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  1. Hoodles.
    On Monday I made a deal with a friend and out of it, a teacher gave me Doom on my calculator. Just so that it sounds more real-like I took a few pictures right now to show it's calculatory glory.

    The title screen.

    Standing in the hallway with my pistol out.

    A Former Sargent has spotted me. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnn

    A map view of Wolfenstein.

    The game is pretty neato. It has 10 maps, all have the names of real Doom / Doom II maps, but as the maps go, have no link to the real levels. There are three weapons - Pistol, Shotgun and Chaingun. Two enemies - Imp and Former Sargent. Three keys - Red, Blue, and Yellow. Stimpacks and Medikits. And ability to view a the map. It's neato for a calculator and fun to play. It goes one step at a time (though you can run) and loads the map one block at a time. Some people say it is slow, but I call it suspenseful. :D

    Anyone else have Doom on their calculator or other cool dee-lee?

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    2. deathz0r


      BASIC Doom on a TI-83+? Yuck, get an Assembly coded one, they're 10 times better. Gemini is a good example that I can think of. (make sure you get MirageOS as well)

    3. Sephiroth


      ah those things where like crack in high school. everyone, yes everyone includeing non geeks, was into homebrewing stuff for them. ok not everyone. i really wast into it that much. also had the less powerful and older TI-82.

      however don't really know much about them. so those of you calculator mod masters. tell me more about the system. or provide me witha link about them.

      what are the specs of the TI calculators? why are they so popular? How easy and what languages are used on them?

    4. SYS


      I wish I didn't lose my TI-86. Oh well, that would've been so fun to play during math class, Tetris got boring after a while. Ah highschool, feels like yesterday. Is there any info on who made it?