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  1. Hey, that rhymed. :D
    Hoodle-Dilly Ho.
    I figured I'd just post this in here just in case. :D

    A friend of mine recently got a microphone today and we were trying to test it out. However when they plugged it in their computer, and we connected, when they spoke and any sounds that came from it were loud and sounded as if they were in really slow motion, when they talked I merely heard a loud and very deep moaning sound, like if a Giant was just moaning. When they tried to record in Sound Recorder (just for a testinator) the message came up for them "Your hardware cannot record into files like the current file. To record, create a new document" or something rather, but eventually they could record, but it sounded the same as it did for me.

    I was just wondering, does anyone know how this can be remedied?

    Thank you very much in advance. :D