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  1. Insanely fun new album by Spite (NYC black metal):
  2. It would seem so yes, which is a bit surprising since it's not like I've made a conscious decision to avoid all UD wads. I guess I just really like the SSG.
  3. e1m1 max in 1:25 e1m2 max in 2:37 e1m3 max in 5:10
  4. Sick debut demo by these Portuguese fellows. Positively filthy!
  5. 32 Inch Nails map04 max in 9:46
  6. Inspired by the RC posts... I think this EP was one of last year's absolute gems. Pure old school Hellenic BM worship done right.
  7. How can I believe
  8. 32 Inch Nails map03 max in 7:07
  9. I like it. Intentional or not but this has a seriously old school feel to it. Both new monsters are cool and the the trooper enemy's introduction is really neat. The cyber-Baron's projectile was surprising but works fine. I didn't read your spoiler, but I did read your third bullet point and eventually sort of figured out the progression based on it (at first I was destroying them solely because they were destructible heh), but I can see some having issues with it since at first destroying them doesn't seem to do anything. Anyway, solid work. FDA (glboom+) attached, if you're interested. I spotted one instance of floating shells (thing 315) on some small crates, you can probably spot that in the demo too.
  10. The Darkening Episode 2 D2ALL (maps 01-12) max in 62:13
  11. The Darkening Episode 2 map12 max in 8:31
  12. That one works fine for me @doomdaniel95
  13. @darkreaver Damn, that's you? That is really good stuff, I remember listening through that on Bandcamp a few weeks ago and digging it. I guess I'll have to support a fellow doomer and get the digital release... :) Also highly enjoying the new Vassafor album.
  14. The Darkening Episode 2 map11 max in 5:36
  15. The Darkening Episode 2 map10 max in 4:38
  16. The Darkening Epsiode 2 map09 max in 8:20
  17. Yeah fuck that "trap", that is the definition of bullshit map design. Anyone thinking about playing this blind, do check out the beginning of e3m4 at least or you're going to have a bad time Each episode is in a separate demo. It's a category [1] attempt. In fact it's so category 1 that I didn't even remember which map has the secret exit in e2 and eventually miss it. And yeah, dead in e3m4. Sucks!
  18. A crushing slab of war metal from India.
  19. Recorded my attempt ages ago but forgot to post it. The pace in this one is leisurely to say the least. Category 2 until uhh, map06 with the light/dark setpiece? I remember going there in my FDA, somehow getting butchered in there and not touching the wad after. So yeah, pretty much everything else in map06 is blind as is map07 and you can guess how that went. AV setpieces are kinda merciless for blind players...
  20. The Darkening Episode 2 map08 max in 5:05
  21. @vdgg Time does fly! The routes indeed turned out a bit different than in the older demos. Definitely a big part of the fun in those two maps was coming up with the routes from scratch, since there are a couple alternatives in both of them. Nice to see my initial ideas worked out well in the end! Anyways, here's the next one: The Darkening Episode 2 map07 max in 4:45