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  1. D00Med

    How to add custom text?

    i think you need XWE (eXtendable Wad Editor) and Dehacked so you can us xwe to place the new dehacked lump in your custom wad with xwe. i think thats how and i have no expirence but it might work
  2. D00Med

    Unstable polygon textures with 3D models.

    So yes you might just have to redo the model, or logically...REINSTALL!
  3. I had gotten a virus on my other computer so i went to my new computer, but now when doom builder 2 installs it says "You need the Role Management Tool for .NET Framework SP1!" And wont let me finish. I had it fine on my other pc but now...it does not work. and what is this role management tool i need for it?