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  1. Veinen

    What are you listening to?

    Rigor Mortis is such a classic.
  2. Veinen

    What are you listening to?

    Incredible stuff by two of the Netherlands' finest. On repeat since its release last Friday.
  3. Ancalagon using prboom+ is hardly strange or suspicious. Look at his demo page at DSDA http://doomedsda.us/player383lmps.html: that's 459 demos, including several for vanilla-compatible wads, and a grand total of 0 demos have been recorded with vanilla. Prboom+ is obviously his default engine and the one he is most comfortable with. And since I'm pretty sure he didn't anticipate this shitstorm (I don't recall anyone voicing similar doubts over any of his other demos for vanilla wads...), then what reason does he have to switch to vanilla just for this run? As far as I can tell everyone has considered his prboom runs perfectly legit until now, and clearly the vast majority still sees that way (including me), so why would he have suddenly felt the need to switch to vanilla to "prove the legitimacy" of this particular demo?
  4. Because Uv-fast and uv-respawn runs require 100% kills and secrets, while nightmare runs dont?
  5. Due to popular demand: kaiser_19 max in 7:03 Not quite meeting those lofty expectations but I hope this is sufficiently entertaining :) ps. to be fair, only that kaiser_7 demo was a bit of a table filler. And even there I did do my usual demo routine and just settled for a mediocre time. kaiser19-703.zip
  6. kaiser_7 max in 5:15 kaiser7-515.zip
  7. kaiser_22 max in 12:15 kaiser22-1215.zip
  8. kaiser_20 max in 6:37 kaiser20-637.zip
  9. Demos attached. Darken1 is category 3 I guess (did not play but watched some demos) and darken2 is Category 2,5. Those darken2 demos were recorded late last year so I know the maps like the back of my hand. DWIronman_Veinen_darken1-2.zip
  10. kaiser_15 max in 4:39 kaiser15-439.zip
  11. kaiser_18 max in 9:57 kaiser18-957.zip
  12. kaiser_12 max in 14:01 kaiser12-1401.zip
  13. Next up kaiser_11 Demos are a bit lazy... Not really my preferred type of maps. map01 max in 0:41 map02 max in 1:08 map03 max in 1:41 map04 max in 1:44 map05 max in 2:56 kaiser11_01-05.zip
  14. kaiser_9 max in 8:19 kaiser9-819.zip
  15. kaiser_8 max in 5:49 kaiser8-549.zip
  16. kaiser_5 max in 7:58 kaiser5-758.zip
  17. kaiser_4 max in 9:58 kaiser4-958.zip
  18. kaiser_2 max in 2:19 kaiser2-219.zip
  19. kaiser_1 max in 7:02 kaiser1-702.zip
  20. Fuck him. Signed, a New York Islander fan.
  21. Veinen

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    A fun set for sure, well done again! For speedmaps done in less than 24 hours total these are pretty great quality and nicely varied. See attachment for UV pistol start FDAs for all maps, recorded in glboom+. Griefless_FDAs_Veinen.zip