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  1. i used this one before, but i can't recall how it was called. it basically changes the brightness level of a sector. but it doesn't do it instantly. it rather fades to it from the current brightness level. how is it called or do i have brain damage and this doesn't exist? thanks. edit: i have in fact brain damage, because i totally missed the "light_fade" function. this is it.
  2. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    very creative and impressive sector and texture work. very inspiring. i love the grid fence at the top.
  3. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    - this looks neat, but i think those square pillars and the walls with the skulls could use some height (or other types of) variation. it looks rather same'y.
  4. zzzornbringer

    Black Ops (smooth weapons dehacked mod!)

    this may be old news, but the plasma gun shoots 2 times while pressing the mouse button once. using version 5 from this thread:
  5. zzzornbringer

    dark forces style levels in doom?

    i recently watched a dark forces stream and i was pretty impressed by what they did with the technology but also in terms of leveldesign. it was more than just collecting keycards. so, i got interested in maps/wads that are similar to that for doom. one wad that comes to mind, that i played already though, is maskim xul. it feels like a real place and it's got lots of puzzles and stuff. are there any other wads that expand on the doom formula, but still use all the original doom gameplay? basically dark forces leveldesign in doom. oh, and to not cause any misconceptions. i don't mean like a dark forces mod for doom. i'm just talking about the leveldesign.
  6. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    yes, i did. in theory they should even be able to use the elevator, but they never do. it's been a while though and i made many iterations. also, anyone can enable cheats and modify the nav mesh to fix what i was not able to fix.
  7. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    thanks. actually i completed a deathmatch map a couple months ago, but went to discord to post screenshots and stuff. i don't know if this works if you don't use discord, but here is the post and a couple of screenshots: https://discord.com/channels/464531227509260291/888068648349102171/897909491574657024 download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/888068648349102171/897909491331366993/reqdm1_1.7z works with the re-release. bots work as well, but they're not the smartest.
  8. zzzornbringer

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    this looks really cool and i want to check it out. i'm just wondering how a light blue sky would've looked like in this. would've been a nice contrast perhaps.
  9. zzzornbringer

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    nice to hear. i remember going really crazy with these big pillars in the background. i scaled them way up and moved them quite far away to get a sense of scale. that's one of the good things in the doom 3 engine. the engine doesn't care that much how big your curves are. as long as you limit the subdivisions. texture scaling was also very useful and easy to use.
  10. zzzornbringer

    What are you working on? (Doom 3 edition)

    not really working on this right now. these are original shots of my maps i took around 2005 when doom 3 just came out. i was part of the modding scene back then. unfortunately, nothing came out of it. doom 3 jedi was cancelled, because we were never able to find artists. we only had a couple mappers and a coder. very briefly i participated in the hexen edge of chaos mod, but never finished anything either. i also build a couple scenes for a star wars fan movie. those pieces i actually finished. i still have all the original files as well. i forgot the name of the movie though. i'm credited in it which is pretty cool. nowadays disney would probably shut this down. anyways, here are some shots. those are in 800x600. the resolution i ran the game on at the time. also, you had to be really careful with shadow casting lights back in the day. something you can ignore with todays technology. cantina from the fan movie. uses jedi outcast textures i ported over to doom 3. my application map for hexen edge of chaos. with original hexen eoc textures that i don't have anymore. cathedral for hexen hangar duel map for doom 3 jedi. you see, we didn't have textures. also very hard to light, because of hardware limitations. (and lack of editor knowledge i presume) the original ship i took from jedi outcast and rebuild it in doom 3 with curves to make it look like this. reactor room duel map for doom 3 jedi. uses original doom 3 textures and effects. temple duel map for doom 3 jedi. uses original doom 3 textures. i really love the shape of the pillars. really proud of that design.
  11. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    do you know this feeling? you have a rough idea and you just mess around a bit. and then you check it out ingame and immediately you feel, man, this looks way better than you could ever imagine. i mean, look at that. the rotation, the texture, how the light hits it. it looks like a texture that's meld with the wall.
  12. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    thanks. i have bound "quit" to f12 in all my id games though. also, i have the steam overlay deactivated, so i don't think the screenshot would even work?! i didn't have the key bound anyways, because i usually don't like using steam screenshots. nvm, found the screenshot folder. "C:\Users\...\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\Quake" the game has screenshot bound to f12 by default. and i also bound quit to f12. funnily, the screenshot function doesn't get unbound. so, i've made a screenshot every single time i quit the game. i have 470 screenshots. :D there's no text notification that the game takes a screenshot. just the console displays it.
  13. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    been getting more into quake mapping recently. started using trenchbroom and enjoy the workflow quite a bit. this tool is so damn powerful. here's a recent shot of a new room in my new map. been struggling to find a proper ceiling texture. tried the bloody bones for the luls and turned out, i love it. you can also see how powerful the texture lock and uv lock options are in trenchbroom. these wooden panels on the ceiling are actually vertical on more than one axis and not in clean angles, but the uv lock keeps the textures nice in place. (also: any idea how to do screenshots in the re-release? or where are they saved? i have "screenshot" bound to f11 but it doesn't seem to do anything. this shot is done with the printscreen.)
  14. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    dunno where else to post. started messing with trenchbroom. it's quite fun, but i have to get used to the workflow, having only used radiant in the past (and doombuilder of course). this is the first pic that i think starts to look ok. lightning is really not that easy. but if you stick to some basic rules, your map starts to look really cool, really fast. just love that idtech lightning. that's really just a test map i've put together in about an hour.
  15. zzzornbringer

    Quake Remastered

    wasn't easy, but i made it. just on hard though. the boss encounter was interesting but also quite infuriating. i mean, it's nice to see that you can design interesting boss encounters in this 25 year old first person shooter. on paper, it was really well done. but i didn't like the lava balls that would fly around seemingly randomly. there wasn't a very consistent way of avoiding them besides just hiding behind a wall, waiting for the thunderbolt ammo to respawn. without enemy infighting, this would be much harder even. had a couple chamblers try to fight the boss, but they couldn't, so they were just running around, ignoring me. there wasn't enough ammo for the other monsters either. on nightmare, it would probably just be a bit harder. most mistakes are pretty much a death anyways. if you just keep running, you'll avoid most enemies and there's a high chance of infighting which helps a lot. the difficulty spike was perhaps a bit too steep. but then again, this is the final boss which should be hard. overall i really liked the episode. it wasn't like dimensions of the past which felt like an extension to the original game. it was more like what quake 2 would've looked like if id would've made a sequel that was actually based on the original and not something that didn't have anything to do with quake. i loved the art direction. it took the general theme of quake, combining medieval fantasy with sci-fi, but giving it it's own look.