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  1. OneManArmy

    Doom 2 update

    I installed ZDaemon and was ready to return to the deathmatch arenas after a long abscence, but it turns out my doom 2 version is 1.666. I used to go to idsoftware.com to get the patch, but they seem to have taken it down. Does anyone know, where i could find it?
  2. OneManArmy

    Doom 2 update

    thnx a lot
  3. OneManArmy

    pinky demon in doom movie trailer

    i saw that trailer, and i think they were wheels. well, some demons from doom were "cyborgs", so i guess it's ok. anyways i dont have my hopes high for this movie. as a matter of fact, i think it will stink big time. there's just something about making movies of videogames that seems incredibly hard.
  4. OneManArmy

    Levels for ZDoom

    I hate to be the newbie that asks this, but how do I load external wads in ZDoom?
  5. OneManArmy

    Levels for ZDoom

    thanks a lot. hopefully i will release my very first level (or at least the first i deem of enough quality to release) very soon, but i wanted to try it with zdoom first, 'cause i doubt anyone will play it with doom95 or something.
  6. OneManArmy

    Favorite TC?

    Oh come on, no one liked that Simpsons TC. I downloaded that when i first bought (Final) Doom, and I thought it was pretty funny. Or you mean TC as in changign the levels too?
  7. OneManArmy

    Deathmatch Classic

    Have you ever played Half life in Gamespy? (I KNOW Gamespy sucks, but lets not get into that now) there was a mode called deathmatch classic wich was nottin more than the original quake deathmatch levels. I played around for a while, and it was fun, it was true to Quake. Isn't there somewhere this concept but with doom? IMHO, IDE sucks!
  8. are any of the other tracks worth the download? my connection's pretty lame too.
  9. OneManArmy

    Great lengths to DOOM

    Try this for pathetic. I played the shareware espisode of doom from 1994 to 1998 before i finally bought Final Doom. It sucked! I always dreamt of editing doom and i could only do it by the time i was already editing Quake. Do you remember those shareware cd's that always had Doom, heretic, descent, ROTT, Terminal Velocity and dark forces? I had it, and i yearned for the day i could have them all registered versions. That year ('98) a cousin o mine in houston gave me his collection of "oldies", cause he knew i loved classic gaming. It was like a dream come true: Doom 2, Dark Forces, Bioforge, REbel assault 2, Druid, and so much more! Long Live the Oldies!
  10. OneManArmy

    Oh my! Look at those mountains.

    There i was the other day (why is it always other day?) playing gleefully a nice, calm Doom session, when i noticed the sky texture in episode 1. Oh, that brought me back. I remember that in 1994 that was totally reallistic. they looked awesome, as if they were really there, not just some background. I think it helped a lot to set the mood in E1. But i was left wondering.... Do those mountains really exist? And if they do, Where are they? Just imagine waking up, opening your window and looking into those things! Does anybody know where did id get that picture?
  11. OneManArmy


    what in hell's name is D!zone!?!?!?!?!?!
  12. OneManArmy


    I play doom regularly. I like to dl megawads just to have fresh levels to pistol start all the time. it's my favorite doom experience, a completely new area waiting to be beaten.
  13. OneManArmy

    Happy 16th birthday to me

    Happy birthday man. I will have some coffee, as long as the caffeine-piss ratio stays at least 2:1. Gotta have that caffeine.
  14. OneManArmy

    I want sound!!!!

    Finally, after a month without internet access, I'm back! Hey could someone help me? I know the original doom cant play any sound or music without a sound blaster or compatible, or a GUS. But no port, besides jDoom, can seem to help me get sound. I've a motherboard-integrated card (it's ATI something) which is really lame. jDoom is too slow booting, because of the goddamn models, to run all the time (i only use for "special occasions"), and i want sound in doom! Any help will be appreciated. Bye.
  15. OneManArmy

    Scariest Doom monster?

    You have nightmares about the doom monsters?! I mean, why are they nightmares? More than once ive dreamt about blasting my way in a doom environment with doom demons all around, and it's a very satisfactory dream every time. I've also had dreams about Aliens versus predator, that game rocks!
  16. Doom: E3M2, the slought of despair. it kicks ass so much! Play it on Nightmare, and there's my vision of hell. I just love outdoor levels. Doom 2: Monster Condo. A trap at every step, really nice design. There's something about its mood that gets to my nerves and makes me shiver. There's also a lot of wads out there that kick ass, but i dont think i can mention them all, but for example: Am I Evil, by Alex Welikanov.
  17. How the hell can i share this level with you? Im not sure how does 3darchives work and im not going to build a homepage just for this. So, anybody could help me?
  18. Whatever man, it is as inconsistent as the fact that cacodemons exist and that hellspawn could enter mars' moons via a faulty dimensional gate. Yet, it could be a uniform beneath the green one. Now that they are demons, maybe they can breathe in phobos and deimos atmosphere. As long as they're mind-numbingly stupid and fun to kill (specially like 7 in a row with the ssg) who cares!
  19. OneManArmy

    Scariest Doom monster?

    i would also say revenants. its not the scream, its simply the thought of his rockets that make me bite my lips. Also, Barons were really scary the first time i saw them (e1m8). i was like 10 then, but im sure that would make anybody jump. BTW, doom (or any fps for that matter) isn't really scary. If you want fright, play Silent Hill! it scared the hell out of me.
  20. I cant believe i hadnt found this site until now! Finally a place to talk Doom only. I've been playing this game since it got out, and ive loved it ever since. Im not a very skilled player (never made it through Plutonia) but still i like to try new wads i find on the net. BTW, which do you think is the best source port out there? Ive been using jDoom with great results, and Boom & Legacy didnt look as good. Well, see ya around!
  21. OneManArmy

    Underwater monsters??

    Why dont you make a , lets say, shark sprite. put legs on the shark, make it fairly tall, then eliminate the legs, and voila! It seems to float yet it walks underwater, and wont fly above it. Just a thought.
  22. OneManArmy

    Hello Doomers, I'm the new newbie!

    To this community's standard, yeah i do. But believe me, ive seen worse! No comment about the source port thing?