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  1. dspopain

    SRB2 - Crisis City

    Will do,after i learned about 3D Floors it wouldn't be that Hard,i may Start with a Simple (Classic Style) DM Level Pack ....
  2. dspopain

    SRB2 - Crisis City

    You don't have to worry about this ,that's my 2ND (And last) Level for this game anyway ....
  3. dspopain

    Sonic Robot Blast 2

    Yes i did,SRB2 is actually not a Mod for DOOM (it doesn't require a Copy of any IWAD) and has it's own Engine with many abilities like : * 3D Floors * LUA Scripting Language it Also has many Multiplayer Maps and different Gametypes,And Active Multiplayer Server ... (It reminds me of Sonic 3 And Sonic & Knuckles)
  4. dspopain

    SRB2 - Crisis City

    Really ? ... you may have to disable it for a while,avast could be stupid sometimes ..
  5. hey there,just wanted to show you a level that i've been working on,i call it Crisis City,a simple level inspired from Sonic Generations's Modern Crisis City,eventhough it's not too long,it's good for Single Player .... http://im52.gulfup.com/aUbteJ.png http://im52.gulfup.com/Z9tcj8.png http://im52.gulfup.com/Mm8cpM.png =========================================================================== Primary purpose : Single play =========================================================================== Title : Crisis City Description : A Simple level.wad i made for SRB2 2.1,the map's Design is Inspired from Sonic Generations's Modern Crisis City .... it's not 100% Complete and may have some bugs ... however i'm not updating this wad anymore ... where R Ur Reviews Additional Credits to : SEGA for Modern Crisis City Music :D =========================================================================== * What is included * New levels : Number of levels or '1' Sounds : No Music : Yes Graphics : No Dehacked/BEX Patch : No Demos : No Other : The map Only works with Vanilla SRB2 2.1 Other files required : It requires a Copy of Latest Vanilla SRB2 Build ,(2.1 or Higher) * Play Information * Game : Sonic Robo Blast 2 Map # : Crisis City Single Player : Player starts only Cooperative 2-4 Player : No Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No Other game styles : None Difficulty Settings : Not implemented * Construction * Build Time : 1 Day and Half Editor(s) used : SRB2 Doombuilder - Slade Known Bugs : Some areas are a bit ligheter then others,enable Software fog in OpenGL Mode for a better view May Not Run With... : it'll not work with any Source Port,you need to download SRB2 ,srb2.org * Where to get the file that this text file describes * The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrors Web sites: http://dc225.gulfup.com/yLrH31.zip?gu=zGB92TxYazyCyeDU9OTtwg&e=1414072782&n=66696c656e616d652a3d5554462d38272773635f437269736973436974792e7a6970 Notes : * Level is designed for Sonic (Main character) * May have some Bugs like : Missing Textures,Bad lighting for some Sectors * Desgined with a 3D Skybox and few 3D Floors
  6. dspopain

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition Multiplayer ?

    Servers are almost dead ,you may find some players playing there,but Rarely (About 7)
  7. dspopain

    Acid Assault

    A Cool map,i love how is it designed,it's a small map but you can get lost easily there :3 Good job !
  8. dspopain

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition Multiplayer ?

    i think i made a mistake by buying the BFG edition,i had to buy the Normal edition as it have active Multiplayer servers :3
  9. dspopain

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition Multiplayer ?

    Hello,i just bought DOOM 3 BFG Edition from steam and i was hoping if there's anyway to play it online ? my friend is saying that there's no Multiplayer mode for BFG Edition of DOOM 3,only first edition.and i didn't believe that :3 because Multiplayer option is shown in the Main Menu. so my question is can i join normal DOOM 3 Edition servers with BFG Edition ? or i have to buy the Normal Edition too ?
  10. dspopain

    Zandronum Crashes when joining netgames

    Didn't you know,i'm using doomseeker for Zandronum,it doesn't support any other Sourceports..it's ok i just noticed that i installed a new MIDI Device,i removed it and everything is alright now .. thanks for helping .. your methods will be useful for future Problems
  11. Hey guys So as the title says Zandronum Crashes when joining netgames,i used to play it fine with no problems but now i can't ,all i can read is "Requesting Snapshot" on Console after joining netgames and the game is completely frozen .. i updated the graphics card and DirectX Version but i still can't . Device informations : Graphics Card : 64mb RAM : 512mb Operating System : Windows XP Service Pack 3 DirectX Version : 9.0c i tried to : * Reinstall the game * Change game path * Removed all Pwads and Re-downloaded them using Doomseeker The game runs fine before joining netgames,and then it crashes when i do .. ,is there anyway to fix this ..??
  12. dspopain

    No one is joining Dengine

    Ok this is good But i'll play anyway (I'm playing NOW !!) So if anyone wanna join me i'll be thankfull (Don't let me play alone as a stupid LOL)
  13. dspopain

    No one is joining Dengine

    I Just wanna ask why is there no one is playing Doomsday Engine Because i would like to try it in MP Mode
  14. dspopain

    My first level wad

    Ok here's The fix I Added So much weapons to make it easier I REMOVED Some Cyberdemons http://www.4shared.com/file/vugiHOhq/HellV2.html? http://speedy.sh/WjP36/HellV2.wad
  15. dspopain

    My first level wad

    I Thought I've Added 12 armors of bfg When you get there .Try find them i'm sure they're added