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  1. Work leaves me so tired I don't usually feel like getting on the computer any more. That and the school I'll be attending in the fall decided to screw with my financial aid, so I've been having "fun" trying to get things straight.

    Last weekend I was going to do some work on Legacy but I had to run errands on Saturday. Sunday I didn't feel like doing much so I sat in bed and read Bram Stoker's Dracula so I could compare fact with fiction (I read Dracula: Prince of Many Faces not too long ago).

    Today I had the day off, but I spend most of it playing Daikatana which I got for $5. I can see why some people didn't like it; the first set of levels leaves something to be desired. Also some of those traps and puzzles are just a pain in the ass. I'm on the Greece section now, it's not too bad, except Mikiko keeps hitting me with Daedalus' Discus and there are Centurions running around Greece. They should be Hoplites or something...

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    2. DarkWolf


      The NewDoom thing is getting kind of old. Phoebus is an asshole, end of story. At any rate I was still able to post as of last night.

    3. Armaetus


      Oh ok, just wondering. My bad BBG, my apologies for going offtopic.

      Ontopic: I hope those financial things get straightened out.

    4. Jenblaze


      yea financial aid getting messed up sucks...i wouldne know because unfortunately i have paid all of my college courses out of my own pocket but i can imagine it sucks ass.