade between one and another depending on your location in the map. Some video games have a really cool effect that way.
      And another similar effect except you have two tracks with the same length and beat, and you switch from one to the other at the exact same point in the song. (This is cool if you make two versions of the same music, and make one with more intense percussion, so you can trigger it whenever you enter a battle)

      Unreal does this. It's not done with two songs, but with separate sections in the module. At certain times, the game simply instructs the module player to jump to a certain pattern in the song, which may be the "excitement" music portion when, say, you encounter some enemies. When the encounter is over, it fades back into the main loop. Deus Ex does this too, but it's based on the Unreal engine too.

      ZDoom allows you to do this, of course. Have a linetype trigger a script that changes either the currently active pattern in the module, or to completely different music; I can't remember the exact command for it, but it's there. You'd have to script this for encounters with enemies, as there is no current way to do it automatically.

  17. Hiya.

    Well, I figured I'd write in a blog for once. :D

    Anyroad, I was playing my good ol Sonic the Hedgehog 2 today when I thought. Wouldn't it been funky fresh if Sega had completed and kept the Hidden Palace Zone in it? I mean, I played it and its radical with 28 l's which makes it rllllalllldllllillllcllllallllllll, yeah, anyfry, in my opinion it was a neato stage, had neat effects badnicks and all that jazz, and it also had the Master Emerald which I think would have been neato to see what Sonic Team's story of it then was. Also the music for it is coolsome. :D I also think it would have been neato if they released a Special Sonic 2 edition with all the Beta levels complete, the beta is quite the neato. :D They had some pretty swishy ideas in the beta and all I would love to see them all in action. :D

    I mean, I personally think that this would be neato to play out in full

    In my opinion it looks really good for the Sonic 2 levels.

    Also a level like this would have been neato if they completed it.

    (Both shots I took from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Beta)
    Okay I'm done for now, I'm going to go play some Sonic Heroes. :D

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Psyonisis said:

      Where did you get Sonic 2 Beta? ROM?

      Yepindeedaleedoo. Thats pretty much the only way to play the Beta. :D

    3. Chopkinsca


      KoRn said:

      yeah, that level was awesome. What is your best score? I bet my best score was better than your best score on that level.

      Sorry about that, I was drunk.
      Although I once had sonic 2, sega Genisis eh?
      that was long ago..

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      KoRn said:

      Sorry about that, I was drunk.
      Although I once had sonic 2, sega Genisis eh?
      that was long ago..

      I just finished playing mine. :D

  18. Noseblooders! :D


    Okay, I know its a stretch, but so is Stretch Armstrong, his arms stretch out to next week!

    Anytrail, while gazing upon these wonderful forums sipping a nice room of oxygen and nitrogen my fantastical nosey nose sniveled, and then blood came out, realizing I didn't just then go a crazy eye-sight that makes things go red, like Inferred vision, or that crazy one the dinosaurs had or heat detectors, because then for sure it would have been 2 shades lighter, which in this case it wasn't, so it only led to one thing..okay, it didn't really, but my index finger was extended forward at the time at it was pointing towards the wall. Finding not much significance of the wall that would lead me to supreme and ultimate victory, I was lead to "The Door", okay actually it is just a door but I have to have a climax somewhere, eh? Scootching along, I went to the lou and saw as well felt the liquid type dee-lee that felt like a liquid type dee-lee know as...water! Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn putting down my drink and realizing I just made that whole water part up I notice there was blood from my nose, to my mouth and chin, and also going down my throat, for I could feel it, though I had my bets that drip # 2 would win, the judges are still declaring that, tie race, boulderdash! Anypath, I then hunched like a Quazimodo I sat there while my blood dripped down my face into the sink, while I laughed hysterically. Aboot 15 minutes passed by, and I was still laughing, the sink was a nice red, as was some of the counter, for some blood was splattered onto it via me breathing. Eventually 17 minutes passed and I figured I'd try to clean it up and stop my nose from bleeding, for I didn't want to wake everyone else in the house up, I am sure it would be awkward for them to wake up to me laughing and then to see me in the bathroom with a face of blood and a sink, counter and floor with blood, though it was quite the thought, I must say. :D I took off my overshirt though in the process I ripped it. I had laughed enough that a fair bit of blood had dripped from my nose into my mouth, some down my throat more, some just in my mouth where I spat it out afterwards. After a few minutes I cleaned it up, unfortunately it didn't cross my mind to take picture till aboot a while after cleaning, I got two pictures of the sink, however my dear computer is still resting so I can't upload them. Rest well my dear dear computer. :D Perfect time to wear a nice new white shirt, eh? :D

    Anyroad, thinking of such it came to mind, I haven't had a nose bleed in some time. This wasn't nearly the worst I had, but it was fun. :D
    What doth be being thy worth bleeding of a nose that ye has encountered?
    Mine have just been small few minute ones, most just spontaneous, some from being punched in the nose and jazz. :D The taste of blood is fun. :D

    Oh, and #2 won! Yay! :D
    Toodles. :D

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    2. rf`


      Tobester said:

      Heh, when I was 7, I stuck a button up my nose to prove it would fit. The docs at the emergency room stuck a lil hook up there to get it out.

      I know someone who snorts nylon string. Seriously.

    3. Tobester


      ravage said:

      I know someone who snorts nylon string. Seriously.

      I crushed a brick once and snorted it to make a friend think I was a crackhead, heh.

    4. Twiztid


      I snorted clay before, everyone in my art class thought i was on drugs.