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  1. Noseblooders! :D


    Okay, I know its a stretch, but so is Stretch Armstrong, his arms stretch out to next week!

    Anytrail, while gazing upon these wonderful forums sipping a nice room of oxygen and nitrogen my fantastical nosey nose sniveled, and then blood came out, realizing I didn't just then go a crazy eye-sight that makes things go red, like Inferred vision, or that crazy one the dinosaurs had or heat detectors, because then for sure it would have been 2 shades lighter, which in this case it wasn't, so it only led to one thing..okay, it didn't really, but my index finger was extended forward at the time at it was pointing towards the wall. Finding not much significance of the wall that would lead me to supreme and ultimate victory, I was lead to "The Door", okay actually it is just a door but I have to have a climax somewhere, eh? Scootching along, I went to the lou and saw as well felt the liquid type dee-lee that felt like a liquid type dee-lee know as...water! Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn putting down my drink and realizing I just made that whole water part up I notice there was blood from my nose, to my mouth and chin, and also going down my throat, for I could feel it, though I had my bets that drip # 2 would win, the judges are still declaring that, tie race, boulderdash! Anypath, I then hunched like a Quazimodo I sat there while my blood dripped down my face into the sink, while I laughed hysterically. Aboot 15 minutes passed by, and I was still laughing, the sink was a nice red, as was some of the counter, for some blood was splattered onto it via me breathing. Eventually 17 minutes passed and I figured I'd try to clean it up and stop my nose from bleeding, for I didn't want to wake everyone else in the house up, I am sure it would be awkward for them to wake up to me laughing and then to see me in the bathroom with a face of blood and a sink, counter and floor with blood, though it was quite the thought, I must say. :D I took off my overshirt though in the process I ripped it. I had laughed enough that a fair bit of blood had dripped from my nose into my mouth, some down my throat more, some just in my mouth where I spat it out afterwards. After a few minutes I cleaned it up, unfortunately it didn't cross my mind to take picture till aboot a while after cleaning, I got two pictures of the sink, however my dear computer is still resting so I can't upload them. Rest well my dear dear computer. :D Perfect time to wear a nice new white shirt, eh? :D

    Anyroad, thinking of such it came to mind, I haven't had a nose bleed in some time. This wasn't nearly the worst I had, but it was fun. :D
    What doth be being thy worth bleeding of a nose that ye has encountered?
    Mine have just been small few minute ones, most just spontaneous, some from being punched in the nose and jazz. :D The taste of blood is fun. :D

    Oh, and #2 won! Yay! :D
    Toodles. :D

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    2. rf`


      Tobester said:

      Heh, when I was 7, I stuck a button up my nose to prove it would fit. The docs at the emergency room stuck a lil hook up there to get it out.

      I know someone who snorts nylon string. Seriously.

    3. Tobester


      ravage said:

      I know someone who snorts nylon string. Seriously.

      I crushed a brick once and snorted it to make a friend think I was a crackhead, heh.

    4. Twiztid


      I snorted clay before, everyone in my art class thought i was on drugs.