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  1. Hey I'm just wondering I'm also thinking about maybe going with a 2.6 ghz emachine but there all integrated boards so If it has 2 available PCI slots would I be able to put a good PCI video card and use that with the system instead of the shitty one already with the motherboard?.

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    2. Tyockell


      Dest-X said:

      PCI video cards are not fun.

      whats wrong with PCI cards

    3. Sephiroth


      they are slower than AGP
      if you are doing this for doom3, i would just buy a new main board.

      I am not sure but i will assume doom3 needs an AGP based card

      some games run like shit on a PCI card vs the same card AGP. example is C&C generals. i used a geforec 2 MX-400 PCI card in my dads computer, and it ran like shit. i then added the same card, the AGP version. it was a big improvment

    4. SYS


      Silverwyvern said:

      I had an emachine once.. Now I have a new computer thank god. Once I got the new one, I tore apart the old one and used the pieces for warhammer terrain.

      Warhammer's fun. What do u collect?