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  1. The following will make absolutely no sense unless you were there.

    »Mÿštíc« : peeking at the profiles
    »ÐàrkWõlƒ« : Mine's empty, too many damn weirdos
    »ÐàrkWõlƒ« : *cough*mystic*cough*

    thehotkitty1 : he spanked me really hard too
    »Mÿštíc« : lol
    »Mÿštíc« : we noticed
    »Mêlƒi¢ê« : hehe
    »ÐàrkWõlƒ« : I'm surprised your teeth didn't fly out of your mouth

    »Mêlƒi¢ê« : look at all the anime porn hehe
    pickle-hammer : it is great
    pickle-hammer : oops
    pickle-hammer : I didn't say that

    »ÐàrkWõlƒ« : It's a fucking gavel. Pickle is a hammer

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    2. Lüt
    3. Danarchy


      This thread makes me feel like that girl on the floor right there.

    4. Darkstalker


      Lüt : roflmao, it perfectly describes the thread :P