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Status Updates posted by yakfak

  1. dryadrl_002.png.966a1aa42667252bfc461a18d0100764.png


    bout to make the crappest & furriest roguelike ever attempted

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    2. yakfak


      if i get this to a functional point i'll post on itch.io and mention it here
      im still questioning what system im gonna use for it though
      this screenshot comes from a python terminal simulator thing that aint particularly fast
      noticing that i could do it faster with 16x16 pixel tiles in pygame simply cos i know how to use it better

    3. Albertoni


      If you want terminal-based and portable, yeah, that's a big mess and you will need to drop to C to get anything remotely good


      going with tiles could be a much better choice

    4. yakfak


      C scares the hell out of me, lol, I could destroy a computer so quickly with my inaccurate code
      if only I'd have learned it when I was young
      i like drawing tiles anyway <3

  2. i dont take down the xmas decorations 'til the new year becomes browseable on rateyourmusic

  3. discovered legend of grimrock's dungeon editor
    imagine fiddling with linedefs and sector heights when you can just put down a bunch of squares

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I used to put squares down in rott...

  4. top music of 2021 is doom midis innit

    also Kayo Dot "Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike"

    and Squid "Bright Green Field"

    and a bunch of forward thinking death metal and also frankly Little Simz, I know gnext to nothing about hip hop but Point & Kill's the song of the year somehow

  5. cant wait to uninstall discord

    1. yakfak


      top 3 backward steps in internet history

    2. Nirvana


      NFTs are truly embarrassing.

  6. wonder if any oldies see themselves here


    i was playing doom since doom 2 came out but I didn't get online til college and was more fascinated by MTG stuff at that point

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      More people should make olde style websites for their doom projects

  7. writing software to organize my collections of various discontinued card games
    On the Edge being my fave

    send me your collections of curious card games that no-one plays please lol
    might also buy a high quality guided scanner to replace the 20 year old flatbed with obvious grain I'm using

  8. navigate climate change by arranging these terms in order of your desire to continue going to work while they're occuring :


    worst case scenario

    major concern


    mass extinction

    huge wealth transfer leading to millions not having the resources to escape predicaments inflicted on them by the rich

    1. yakfak


      kinda worried lol

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I'd go with "major concern", "wildfire" and "catastrophe" first... the order of the rest seems rather arbitrary to me...

  9. https://zan-zan-zawa-veia.itch.io/


    need to get in the habit of relinking my stuff over and over >:) I'm making fun fuzzy pico-8 retro games with their own music. I wanna drop in doom references but it's hard with 2d turn-based stuff

    1. yakfak


      sorta in teh resurgence of me doing chiptune; have done hours of adlib opl tunes and pico tracker tunes... pico-8 just got access to some cool ways of filtering its basic soundwaves which lets you get more experimental or more epic or more mastered-feeling depending on yr style

      its making me a good pixel artist too I kinda think about dropping a new doom enemy out of the blue

    2. msx2plus


      been big into all your stuff for quite a long time, always excited to see what you're up to!

  10. hmm im only like the fifth most powerful doomworld bunny person

    1. Gustavo6046


      Dang, still pretty good though! I wonder how many leporids are hopping around.


      Small hop for yakfak, big leap for rabbitkind!

    2. yakfak


      I think DavidN who did the ramp thing is the main one? but I have spied others

      I'm so out of doom right now I'm happy to relinquish my spot giggle

    3. Gustavo6046


      Hmm, I just remembered Dwars. How about that one?

  11. my mythologized impression of john romero would never make a map like your mythologized impression of john romero 🐉

    1. yakfak


      sorry to subtweet giggle

    2. Gustavo6046


      Yours is a dergo? :o


      I mean I guess dergos wouldn't be very good at mapping, or using a mouse and keyboard to begin with, but still, dergos cool

  12. hearing decino ignored the nice crocodiles on the walls of my map and complained his way through everything lol

  13. not really in doomy headspace, still two days of game jam left to go




    just so pleased about how it all works and that it's hard as heck <3

  14. my new map =P pico-8 thing is going really well, I feel like I'm gnot gonna run out of internal memory before my game feels good enough to release (at least for a jam. planning to just make this free and accept donatings on bandcamp for the soundtrack)1667086428_imgforpinkwax2021.png.46623e6403dc97ab3bb02fc7871d279c.png

  15. hellitmp_11.gif.c6942a67c9d1a689ad540a5428441c6c.gif


    six days into the jam and I have enough game pieces made to create levels with <3
    still to do:

    levels, but making levels is fun not work
    more music (one pieces and two jingles done)
    some sort of hacky cutscenes between levels with alternating dialogue
    a boss enemy?

  16. hellitmp_3.gif.8f5669d195ef516fabc48e3115c1ef89.gif

    pleased at all this progress :3

    1. yakfak


      watching the gif back made me speed up the screen swipe by a factor of 2 lol

  17. *clicks the "This needs to be said" thread*
    You are ignoring posts by scalliano


    apparently not

  18. hellitmp_003.png.ccb971014216e10ff611452191cdeb2a.png


    doing tom hall's latest game jam wish me luck



  19. i know this is heavily "person in UK think it's warm when the temperature is colder than what someone in Texas sets their aircon to" but I can smell the air cooking rn. i dare say the climate has changed kinda thing, I'm mad that it's over 25c

    i can hear my foil magic cards warping


    gonna hug a camping freezer pack and not be able to fall asleep until 2am.

  20. got second vaccinoided

  21. realized that i've been modding doom since Quake came out, a majority of my life, and I'm mega old and I haven't made my dream megawad and it's gnever gonna happen lol


    now the scene's moving towards small prestige level packs and I'm excited about that but I kinda want that without internal rules, ie the DBP I contributed Wealth is Worthless too had a lot of requisites like "use this texture pack", "no more than 250 monsters, no longer than fifteen minutes to play comfortably through".. the current project is UDMF based so I'm out, but I'll probably contribute to the next one I can play in DSDA Doom anyway


    have been invisibly working on something very slowly, which ties together my terrible ideas about gameplay with fiction about a setting I've invented, very furry and depressing. feel like in the next few years I'll drop a six level pack where all the levels are impossible and forbidding and the directory is full of a billion text file rewrites of the same story over and over and it'll use modules I've written for soundtracks and new handmade graphics and textures, but stubbornly use the default sky cos I like it. if I made new enemies they'd be designed around making the game worse and less accessible, I really dislike the headless kamikaze zombie from popular wads


    is this gameplay

  23. making my own proxies for the mtg cards they'll never print again. to me that's em saying they're public domain so fuck the police tbh