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  1. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    so, now this is actually e1m1, not map01 that i confused it with last time. very early but i'm making good progress. considered the feedback of my other map being very blocky. here you see some round stuff and some other shape variations which i think look nice so far. again, very early still but i'm pleased with what i got so far. this map actually uses the texture resources from the "dimensions of the boomed" map pack. it adds some more texture variants that work really well with doom's engine limitations. for reference here's the link (again): <- play this map pack!
  2. zzzornbringer

    doom2's map01 quakestyle

    i may do more maps like this but i haven't decided anything yet.
  3. zzzornbringer

    doom2's map01 quakestyle

    it is based on doom 2's map01. just a big slipup on my side. thanks for making me aware. edited the post and filename.
  4. zzzornbringer

    doom2's map01 quakestyle

    (edit: silly me. this is not e1m1 from doom 1. for whatever reason i was confusing the map names. this is doom 2's first map, map01, obviously. sorry for the confusion.) tested with gzdoom iwad: doom2.wad no jump/crouch required only one difficulty q1tex.wad required (included) extract the archive where ever you want. drag&drop the .pk4 file onto your gzdoom executable/shortcut. start new game. you know the drill. map01_quakestyle.zip
  5. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    thanks for the suggestions. the problem i have with this is the depth of the building. when the rocks are lower than the building, you could technically see the entire building from the side. from the outside it would look different than what it actually looks like in the inside. that's why i tend to have the rocks at the same height. so the building technically disappears inside the rocks. if i put some more thought into it, maybe look at some other maps, i'll may get a better result. i already have changed a couple of things. i do have some slopes that give it a little more diversity. the doom engine is very limited with indoor/outdoor transitions. it's a pain for me but i'm happy with what i came up with. i force myself not to worry about it too much, because there's no perfect outcome for me. the map is also ready for "playtesting". going to create a topic for it tomorrow.
  6. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    here's an attempt of an outdoor area. it's meh but i just can't do this any better. if you have any suggestions, let me know. this map is now almost done. going to do a little more polish, adjust monster spawns and then i'm hoping someone will play it and give feedback on gameplay and stuff.
  7. zzzornbringer

    Dimension of the Boomed

    mind sharing how you've created this ceiling?
  8. zzzornbringer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this is a variant of doom 2's e1m1 with quake textures i'm currently working on. just some editor shots, because it's still heavily work in progress. some rooms already look ok i guess. kinda afraid of the outdoor area. i'll probably just have a big indoor area instead of an actual open area but i'll see. will be the biggest challenge of this map. i got inspired to build a map using quake textures after playing cacoward winner "dimensions of the boomed": (don't let the low res screenshots fool you. this is an excellent .wad. i also recommend the other maps the author has created. fantastic stuff.)
  9. zzzornbringer

    gzdoom - set savegame title to .wad/mapname?

    i don't need to change the filename. i need to create a save, i do this with a console command that i bound to a key: /save "quick" this creates a savegame file that is named quick. the problem is that whenever i use this keybind for another wad, the file is overwritten. hence i'd like to know if there's a way to have a variable that i can insert there instead of the "quick" string.
  10. hello, is there a console command that allows you to create a savegame with the name of the .wad and/or mapname? i'd like to have a proper quicksave function but i also play many different .wads, so the quicksave would be overwritten everytime i play a different .wad. so i thought whether it is possible to use a variable savegame title based on the map or .wad that i currently play.
  11. zzzornbringer

    [Poll] Do you still play wads with brutal doom?

    sometimes but i think i've had enough of it for now. if i play it, i disable the reload on all weapons. but then still, it's just very loud and noisy, plus the screenshake. it's just more exhausting to play than the vanilla game. i tend to stick with the bolognese.wad. but even there i had to make small adjustments to the hit sounds. well, i removed them entirely, because they overlapped with the weapons sounds which created a completely different feel. i have set it so that it sounds like vanilla but with more blood and gore. there are still the dripping sounds from blood on the ceiling and stuff. but other than that it's vanilla.
  12. zzzornbringer

    eduke32 mouse problems

    since duke is sort of in that same era, i thought i'd ask here. so, i use the eduke32 sourceport with the polymer renderer, framerate unlimited. works fine. but i think there's something odd with the mouse. i have vsync disabled but the mouse still feels sort of sluggish. i have tried mouse filtering on and off. i also have to change the x/y axis sensitivity separately to make it feel like in any other first person shooter i play. but i'm not sure if a 1.00 on the y axis and a 0.5 on the x axis is the default setting for shooters in general. a 1/1 ratio does not feel right. how is this set in other games? what's the ratio? so, how should i set this up to make it work like in any other first person game and what can i do to make the mouse feel less sluggish? in the gzdoom sourceport for example the mouse input feels perfectly fine. very responsive. crosshair moves where i want it to be.
  13. thanks. i gave it a couple more tries without cheats but couldn't bother anymore at some point. so i iddqd'd my way through this sequence and i actually found the hidden switch. obviously the last fucking bookshelve in the room. ;) i continued without cheats. until i reached the archvile segment. that's just mean dude. i have doubts anyone playtested and completed this on ultra violence. i mean, i lost count how many archviles there were. i spamed my way through it with the bfg item (with iddqd of course). even with this weapon it took ages. i'm sure there's some sort of gimmick that solved this encounter but i just said fuck it. more of this nonsense at the boss. iddqd. at the end there was a room with eyes but nothing happened. are you supposed to wait there until something happens? not very satisfying for an ending. if it was the end. i don't know. aside from this i think the map is a masterpiece of design. although it does have problems with anti-intuitiveness. it's often not clear where to go next. it's a trial and error which can be frustrating. most of the time new enemies or items are spawned, so you know you're heading the right way. but that's not always the case. then there's the difficulty. it was hard till that book segment. it is beatable but my patience ended there. then there was the archevile segment which was just unfair. it's not fun. it's masochistic. you know what can happen? even if you manage to avoid line of sight with the archs, just one hit that elevates you into the air and you're in line of sight which means you're dead. so, it's pretty much an instant kill scenario. even with god mode it took quite a while to kill all of the archviles. so, i don't know. it's not a fun encounter. i think there's not a lot of people who are willing to go through this punishment. to me it was also frustrating, because i managed to get to that point without cheats (almost). i spent a lot of time getting there just to run into a brick wall. i would've put maybe three archviles there and lot's of imps and pinkys. that still would've given you trouble without being completely unfair. so, yea, anyways, i went through it. had a good time, til near the end. it was quite a journey. i completely forgot that the map started with a tech layout. oh boy. a journey indeed. and a unique atmosphere which is very hard to achieve. downsides: hard to maneuver and difficulty spike at the end. (also, bugged ending?)
  14. i've been playing this map for the last 3 or so hours. lovecraftian theme? yea, i think i lost a bit of my sanity. i'm a bit frustrated right now though. so, first i entered a room for a couple of boxes of shells. first like 6 or so reveneant types spawned, then a bunch of those reskinned hellknights that only do the melee and then to top it of two of those baron of hell reskins. i barely survived after countless quickloads. i expected there to be a major reward at the end but apparently it was just the shotgun shells. anyways... apparently i found a secret area a little later that teleported me to a room where tons of monsters are spawning. the game gave me that book item. sort of a bfg but it also damages me. i tried to survive a bit but there's spawning so much shit, i doubt it's possible. so, after like half an hour or so trying i said fuck it, iddqd. i killed every enemy. i explored the entire room but could not figure out how to get the spheres. there's nothing happening either. i don't know how i'm supposed to progress. is this the end? i'd really like to finish the map, even though i don't think i'm able to survive this encounter without godmode. any tips much appreciated.