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  1. 2-3 year old really bad laptop. Specifics would be CPU Pentium Dual-Core T4300 @ 2.10GHZ/2100MHZ [2 cores, 2 logical - duh] 4 GB RAM GPU ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 512 MB [weak as a cat's testicles] also, why is doomguy's glove red and not stuck to his hand (but instead like a gardening glove)
  2. what [running on the win32 w/o java binaries]
  3. Looking good. The imp's fireballs are way too huge and spawn too many particles, though. The hallway also lags out my PC (probably the lights).
  4. The faces look ugly, and they still don't have hair. Just about the entirety of the imp looks plain stupid. Sorry for being brute here, but that's as plain as I can put it.
  5. This is moving too slow, you need to focus less on making very high-poly models and focus more on their animations and the problems with their er.. faces... I understand how hard it is to make 3d models and that this is just a fan project, but it's still moving much too slow if you're planning to release it.
  6. Use SLADE 3 for this. It has batch file renaming, eg SAMPA0 SAMPB0 rename dialogue: SAMP** to TNT1** and it renames them to TNT1A0 TNT1B0
  7. Maybe make an option [such as -s] for merging special data, so that if you know what's in it you merge, if not then don't.
  8. What would be nice is a console-based wad unpacker/merger (merging would merge DECORATEs/KEYCONFs/SNDINFOs etc. as well as rename files if needed [so if there's a RIFLA1 it would rename to RIFMA1, something like that]). It'd be useful because sometimes you need to unpack a whole WAD so that you can reuse certain resources, and merging wads would allow you to have all your resources in wads that you can just merge to add them. There's more uses than that, but those are just some examples.
  9. Marrub

    Do It

    Play with brutal doom for best experience. You fucking explode.