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Status Updates posted by yakfak

  1. that harry potter ad that plays on twitch whether you like it or not has possibly the least inspiring fantasy music i've ever heard

    pretty appropriate for the franchise i guess

  2. can I sell a CD copy of Doom II as if it was my own work, if I wrote "by Zan-zan-zawa-veia" on the CD in permanent marker?

    1. heliumlamb


      selling a 5cm^3 piece of concrete, encased within is a 64gb micro sdxc with the contents of my entire Dooms folder. (this is art)

    2. Jizzwardo


      aw sweet a signed copy of doom ii :D

  3. pretending the concept of crop rotating for Cabal Coffers doesn't exist so I can build my Erinis + Halaster deck in a way where it's not quite as boring to look at, play, play against, etc. chase cards ruin everything, I wanna play against people who like crappy uncommons as much as I do

  4. (thinking about tracking triplets onto an imperfectly-swung beat) (cuts my sandwich into three pieces)

  5. (over-prepares for a boss fight by assembling a team that directly attack its weaknesses) wow they made this game too easy

  6. https://roxyunderscore.bandcamp.com/album/roxy-vs-zan-zan

    check this, tracker music split
    don't pretend you can't take this kind of music cos i already know you like midi lol

  7. facebook christmas's like *impact font* MERRY CHRISTMSA TO THE TROOPS

  8. trying to stop my tastes just being "Old stuff is good" and its a hard trend to kick

    and it makes you like auto-problematic to say yr fave games are late 80s early 90s, yr fave music and films are late 70s early 80s cos um
    that's the painful trigger-y silver era

    and you have to spend like an hour reframing and justifying that to make it not seem suspicious lol

    i checked out so much music this year but I noticed that all my faves from it were either by ancient bands or in revival-mode ancient styles (post-punk and goth rock is magically big this year ++++ Gospel going prog?) and I feel like Napalm Death are literally as good as they've ever been... bands and artists big with music sites right now are doing singer-songwriter stuff I can't sit through or else very eclectic hip-hop I can't get a handle on (I like Solange, Little Simz, Danny Brown? but I will never be a true head in this field the way someone who grew up with the music would be)... when bands like Spoon and PUP and Big Thief get so much attention it makes me wonder what I'm missing, I will never get into that. also I feel like a lot of the relatively successful extreme metal right now is not crusty enough? it feels even more nerdy than I am??? like the last 1% of punk influence drained out and got replaced by 18 minute long Clean Harmonic Picking Tips vids????? UK post-metal sounds glossier than a Take That album now???????? that said, Cloud Rat have an excellent album


    kinda fascinated with The Garden who seem like they're brewing something exciting. would like Death Grips to release something again. i'm such an old prog and goth and industrial head but I wanna get optimistic about new music again but it has to be like... NEW music, by people younger than I am who don't wanna retread anything or pay respects to older generations or whatever... I like punk but the last pathetic bastion of punkness is in genre categorization aka "we're technically punk because we're where RYM puts us but we can't surprise you or fuck anything up because we already spent too long learning how to do this particular style"... i was pretty excited about IDLES's song "Samaritans" and then uh all that energy went in the wrong direction. there's some bands you wish hadn't heard death grips. giggle


    same with DOOM imo. I don't wanna play stuff that pays reverence due to scythe.wad etc. the old classics rule but if they anchor you they are hard one star wads not recommended for anyone

    1. Thelokk


      "I don't wanna play stuff that pays reverence due to scythe.wad"


      I feel this but, realistically, it's what it takes for 99% of people to play your stuff. They want to play it safe, they want to make sure their time won't be 'wasted' and, to them, the best indicator of this is a clear reference to something they already enjoyed. I liked the old stuff, I'll most likely enjoy this 'new' stuff. Hoi polloi love anchors.

      It's a sad game but you have to play it if you don't want to drown. My two cents. 

  9. ooh a limitation project, perhaps I'll j-"must include a christmas midi" hissssssssss

    1. Thelokk


      Yeah, Xmas projects are one more reason I just want the jolly season to be over as quickly as humanly possible. 

    2. Nefelibeta


      Can't wait to use horribly written midis found in a 26 years old site.

  10. doomguy teaching himself how to fight with nunchaku by watching youtube vids from 2009, doomguy teaching himself nutrition by going out into the forest and eating berries at random

    1. Thelokk


      POV: Doomguy hallucinates via wild food poisoning.

  11. adopt external causes and remove the grievance guitar man on the wiki doing nerd malfeasance and there's no blues punk folk funk or soul in youuuuueeeooooeeeeoooooo-aaagh

    1. yakfak


      radio-voice historian with the twisted reasons he'll sell your raison detre to the roman legion and there's just no way to claim it back awoo

    2. yakfak


      (chorus) never agree! never agree! never agree to be in a documentary! x12

    3. Thelokk




      Idioglossies you can feel.

  12. unpopular recent gaming opinions


    the UIs in dishonored and prey are depressing in the way that all the panels need to be slightly moving, like dishonored's tendency to flip between two different title and paragraph justifications while yr reading the mission info or prey's slight panel tilt as you walk through yr inventory... like... do I really need to be distracted to this extent? am i actually that much of a hamster that I find this an improvement over statically presented data

    1. Endless


      Dead Space 3 has one of the worst UIs I've seen in terms of actual use. They look cool and dandy, but every time you switch a page you have to wait around 5 seconds for the page to the the most annoying animation ever.


      I kinda wish more games had a Half-Life or Unreal Tournament type of UI.

  13. Picnic! At the Dungeon


  14. (gang vox) THREE STARS! GOOD BUT FLORD x12

    1. Thelokk


      I have a PhD in Ancient Sumerian and still can't make sense of this sentence. 

    2. yakfak


      giggle yeah yr sumerian needs to be way more current to grasp this idea

    3. Thelokk


      [Three*stars でも (flord*12)]

  15. playing Prey 2017, it's really nice but I'm on console and fighting anything in 3d on a joypad is just miserable to me. but im ever so happy wandering around dark places putting old hard drives in my inventory and reading other people's emails


    i feel like this is wrong era stuff, i know there are some killer players who can do doom 4 on nightmare on a pad etc but I cannot learn how to use one at any level of skill, too many buttons and weird rules about holding it. gimme that sega megadrive pad i have my license for that but don't ask me to press down a directional control and if you bind that to sprint i will never do anything but walk


    and all the buttons do something hahaha i can't bear it

    modern games are too complicated for me give me something simple like morrowind or ufo

    1. yakfak


      *puts all my unfinished wads and music and programming into the recycle cuber and spends the results on a nerf gun*

    2. yakfak


      you know mmmm

      when you are playing an immersive sim solving puzzles feels stupid
      like in yr sufficiently realistic gameworld your guy is gonna go around opening doors in different combinations just to see if something extra opens? you feel silly

      whereas in an old dungeon crawler you can just stand in front of a button and jam on it 77 times because you are gaming. my entire party is gonna jump down this untested pitfall and land on their faces because someone might've stashed a bag of food down there \o/

      rpgs and sims should change names in some ways

  16. messing with grimrock dungeon design and my doom brain is complaining cos

    Tentacle enemy: fixed-in-place pinky

    Snail enemy: pinky
    Herder enemy: pinky

    Slime enemy: green pinky
    Scavenger enemy: fast pinky

    Spider enemy: fast poisonous pinky

    Skeleton guard enemy: pinky with front-facing armor
    Crab enemy: pinky with front-facing armor

    Ice lizard enemy: pinky with improved attack

    Ogre enemy: pinky with improved attack and charge

    Warden enemy: pinky with improved attack and charge


    Skeleton archer enemy: imp

    Spore herder enemy: poisonous imp


    Crowern enemy: lost soul

    Shrakk torr enemy: fast lost soul


    Goromorg enemy: cacodemon

    Uggardian enemy: cacodemon

    Wyvern enemy: cacodemon


    ***Elder herder enemy: no comparison - has an attack which leaves behind toxic clouds for certain duration


    where is my mancubus

    1. Maribo


      am i going to have to buy legend of grimrock to get new exclusive zzzv content???

    2. Thelokk


      I actually bought the game yesterday, currently on sale on Steam. Lots of fun so far!

      @yakfak make sure to drop a link to your mod when it's ready.

  17. cant join my gang unless you can two-hundred-shot a cyberdemon

    1. Thelokk


      My strat is I hide behind the fattest manc like a little sissy and pray senpai don't notice me 

    2. yakfak


      mancubi are snuggly

  18. why are there so many meta-posters who go into a thread and tell you why yr thread isn't a good idea? just go back in yr cave, your commentary is worthless <3

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Thelokk


      As opposed to a game that's been out three decades XD into the next century you go!

    3. heliumlamb


      grrrrr the sorta "op dumb you have just have a skill issue" typea shit that's been far too prevalent in just about every internet community since probably ARPANET borders on psychological warfare as far as i'm concerned. seeing it all the time just gets grating. if one ain't got nothin' nice to say... they should consider being helpful to one person at the very least. being helpful re:the topic is even better! even if you help some potential individual years down the line, including posthumously, at least it ends being helpful. certainly more helpful than brash assumptions of one's intelligence, often because someone just asked a question. one can be kind without being nice. conversely, one can be nice without being kind (over here we call this that "minnesota nice"). bless their hearts. bless my heart. bless all hearts.

    4. baja blast rd.

      baja blast rd.

      Should have used the search function someone said the exact same thing. ;) ;) 

  19. .bex to make you regen 1hp every five seconds while standing still or running? can it be done using long delays on the marine's frames + the health bonus, or isn't that callable from whacked?

    i've been feeling like ultra-slow regen would be a welcome feature in my tyson-centric, hot and cold maps. ~sixteen minutes to go from 1% to 200% health is pseudo-punitive enough that no-one would play like that i assume

    1. yakfak


      I realize you can add medkits to maps, etc >:3 but I think .deh as well as item placement crafts gameplay and just cos something's a standard doesn't mean it needs to be in yr work

  20. hey thanks for this really nice review :3 i got such horrible feedback on this map at first that i'm glad you've been all the way through it and seen what it's about <3

  21. tnt evilution is sort of a funny mess but I think Steel Works is one of the best commercially released maps and is confirmed yakfak-core for having maintenance tunnels and a useless spiderdemon. i award it the gold medal

  22. doom mods need daggerfall's devil may care decorating strats
    2d billboarded cats dogs and pigs
    naked people especially naked pagan people
    lampposts occupying the same grid coords as trees

    hundreds of extra prop people who stand around pubs or castles or outside dungeons and refuse to talk to you for reasons of unexplained distaste


    torches and candles are kinda running their course

    1. yakfak


      fork dsda-doom and add single line speech responses to every single actor

    2. yakfak


      fill my inventory with totally useless reagents, institute the entire doom bible and remove all the fights \o/

  23. 99 iq: pip install pygame
    100 iq: pip install pygame --pre

    how are you meant to know you're supposed to use the second one hahahahahaha hahahdfjdgyhfsuvfdsu

    1. Thelokk


      1000 iq: pip install pie game. 

    2. yakfak


      pumpkin pie game <3

    3. Thelokk


      That pie is not a lie

      That, I cannot deny

      Boom! BFG and the pie dies.



      Short sad story.


  24. i think tnt map08 is *generally* a silly map that has no idea what it's doing but mm that bit with the metal staircase that you can walk around both sides is kinda fascinating... I love extra walkspace, I love those places in the forts in morrowind where you can walk under the spiral staircases until the ceiling gets too low, I love being able to walk through alleys in city maps, I like cupboards and deadends and little maintenance passages with windows you can peek up through so you can see the floor of the places you're really meant to be... and it's just so impossible to make a map of that and then present it to anyone else cos they'd be lost in one second flat lol


    when people complain about sewer maps i feel like they have superhero syndrome sorry


    need to release dontplay.wad some time

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. yakfak



      I *see* what you were *trying* to *do* with these *fluff passages* but *I* don't *think* you really *excuted* it all that *convincingly*

    3. Thelokk


      Snark in a can, gotta love it.


      On topic, in hs I had this funny nook in the library's historical book section where I'd go and hide to skip math class, them salad days 

    4. Nefelibeta


      coincidentally also had an abandoned wad called dontplay.wad, though it's actually a map inspired by av29 called "Don't Play With Fire"

      Just replying because I thought it was interesting ;P

  25. switched computers, just tried to speedmap and discovered i didn't have doom or any of the iwads or slade or any doom level editing software lol

    should i stick with gzdb or should i learn dbx? i keep asking this i know but it's so hard to learn a new one and i remember recoiling at the lack of shift-click: select all matching contiguous textures in visual mode to the point of total allergy. but now i think i just had it set up wrong

    1. Benjogami


      There are a couple of quality of life things in GZDB (now UDB) that are missing from DBX that keep me hooked (a post on the subject), but otherwise I think I prefer the pared down experience of DBX since a lot of UDB's features are irrelevant to me.