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  1. zredgemz

    I need to be a better mapper, help?

    if you have any links to your maps i would love to try them mrthejoshmon.
  2. zredgemz

    Collecting Doom

    thanks i was just worried with all the fake video game related items i have been seeing over the past 2-3 years on the internet. atleast now i have 2 shareware copy's of doom.
  3. zredgemz

    Collecting Doom

    http://imgur.com/qfUOgYr i ended up buying two copys of doom shareware made by gold medallion software one of which looks different and i checked the contents of both cd's, Cd 1 is the first one i ordered http://imgur.com/YLycjkWSW version is 1.666, Cd2 http://imgur.com/eoeM5Uu is the replacement one i ordered(first one was lost at usps for almost a month)and its version is 1.2. so i guess my question is is either one of these fake or just one of these a updated version of the same cd. P.S the cds are not painted the same plus the inter ring has different text, cd1 #0474#cassette prod ut(800)622-6036 c300271-1, cd2 DOOM 4/94 1RB5
  4. zredgemz

    Collecting Doom

    i have bought a few more doom related items and ill wait till i get my last 2 packages then post a picture of what i have found so far.
  5. zredgemz

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    anyone know where i can find magnum fire TC ?
  6. zredgemz

    idgames Archives complete torrent?

    i made a copy of the http://www.gamers.org/ ftp i dunno how complete it is but i have it backed up.
  7. zredgemz


    this looks good ill give it a try tonight.
  8. zredgemz

    idgames Archives complete torrent?

    ill start picking from doomworld and put a few hours into making a backup. thanks for answering my question greyghost.
  9. iam wondering if anyone every made a complete torrent with all the levels and tcs that used to be on the idgames ftp server? p.s iam not trying to be lazy but if someone already did the work i would like to make a few backups.
  10. i just found this tc today and its wonderful, good work guys.
  11. zredgemz

    Doom Mania II

    i just got a copy of doom 2 mania and doom mania, i copied the files to my harddrive and MSE showed me this:" virus:DOS/TaiPan_666.b " did you get the same thing?
  12. zredgemz

    Collecting Doom

    this is what i was looking for thank you i knew the list had to be very large with everyone trying to cash in on doom and doom2. Edit: now i have to locate and buy this stuff.
  13. zredgemz

    Collecting Doom

    hey does anyone know if there is a list(usa) of all the level addon packs and or shareware disc's?