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  1. Hoodle-Dee-Doodle Smoodle.

    Well with the rise of a Tuesday (which has nothing to do with anything in-particular, actually) the day was dayful and the night wasn't dayful, more, dark, I think.

    Other than that, it was 1am of Wednesday morning and I was dared to shave my right eyebrow, let alone, I did.


    After. (Note the increasingly attractive acne. :D)

    And for the sake of jelly bellies, one I just took right now.

    I've gotten quite a few remarks of it, as it is a bit of a change I will say. Some of the things I have been compared to are:

    Butterbean, a cancer patient, Bowser from the Super Mario Brothers Movie, a snake, that guy from the movie Powder, Garaa of the Desert, a freak, and so on. :D Many of which I thought of myself. :D

    Personally I don't mind it at all, as it is hair and it will grow back in a bit so it can just pass as a silly little teenage antic that I have done. I am told that my eyebrow will become big and bushy now, but if that happens and it does grow big and thick, then I can be Platonic thick-brows! Rock Lee style. :D

    In any event, anyone else have any comparisons? Or any funtastic antics? :D

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      My hair isn't so much of an afro as it just is kinda poofy sometimes, as I never groom it, it tends to shape itself to its own liking and however it forms from sleeping or such. :D

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      Scuba Steve said:

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      Way to not make a post.