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  1. I bet they don't expect the game to be called "DOOM Eternal 2019"
  2. rekko

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Does it have a new design for the suit? I've read some posts and I think I've also seen an image, but I'm not sure where. If someone has can you post it ?
  3. Central station looks nice. Killing demons on the shopping street would've been cool.
  4. rekko

    Ultimate Doom Secrets fix?

    @EffinghamHuffnagel I use ZDoom. @JCST Thanks. I knew there was some fix. Strange seeing that Doomworld has people who don't know about those secrets .
  5. Hi I don't really remember, but was there any fix for Ultimate Doom that makes all the inaccessible secrets become... accessible? To get 100%?
  6. rekko

    Call of Doom ?

    True. When starting the thread I wasn't talking about releasing it to the masses with all the media knowing that Call of Doom got released. Just to the community. I'm pretty sure if the assets were released the Doom community would have finished it in a full game, or use the assets in other things. Just how many WADS for Doom is. And how many mods for D3 (were). Anyways, my point was for us, the community to get the hands on the "game"
  7. rekko

    Call of Doom ?

    Looks more appropiate to a Rage 2 title. (Art design). The sewers sections seem to me copycat of Rage.
  8. rekko

    Call of Doom ?

    Doubt that too. Should we give it a try tho? Also, I don't think they will retool it into something else. They did the same with Doom 3, with the Birdie monster and other things that got cleaned up.
  9. rekko

    Call of Doom ?

    Hi! I've just watched the DOOM Resurrected Documentary. I think the Call of DOOM game was not DOOM at all, but was worth something. So this is a crazy idea, but would some of you be interested in a petition or some sort to get id to release the Call of DOOM? If they'd ever agree or something.
  10. rekko

    Map creating proc file?

    Find the leak. Use File > Poinfile to show you the leak. Or otherwise if you don't want to find the leak, BSP Noflood the map.
  11. rekko

    Map creating proc file?

    Have you tried to .bsp the map?
  12. rekko

    Really Good Summary of DOOM 4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7rqIsA865Y Reviewer raps while reviewing the game.
  13. rekko

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    Not only one. Hehe
  14. rekko

    Submit your Doom 3 maps to me

    http://iddqd.ru/d3?file=Serious+DooMer Serious Doomer Not something that fancy. It's basically gameplay similar to Serious Sam but with Doom 3 stuff. It has 3 maps, not great looking architecture.
  15. rekko

    Submit your Doom 3 maps to me

    there is also a bunch of foreign Doom 3 maps/mods. They can be found on Russian/German forums (if the links are still alive, and that person can undesrtant that language. Doom3.Ru IdGames.De But there are lots more. I'm also interested in finding new content. I can remember a mod Serious Doom 3 and another one with a strange name. I'll give it a look these days and maybe give you upload links. Doom 3 community is already pretty down. It cannot afford to lose the little content it has left.