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  1. [rant]

    I swear William Mull is such an asshole. He closes topics for the stupidest reasons and believes he's some sort of god. Hell, he goes by the name Phoebus. If you question any of his actions, even something trivial, your post will get deleted or you'll get banned. He gave me a "warning" today. Yeah, ban a Legacy developer from accessing the Legacy forums, that's a great idea. I can't help wonder if some people dislike Legacy simply because it's hosted at NewDoom (most of the useful stuff is on Source Forge though).

    I'm sure you all know he's an asshole, just needed to write this somewhere.


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    2. Armaetus


      DarkWolf said:

      I think Source Forge used to allow sites, but I'm not so sure it does anymore. When Legacy went from its old host to ND, I was "taking a break" from editing so I'm not sure what happened exactly

      Have you talked to the Legacy team about moving off of NewDoom to another host?

      I am considering boycotting from posting on any Newdoom forum section except R&R and Doomsday forums.

    3. Planky


      The forums over at newdoom used to be pretty good, but that was when wmull didnt take part in them. Now that he's more involved in the forums, he's banning ppl (he threatened to ban me because I voiced my opinion about sigs (Mind you I called him an asshole or sumthing :D)), locking topics for either no reason or completly stupid reasons (eg. "I'll lock this topic because the original question was answered" what about ppl who want to discuss it more).

    4. Melfice



      Rants & Raves, before I was banned, was where he himself posts most. If that is still true, then you posting there along side him wouldn't really be boycotting NewDoom. Actually, posting there at all wouldn't be boycotting NewDoom...