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  1. Hoodle-Dilly-Doodle-Ho.

    I am actually a bit late on saying this, but nonetheless.
    One of my best friends (and one of my only friends that I had as a younger hobbit) passed away. He had Lukemia, in which he was diagnosed with 2 years ago and has been in hospitals since. I last got to see him in October for 10 minutes before I had to go to school. Though I never got actually say bye or anything, which is quite the bummer. As the title says, 'rats' is used as a phrase for something dissapointing or unsightly, however in this case it was also the name of the club we were in when we were younger (6 years old-current), and he was the leader. I would post a picture of him, but I sadly don't have one.
    Wherever, whenever, forever, he was the best friend I had of such times, just makes me sad, a saaaaaaaaad Hobbit. :(

    However, I cannot forget such glorious times. :D
    Alongside missing them for a lifetime.
    Farewell, Adam.

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    2. BlackFish


      No! We lost Frodo!

      Anyway, sad to hear.

    3. DooMBoy



      It always hurts to lose a friend, but keep in mind, there several more friends-in-waiting out there, just waiting to become friends with the ever-so-happy Doom Anomaly :)

    4. insertwackynamehere


      That's too bad. I'm truly sorry :(