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  1. zzzornbringer

    lower floor while raising

    i'm currently playing hob and got inspired by it to add some similar mechanics to doom. hob is a puzzler action adventure of sorts and you modify the world around you to progress. so, what i try to do is simple in theory: the player enters sector X and sector Y starts to raise. if the player leaves sector X, the sector Y will immediately lower back to the original position. i've tried doing this with a loop, only raising the sector by 1 with a delay of 1 until height is 128. but got some weird results. i used the floor_movetovalue function. anyone able to help me with this? i keep trying of course. wondering if it's possible at all. it would help me if there's a function where i can get the value of the floor's height. edit: ok, again, i remembered i did something similar like this some months ago. but it was with a crushing ceiling instead of a floor. i had to change some values but i got something that works. here's the code, again: script 1 (void) //enter sector { ACS_Terminate(2, 0); ActivatorSound("plats/pt1_strt",127); int zz1; while(true) { zz1 = GetSectorfloorZ(10, 0, 0)>>16; print(d:zz1); if(zz1<128) { floor_raiseByValue (10, 8, 8); } else if (zz1==128) { ActivatorSound("plats/pt1_stop",127); break; } delay(1); } } script 2 (void) //leave sector { ACS_Terminate(1, 0); ActivatorSound("plats/pt1_strt",127); int zz2; while(true) { zz2 = GetSectorfloorZ(10, 0, 0)>>16; print(d:zz2); if(zz2>0) { floor_Lowerbyvalue(10, 8, 8); } else if (zz2==0) { ActivatorSound("plats/pt1_stop",127); break; } delay(1); } } the tag of the affected sector is 10. you may want to remove the activatorsound functions. had to use those in the other map due to some bugged sound. apparently it's weird for the engine to have a raisefloor inside a loop. edit2: added the .wad file 30092017.zip
  2. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    that's beautiful. everything. love to see this shit. unfortunately i'm currently in a creative hole. not working on anything at the moment. messed with some boss rooms a couple of days ago but to no avail.
  3. zzzornbringer

    What are your thoughts on the Snapmap stream?

    it would be more complicated, both from development and design point of view. it would be absolutely possible though. but i guess they wanted to make it really easy, so that even 12 year olds can use the editor. but yet again, they underestimate their players. i've started to use duke3d's build engine at the age of 14. i was able to build maps, use sector actions, edit sprites, even edit the game's con files where you could edit all actor attributes. i just hate it when developers assume their playerbase is stupid.
  4. zzzornbringer

    can't get getactor function to work properly

    i was using an actor special to execute the script. i actually don't know how i can run a script with arguments. edit: ok, tried it with some arguments. got the imps spawn inside me. testing some other numbers. thanks, i think i can go from here.
  5. zzzornbringer

    What are your thoughts on the Snapmap stream?

    i think it would have been much better if they'd allow you to build your own rooms via wall/ceiling/floor tiles, like in fallout 4. i think the custom maps become old very quickly, because you only have pre-defined rooms. they didn't show hell tiles either. i've only seen the tech/base assets. the logic and attribute editing looks promising though.
  6. zzzornbringer

    can't get getactor function to work properly

    that much i know. i even got something to spawn next to the actor but it's not circular around the actor.
  7. zzzornbringer

    can't get getactor function to work properly

    it's under the link i've posted: script 1 (int count, int dist) { int basex = GetActorX (0); int basey = GetActorY (0); int angle, n; for (n = 0; n < count; n++) { angle = 1.0 * n / count; Spawn( "DoomImp", basex + dist * cos (angle), basey + dist * sin (angle), GetActorZ (0), 0, (angle + 0.5) >> 8 ); } }
  8. zzzornbringer

    can't get getactor function to work properly

    i don't have a script. i pretty much used the example script but put it in a loop so it checks the actor position every 10 tics and changed the actor tid, so it spawns the objects around the monster and not around the player.
  9. for reference, i try to use this function: http://zdoom.org/wiki/GetActorX what i want to do is get the actor position of a monster and spawn fireballs around it. it's not working. i actually tried to copy&paste the above example but it's not working at all. nothing happens when i trigger the function. could anyone explain how this works so that even an idiot is able to understand?
  10. zzzornbringer

    freedom versus limitation

    so, maybe some of you know that i build maps for doom. i do this just for fun. i actually didn't build maps when doom was released. i started recently using modern leveleditors like (gz)doombuilder. it is a lot of fun for me to push the visuals of doom but also tinkering with scripts, decorates etc. doom's beauty lies within it's simplicity. very recently i started to build maps for quake 2 which obviously is more advanced. i'm out of shape but i used to build maps with qeradiant for many years. but here's kind of my dilemma. doom gives your limitations. it's not real 3d. you can only do so much with the tech. quake 2 gives you all the freedom you can (or can't) think of. so, i'm kind of in this spot... i do know how to build maps in quake 2 but you just have so many possibilities, you don't know where to start. i guess it's also about getting used to quake 2's architecture again. that's what i try to capture. but you can also go so much further. i don't know if that's an interesting topic to discuss. maybe you have an opinion about it. do you prefer doom for it's simplicity or do you like the challenge of infinite possibilities?
  11. zzzornbringer

    q3dm9 for zandronum

    don't know if it's supported. i just don't use it. i want to capture a more vanilla look while also having many details. i actually added some dynamic lights which isn't vanilla at all though but i just felt like it. don't know if i keep em in though. i want it to be very subtle.
  12. zzzornbringer

    q3dm9 for zandronum

    pretty tough without slopes.
  13. zzzornbringer

    New textures for John

    i'd actually prefer it if he sticks to doom2.wad. but with more precise texture alignments than his recent remake. i'd also like to see him push the boundaries. with modern doom ports you can do a lot more than in vanilla.
  14. zzzornbringer

    q3dm9 for zandronum

    that's actually the original q3dm9 design. when i saw it recently, i was actually surprised that it was this symmetrical. i actually like symmetrical designs. although, i know it's flaws.
  15. zzzornbringer

    q3dm9 for zandronum

    here's my current progress for my new deathmatch map. it's based on q3dm9 hero's keep from quake 3 arena. map is playable but not balanced. player starts and items have been placed. map also needs more details (basically did only one detail pass for most sectors). this is my first attempt at using the hell theme textures. required: gzdoom or zandronum, doom2.wad dwnload: (let me know if you have issues downloading the file) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzxIGzGJnU7_empWZzdIRmpfczA/view?usp=sharing