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  1. levir

    MD2 Artists?

    Are there any artists out there that know the ins and outs of 3D Modelling and would like to join an "Alien Ghost" story project? I'll also need a lot of made up otherworldly giant insect breeds. If you know the spine insertion (if MD2 does that for Doom) and would like to help out, I can try to finish more of the plot from notes and memory as well as character descriptions. I would like to shoot for a cacoward but it'll take some time. I'll have to set up a separate self-running "project" php website from prefab scripts to keep communication at times. Another thing will be "Entranced" soldiers/security/humans around the neighborhood with black eyes (all pupil) as well as all of the main bosses, Revenant, Mancubus, as differently themed bosses with different backstories and reasons... in different forms. (Revenant is skelly, Mancubus is tubby, Archvile is the ghost of their bipolar father Drakar)... Spiderdemon is just a giant spider, not mechanical, and the Cyberdemon is "the beast" and not cybernetic. I'll also need an army of spirit (nearly invisible) alien warriers soaked in visible blood to be almost covered. Eventually ghost versions of each boss should exist... I can list more as I think harder, but I promise the plot has been worked and reworked and once the final draft is posted it will be well worth the while.
  2. Chambers of Death, Battlefields, Nightmares (ERLYWADS.ZIP) by Jerry Lehr (*cough*me) You can also do nmare2.zip nmare3.zip chaos3.zip and Nightmares of Loki 1999... still no source port changes to loki though years later I made all of these. the early ones were just me figuring everything out and I uploaded them not knowing there was a review board. Feel free to trash them all. I had worked on some since and have a good idea for a new one that's actually good I'm just being lazy
  3. levir

    Best Doom Mappers?

    Don't worry; they will not be numbered.
  4. levir

    Best Doom Mappers?

    And 40 was because I had to divide 600-ish by 15 pixels high. I can probably do 10 high for 60, or two columns for 80, two columns 10 pixels for 120. Whtever the case,I can mend and mold it however I need by adding what was going to be larger buttons on column 2 to the bottom of the whole thing and having 50-100. Memfis was the one I was trying to think of earlier thanks :D
  5. levir

    Best Doom Mappers?

    ...Ever. I want to have compiled lists and info for each of the top mappers. Now that I'm seeing so many I'm thinking of sharing column 2 as well, and could probably have 80 or more :D Thank you very much for all the names, and I will post progress on this thread as soon as progress is made. Edit: I am making these lists don't worry, I'm begging not choosing :D I can do all the monotonous dirty work. It's a learning experience about the mappers as well.
  6. levir

    Best Doom Mappers?

    I am working on sort of an all-things-doom site just for fun but one of the columns will be graphical text links to 40 of the top mappers of DOOM. I was going to find all of the lists I could and pick 40. So far I put hyena just because. The problem is I have found no lists, and was wondering if I could either be steered in the right direction or people's opinions could gather to create on this thread our own 40 list. Update: screw limitations I can modify it how I need to have more than 40 if necessary, so 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, more, less, or in between. As long as there are a few maps and not just one. Even then if it's good enough I can spotlight that one map as well.
  7. levir

    Doom source ports for Android?

    any with... ACS scripting? Source available aaaaand public domain? I want to release something for either iOS or Android and I'm thinking Android is where it's at
  8. levir

    iOS with ACS capabilities

    Anyone started on a project like this? PrBoom with scripting? Does it even have scripting already? I am new to these things, but definitely want to spend some years on making a mod worth playing with help from friends and a good story (prewritten) I only see one port of doom though, and stuff on GitHub. Does anyone know of one that allows for new features? I'd totally pay the royalties to get this up or kickstart with videos.
  9. levir

    free album 1 of 12

    the whole thing is free, and streams in full from the website, just click download and name your price. That means, $0.00 unless you'd like to donate to one in the future. Thx Edit: UNLESS you mean the other stuff. In that case... http://www.delehrious.net/erebus Edit2: If you listened to the above or below, let me know what you think
  10. levir

    free album 1 of 12

    I guess this falls under the category of everything else. I would have posted it in another since its purpose is to offer 12 albums of free music to all beings wishing to use anything in their multimedia projects. I've been a doomer for two decades, but haven't released anything in 15 years. I do have plans I may or may not do, but all of my old music, such as the fifth album antagonists which would provide the best tracks for this purpose, will be free one album at a time this year (maybe one per month who knows) and all I request is credit: My name is Jerry Lehr Jr email: jlehrjr6981@gmail.com AND I want to see your final product or a demo :)
  11. So I've decided to return ADD style from ten other things to this... hubs first :D
  12. I was in the Ozark mountains without electricity or running water for a while and just got back. Just me and the Indians :D Well, I'm back, and inspired to do a level with similar qualities. That red canyon level now has more I can do with it :D I'm downloading 3D max to see what all I remember about it from college...
  13. Lookey what I found!!! http://www.delehrious.com/websites/2002-05%20Loki%20Book/ if you click load webbook and go to table of contents then stills... it has six screenshots from the original fungus fields back in 2002. I couldn't find any wad files or pk3 files, no downloads, it never existed in my disc burns... but it's visible in its primitiveness if you need ideas!
  14. Go right ahead. It needs renamed
  15. This is probably also overwhelming doing not 1 but 4 games with 2 people. Let's just... Nightmares of Loki 2 isn't a thing now, just Nightmares of Loki, Loki's Realm, and Loki's Palace. But I may just do Nightmares of Loki before going ahead to my next little half of what I want to do with the story, Visions of Loki. The first ones really don't have much of a story that isn't confusing on purpose but the second one clears it up. Hell we could just use these levels for that. Anyways, I have picked 20 from the original 36, only two starts from the fourth episode that I never finished. I say... however many we want to add we should feel free, and Nightmares of Loki can be it. I'm doing something different for the next one and getting some friends that do voices to help with the NPC's if I go that route. I may just have audio tracks for the intermission texts. Regardless 80 levels that are all meant to be massive is a bit much for anyone to be interested in let alone make. Just doing my part in relieving some stress lol I mean offer whatever input you'd like I'm currently starting the script for my friend who can sound like satan (and it's scary good) to do Loki's voice recordings you hear throughout the game. Way better than Hexen's MAP02 guy. I'm actually serious too. His voice sounds like the reversed message dealing with John Romero at the end of DOOM II when he does it. Without effects. PS Take your time, that's what I'm doing! Take breaks! There's no rush at all. It's just a game for fun.