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  1. Tyockell

    Looking for Don's Challenge for EDGE

    Great!, thank you so much.
  2. If anyone could help me out it'd be a god send. I want to merge it with ICD-SE and make a master mod but I can't find it anywhere. Please help a doomer out. Take care everyone.
  3. Tyockell

    Freedoom first impression

    Agreed, I'v done some very good weapon discharge sounds by mouth... hell without much tweeking at all. I do own alot of firearms however so I know what they should sound like. Especialy for monsters, you can create some very hellish/creepy SFX with your voice.
  4. Tyockell

    What Program is easy to use to edit Doom?

    I love it and use it for all of my maps, I don't understand linedef-based editors very well. I'll stick with my sectors, not to mention the creator is a very helpful fellow and keeps good records for Registraion code history. I'v lost my codes twice now and he was always able to help me out.
  5. Tyockell

    Weapon modding with EDGE question

    Yup I figured it out :), I don't know why I didnt check to see what the Attack ranges were for say the chainsaw or whatever which is around 70 I think. I kind of thought perhaps there was a difference in the way the ranges was scaled for melee and hitscan weapons. Anyway, yup it works very well and feels alot more realistic now. I'd also like to try sometime and see if I can get the shotguns to fire a bunch of individual projectiles that would be affected by gravity and have a high enough speed that they go far enough. This way you would have to slightly lead your target and slightly aim up over distance which you deffinatly have to do with shotguns as the shot is only traveling at about 1/2 to 1/3 the speed of a rifle round. I'll start experimenting with this soon.
  6. Tyockell

    Utilities that work well with windows XP?

    I have been using WAD author 1.30 for Mapping, XWE and Wintex for modding and am running 32 bit XP. I'v never had any problems with these programs.
  7. Tyockell

    Weapon modding with EDGE question

    Alright its working now, and quite well. I have each shotgun fireing two alternate pellet patterns. One that is short range at about 350 and the medium range at about 500 or so. It works very well for making the shotguns deadly up close and just an annoyance at long ranges. Its pretty amazing what you can do with edge.
  8. Tyockell

    Weapon modding with EDGE question

    Thank you very much!!, I see what the problem is now, I was keeping the ranges way to short. I did not realise that just impacting a target took up that much range pointsl, Great info. I will go back to experimenting and then let you know how it goes :). Cheers.
  9. Hey everyone, alright heres the Deal. I want to make the shotguns more realistic in Doom. My plan is to have the normal SHOT attack for A shotgun set to unlimited range. Is it possible to also have another set of shot or a few set that would only be deadly within a short range. Say 6-7 pellets at 4-8 HP's out to 20 feet and 4-5 pellets at 2-4HP's out to 40 feet. Just an example of course. I would be doing this in EDGE obviously. Someone else came up with the idea and I think its possible to do somehow but so far I have not gotten it to work. I have been trying to use custom attacks set with certain ATTACKRANGE around say 30 and the other group of shot is 45. Then I put these into my weapons code using the EJECT script just like when you make weapons eject smoke or empty shells. So far the shotguns still work with their primary ATTACK, its just that no short range shot comes out unless I change the ATTACKRANGE back to 1024. There must be a way to make the SHOT harmless after a certain distance is there not? Thanks for your time guys and I really hope someone can help me out on this.
  10. I'm aware of this but they said a few degrees above freezing.
  11. Tyockell

    What is your job?

    Now thats my kinda occupation.
  12. Tyockell

    animal friends

    I now have a painted turtle again so thats added to my other list of goodies.
  13. I wonder how long the tissue in the body can stay preserved and undamaged at sub 0 temperatures, surely there must be damage to the organs and brain eventually.
  14. Tyockell

    Land of the Dead (spoilers)

    I dunno I really liked the Dawn of the dead remake, I thought it was great. I hope its the same for Land of the dead.
  15. Yea thats fuckin creepy.