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  1. zzzornbringer

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    if you're talking about the shotgunguy and zombieman head variants, yes, they have been removed, because it was too much effort to change all of the variants when the original spirtes were edited. something along those lines. statement from author can be found here somewhere.
  2. zzzornbringer

    How NRFTL or Sigil would be treated without....

    may i ask what that acronym means? link would be much appreciated as well.
  3. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    what are these giant circles?
  4. i've had some issues with configuration files, because i just copied over the newest bugfix version over a pretty old version. maybe you could try a clean install, make sure to save your key configuration, if you have any keys custom bound. i fixed the issue by deleting all configuration files and just copying over the current version again. don't have any other issues thus far.
  5. zzzornbringer

    UAC Ultra released! (v1.2 final)

    just a quick question. anyone know why this map pack uses up so much performance? my gpu clocks to it's highest value (this usually only happens with modern games that actually use the gpu) and i'm running at like 65% gpu usage. this is extremely high compared to other wads. i'm using a gtx780. is it due to the custom textures or something?
  6. zzzornbringer

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    not a fan of the new super shotgun sound. i wouldn't touch it at all. the original is just perfect. are you planning to design the maps around jumping? i guess you're really embracing the z axis aspect. i thought this would kind of be a sequel to dimensions of the boomed but apparently, it's a completely new thing. also, ogre, when? :)
  7. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    maybe a small tip for all of you who like to post the 2d top view of your maps. gzdoombuilder has an option (i have it on ctrl+f12, but don't know if that's default) to make a screenshot of the active window. this makes a screenshots of the 2d view only, not the entire window. no need to cut stuff out or have the entire window show.
  8. zzzornbringer

    alternate death mechanics?

    i'd like to take this opportunity to remind people to not support fucking gearbox. they not only released duke nukem forever in the state that it was in, effectively killing the franchise. they also removed all prior duke nuken 3d versions from sale to sell their 20th anniversary version, that, mind you, is not compatible with eduke. so, if you want to play the bonus levels that were released in the 20th anniversary, you have to use their executable. also, they somehow fucked up the sound for that version as well. fuck gearbox, fuck randy pitchford. fuck em for sitting on the duke franchise.
  9. zzzornbringer

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    god, i needed that in my life. beautiful. a dream for a purist and minimalist.
  10. zzzornbringer

    can you interrupt floor/ceiling movement through acs?

    i recently learned how to do polyobjects. i think there's a stop function for those as well. so, maybe i'll try if it works with polyobjects. edit: so, yea, the polyobject stop function makes the sector stop. but i have not yet figured out how to make it move back to it's original position.
  11. just a really short question. when using the functions "floor_lowerbyvalue" or the equivalent ceiling function, is there a function to basically interrupt/cancel the movement? to give an example, imagine a switch in the floor. when entering this sector, a door starts to open. when you leave the sector, the door instantly stops and goes back to a closed state. i did something like that a while back but i had to use some trickery. instead of having the total value i wanted the door to move, i added small increments and put them into a loop. this created weird sound, because the floor sound would trigger each time, so i had to remove this in the sndinfo. it did sort of work as i wanted to, but obviously not as it's supposed to work.
  12. zzzornbringer

    how do i make multi-sectors? (bridges)

    never realized it was that easy. you can even animate them with scripts like raising and lowering floor/ceiling.
  13. zzzornbringer

    NERVE style wads

    yea, i feel the nerve levels kind of strike a balance of old and new design wise and are also visually more advanced than classic doom while still using all the vanilla assets exclusively. i feel that @urthar was able to do something that at least felt similar to me personally in his "way 2 many dead guys" map pack. it's very high quality visually and also very fun to play. the screenshots posted there don't give the actual maps justice. it's a must play.
  14. zzzornbringer

    alternate death mechanics?

    i'm not a programmer, so i don't know. first i would answer the question if you can actually play a demo backwards. if that's not possible, the entire idea dies. if it is in fact possible, i'd set-up an acs script (which would only be map specific though) that would start recording a demo at xx% of players health. if player dies, i would start the demo that was recorded, play it backwards for x seconds and let the player respawn. this transition may not be seamless which is another problem. maybe a programmer can implement that completely seamlessly, i don't know.
  15. zzzornbringer

    alternate death mechanics?

    i'm recently playing a little more doom than usual and i've made a discovery about my playstyle. basically, i just quicksave very often. i'm currently playing the uac ultra map pack which can be quite difficult. so, i save very often, so i don't have to restart the level. at the same time, i don't like quicksaving all the time. it takes away a lot of tension. so, i'm thinking of alternate death mechanics for doom. i think you can actually have auto save points baked into your map. i think that's a great tool for mappers but it's obviously not a universal solution. i think i would enjoy doom more with this though. design your level around autosave spots and disable saving altogether. what i was also think about is a "reverse time" mechanic. everytime you die, the game would rewind (visually, with your actual gameplay) a couple of seconds, giving you another chance. that would be my main question here. would this be possible? there's a replay function, so, it should work somehow. (as a sidenote: another cool way to circumvent the save spam is something the new game "wrath - aeon of ruin" came up with. basically, you have an item that you use that acts as a checkpoint. would be cool to have this in doom as well. but you'd have to design new maps around that. or possibly mod in some random drop chance for the monsters you kill.)