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  1. Hoodle-Dilly-ho.
    Someone elsewhere asked for a rapping battle so I contributed my skills into forming a rap so rapping it's country!
    Okay, it's not really, but it has a bit of a "Baby got Back" beat to it. :D Despite the call that the one shouted was for a serious answer, I couldn't help but "mong it up", if you will. :D :

    Stfu noobie,
    my haxors skills are groovy,
    my rhymes are cool but my attitude are bad,
    I spend my days operating AutoCAD,
    you jockeys can't deny,
    the sexiness of pi,
    I'll beat you with my skills,
    amaze you with my thrills,
    I hax you bad in a real great way,
    while selling my body on EBay,
    play your sporty games and athletics,
    but please don't stop that chess,
    I'll king, pawn you, pwn you,
    you will be a strategic mess,
    you'll be begging for those cheat codes,
    and struggle building those nodes,
    you cannot finish your map,
    fap. double-up. fap-fap
    my lingo is real real tight,
    my skin is pure white,
    I don't need no sun,
    a T-1 line and I'm done,
    my acmes bad and my specs are huge,
    don't mess with me I'm no n00b,
    snipe, shoot, bang,
    I'll frag you and your gang,
    my skills are so 1337,
    powerful, all-mighty, discreet,
    I'll beat you with my joy-stick,
    or mouse or keyboard-only,
    you are the way to destruction,
    your existence ends here homie,
    you cannot defeat me,
    you fail it big,
    I'm a rebel - I drink the whole cup,
    don't need no swig,
    surfing up the net,
    with virtual girl and corvette,
    Internet - the domain I rule,
    all the ladies just gawk and drool,
    my aim and precision is to a tee,
    I have invincibility,
    I jump, I duck, I fly and soar,
    all you lamers watch and envy my score,
    I’m as 1337 as 1337 can be,
    I don’t play no kiss-n-tell,
    I play for shoot-n-win,
    I will make your head spin,
    I hack I must confess,
    there’s nothing you can do,
    I am going to haxorz j00,
    All your base are belong to me,
    I’m 1337, I’m sweet, I’m a hax0r

    ©DOOM Anomaly 2004 (To look professional! :D)

    It's not that great but,
    You have been challenged!

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    2. BlueSonnet


      Whizz pop! Whizz bang!
      See the bubbles go down!
      Whizz pop! Whizz bang!
      Shaking all around!

      Couldn't resist.

    3. Zoost


      Just re-readed my rap. DAMN I was good!

    4. Danarchy


      Pop, pop.
      Fizz, fizz.
      Oh, what a relif it is.