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Everything posted by DarkWolf

  1. DarkWolf

    lame legacy/keyboard problem

    I haven't heard of such a problem with Legacy, but if for some reason it persists, just post a follow-up here so I can relay it to the other guys in the development team.
  2. DarkWolf

    Like, yea.

    Take out hitscan (bullet shooting) monsters first. A moving projectile is easier to dodge than a quickly calculated line.
  3. DarkWolf

    game developers

    I wouldn't mind working on a MUD or some other type of multiplayer text game. I'm going towards a degree in Database Technology so I doubt I'll get into rendering theory and stuff like that. I live a few miles from Full Sail, but it's expensive, and the schedule is horrible. I unfortunately need to have a job while I attend school and it would be difficult there.
  4. DarkWolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    I did the movie about Phoebus when he started his banning spree. I was going to do one about Jive, but never got around to it.
  5. DarkWolf

    Metal Slug music WAD!

    Sounds neat, but I have M1 and Metal Slug, so it's kind of a waste to download. Sorry...
  6. DarkWolf

    game developers

    I want to get into 2d game programming. I have some interesting ideas, but I can't produce graphics for crap.
  7. DarkWolf

    Most over-rated games

    SNK and Capcom both made good games. But my favorite arcade games have been made by Taito and Jaleco.
  8. DarkWolf

    Most over-rated games

    I never understood why people played Ninja Gaiden when there was Shinobi and Shadow Dancer.
  9. DarkWolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    I don't care about the lost R&R posts, since like Doom_Dude said, they're mainly retarded anyway. But some of the posts on the Legacy forum were important. Granted we can get along without them, but it's a pain. Unfortunately people won't use the SF bug report/feature request. So we have to use the regular forum for that stuff.
  10. DarkWolf

    Most over-rated games

    I thought NBA Jam was over-rated when it came out. My friends sat there and played it for hours and wouldn't play anything else. Of course the only basketball game I ever enjoyed was Arch Rivals...
  11. DarkWolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    Just speculation on the forum thing. I just find it hard to believe that his password is discovered and there are no forum backups of any sort. I guess he's just a shitty webmaster...
  12. DarkWolf


    Right you'll have more bugs in the beginning, that's understandable. But hopefully the stable C++ version will be more stable than the current. The current source just seems kind of messy in some areas, especially where the hardware renderer comes into play.
  13. DarkWolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    I just thought it was kind of odd that his password was compromised, then after everything is over he talks about the forum being a stronger community and better than ever. Yes, cataclysm can make people come together and such, but it sounds like he was counting on it. I hope Phoebus wouldn't destroy his own forum, but I wouldn't put it past his megalomania either.
  14. DarkWolf

    Ways to spot a Doom newbie after Doom 3

    The game contains 1 episode, it says I have to order the rest? Is that like an expansion pack or something?
  15. DarkWolf

    Most over-rated games

    I always thought that the FF series was over-rated. Not that the FF games are bad, it's just there are certainly other RPGs out there that are just as good or better.
  16. DarkWolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    I'm just really sick of ND right now. I don't even really want to post in the Legacy forum anymore. I'm not going to try and explian why, because I'll just get flak from the ND defenders.
  17. DarkWolf

    Good Dreamcast Games?

    I'll add Virtual On and Daytona USA on the list. Yeah Daytona USA is old, but the Dreamcast version is an excellent remake. The music was re-recorded the cars and tracks have more detail. It also contains the 3 original Daytona USA tracks, 2 from the CCE edition and 3 new tracks. Pretty good stuff.
  18. DarkWolf


    Legacy was great back when its main features were jumping, mouselook, the console, TCP/IP, etc. There are a lot of bugs in the source now, and hopefully the C++ version will fix a lot of them. The GL render seems kind of dirty, so it's no wonder it doesn't work well on all machines.
  19. DarkWolf

    Help Me Find a Pic

    Get a PCTV Card and make your own. They aren't that expensive.
  20. DarkWolf

    pay to play or shut up fan boy!

    I have a friend who pays big bucks for those online RPGs, and I'm sure he has a ton of fun. But I have the same amount of fun with free MUDs and the like.
  21. DarkWolf

    make a game, and dont beta test

    It looks better than that Gods and Generals FPS game.
  22. DarkWolf

    Hurricane hassle

    Hurricanes, bah. Unless you live in a trailer park or a shitty house you don't have much to worry about. Although I don't know if hurricane straps are a part of the building code up north like they are down here.
  23. DarkWolf

    Synthy poll

    Hell, I'm still looking for a CMF player that works on a newer machine.
  24. DarkWolf

    Cancelled TCs

    I'm too busy or lazy to work on mine actively. It will be done one day though.
  25. DarkWolf

    dalai lama = ?

    Unfortunately, people automatically assume a dictator to be evil simply because he/she has absolute power. But it's not always the case.