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Status Updates posted by yakfak

  1. https://iiiypad.bandcamp.com/album/abolish-roads

    yakfak and friends giggle
    this album is really crazy it's not gonna work for anyone thinks musical maturity is a positive trait

  2. catchin' up on gaming

    wary that the theme of Mass Effect 2 is "everyone's a dickhead"

    1. yakfak


      wonder who came up with "star trek but none of the characters are likeable"

  3. https://www.patreon.com/posts/22094944

    authentik dos dungeon music

    1. yakfak


      doom neural upscale 1.00000002x

  4. noticing the way super creative people put out these major level sets humbly and comparing it to the way I put out a single highly idiosyncratic level and demand it be taken seriously as art hee


    i am a doofus sorry everyone

    1. yakfak


      also please listen to this


    2. Fonze


      I like the call for teamwork among postmen, but I didn't like that hope for a greater wek was hinted at, but never reached. I assume the cats worked with the giraffe to hold the wek back from delivering only the half of his mail that he deemed to have a purpose. All that red tape, postwek can't even do his job how he interprets it.

    3. yakfak


      giggling a lot right now

      i was rambling on teh topic of "trauma via twitter" but i like how you better involved the npcs than i did

  5. maybe I should group together:

    - Nato

    - Spidersilk

    - Job

    - and Northern Powerhouse


    work with someone more gameplay-friendly to give the maps conventional and tested monster placement and re-release them together as a sort of weird level pack that might get more eyes on it than they individually ever could?


    dunno giggle
    anyone else feel weird when a single map release just sinks without trace when you put a lot of work into it? at least an intrepid idgames trawler might one day dig 'em up and reassess 'em

    1. Catpho


      I feel for you yakfak. It's your choice. I personally like these levels in their current super artsy direction, though their complicated "combat puzzles" are understandably a bit hard to digest for people who are acquainted to the faster and simpler run n gun style. Also too much awesomeness to soak in! Though a "Yakfak the way someone else did it" does sound pretty cool.


      P.S Spidersilk was the most spidery map to ever spider. Luved it. 

    2. yakfak


      catpho :3 you support my stuff a lot, thank you


      maybe I should just keep making new stuff instead of moping!

  6. wonder if it'd be cheeky to withdraw my megaproject entry cos i wanna keep modding it
    actually i already have been modding it lol
    the grindy stumbly elements remain but the cops appear about four minutes thirty seconds after you grab the initial chaingun, without which you would be in absurd trouble, and the cops are the biggest room of zombiemen and ss soldiers i've ever placed
    i super saturated the palette too and made the blue range somewhere between pink and purple and i wanna add my own "you win!" music anyway

    hey i was so hopeful about the megaproject rules this year but im too flaky to follow them haha
    i guess i don't agree with the idea of finished art


    edit: my first dalliance was an attempt to get the level to fit the zekhmet resource pack but changing over eleven thousand lines and a bunch of finicky placement that has stopped making sense in retrospect made me kinda rethink that whole concept

  7. had an idea to write music to suit speedruns rather than levels

    an example: vdgg is my fave misc wad speedrunner and I'd love to undefaultify some of the stuff he's played through
    another more ambitious example: resoundtracking the entire of eternall.wad to suit j4rio's tyson campaign and remove the repetitive Big Slabs of Stone ost it has right now

    probably an insane move by an insane person to actually do the second one (opens cubase)

    1. Jimmy


      Haha this is a cool and novel idea.


      I guess a third approach would be to find a YouTube upload or some other video format that you can actually create a unique soundtrack for, like scoring a movie soundtrack? Though that would definitely be a big undertaking if the speedrun is of a whole megawad and like 45 minutes long.


      If you do end up doing the latter for the j4rio Tyson speedrun, I hope you use the MIDI punch sound liberally.

    2. yakfak


      hee I'd be wary of trying to actually score an action sequence that was 34 minutes long
      my goals are slightly more humble - just make music that is less grating and repetitious to suit longform speedruns. thinkin non-abrasive guitar solos, ambienty techno or jungle, dark funk and that sort of thing :3

      midi punch is of course a must giggle

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Back in the Plutonia MIDI Pack days, I think Bucket mentioned he wrote Plunge Saw while watching UV max runs (presumably of Go 2 It). I can totally hear Tyson as some funk piece that has the punch on each beat and it's sync'd with the actual punching.

  8. https://www.patreon.com/posts/21132774


    back after a break with music :3

    1. Fonze


      Honk! Sounds good :D

  9. doom is totally outside of my head right now sorry

    here's a video i made

  10. i don't wanna mess up that total biscuit thread cos everyone is generally being solemn and apolitical so i'll put it here: the guy turned his own fwp pet hates into an industry that made gaming culture worse for just about everybody. it's terrible that he got cancer so young but it's even more terrible that I know who he is

    1. leodoom85


      Sounds about right that actions are more important than the death of someone...


    1. Fonze


      I thought that smiling mushroom was a cow face at first, 10/10


      Also I think my subliminal mental conditioning is finally complete and I'm ready to go out and make the world wacky.

    2. Catpho


      A literal mushroom trip

  12. https://patreon.com/user?u=31989&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=creatorshare


    had this up for one month and a few kind subscribers have made me smile already

    posting tunes in various formats along with rambling about various games

    you can follow rather than subscribe cos mmm the only stuff hidden on that site is available for free here cos frankly doomworld has given me hours of enjoyment for free and i don't want anyone from here to subscribe unless yr brutally rich lol

  13. are you the Jerry C. who drew all those cool weird furry egozines in the 80s?

    those ruled


    I realize there is a very slim chance of this being you giggle

  14. it's hard to get this place to care about music, doubly hard when it involves weird music

    at some level people must think music is easy and mapping is the real effort

    1. yakfak


      guess i'm gonna revamp that thread with some soundcloud links people could click to listen instead of just despairing

    2. Catpho


      Well,to be fair,most people here are modders and gamers .Still,your music is pretty cool!

    3. 40oz


      It's not really a matter of whether people care or not. I know people do. People talk about how important music is in Doom all the time. If most people here are anything like me, they don't really know how to comment on music very well. I either like it or I don't and I don't really know how to continue a conversation about it from there. Even when I find music I don't like, it's not impossible for me to think of a map where it could be used very effectively in. People are definitely listening to what you make, and they're probably coming up with all sorts map ideas that they likely wouldn't have thought of without it. People tend to respond mostly to the stuff they find controversial anyway (if my threads are any indication) so I wouldn't measure the community's apathy towards your work based on how much direct feedback you get for it.

  15. *sits down monday morning to jot down a quick tune*


    *emerges tuesday morning with an almost seven minute atmospheric prog rock bullshitoclasm*


    i feel like I am focusing better on creating stuff now I am drinking less sugar =P

  16. heya, just noticed you seem to be going through the creme of teh 1994 levels, rock on dude :)

  17. my music making project this year has gotten more concrete, um

    gonna release three packs of twelve songs each, expect the first no later than the end of February


    gonna be very slow, fairly mysterious music with pacing and sequences of chords that you don't always hear

    totally made out of MIDI sounds but composed in the .it format I much prefer

    possibly less funky than previous yakfak tunes in favour of very very long notes


    partially inspired by level sets like:


    Bloody Steel


    Aliens TC

    Talosian Incident

    Zones of Fear


    Hellfire Dreams


    Whitemare & Whitemare 2



    and the unsurpassable megawads Epic 2 and No End in Sight


    being fairly atmospheric worlds which themselves have a good amount of mystery to them. I wanna add Sunlust and Kama Sutra to this list but frankly everyone knows them, they're both way too hard for me to beat and Sunlust already has a fantastic soundtrack so I don't need to sit here thinking about replacing any of it


    ps if you look at that list of level sets and see something that'd fit right alongside that I've missed, please tell me

    pps i snapped at someone on discord for no good reason and I don't wanna go back in particular

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    2. gaspe


      Gl, I'm a hyped for this.

    3. yakfak


      http://aanaaanaaanaaana.net/drop/05 - earthbye.it


      seven more to go

      im confident that this is one of the coolest things i've ever made

    4. tourniquet


      wow kinda like floating in space, very atmospheric, really love the flute pitch bends

  18. http://aanaaanaaanaaana.net/drop/02 - sinhale.it


    new tune; doomguy in love theme

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. yakfak


      hmm hey you're right

      instead of clicking the link try copying the link's text into the url bar!

    3. tourniquet


      Amazing tune, sorta haunting mysterious yet cheerful in a strange way. Love it

    4. yakfak


      thanks for listening as always :))


      i had a dim idea about a story-based doom thing and the crux would be doomguy and a demoness having a shotgun wedding and this tune resulted :P~

  19. if you made an online card-based casual Doom clicker game i would probably play it 24 hours a day and die

    1. Marn


      I saw Doom clicker and pictured a cacodemon version of Cookie Clicker.


      Someone make it happen, pls.

    2. Jimmy


      Caco Clicker

    3. Albertoni
  20. thoughts on "can't beat 'em - join 'em!" balance in games?


    I'm playing an online card game called Storm Wars, where you pick a champion and build a deck and the games play themselves out in front of you; one champion called Malik is significantly stronger than the rest! This leads to just about every strong player setting Malik as their defence deck, which you have to defeat if you want to climb the weekly ladder.


    Do you just succumb to the power and run the overpowered thing yourself, or swear it off for game variety, maybe make it a badge of honour that you don't necessarily do the easiest thing (and get called a scrub)? How would you approach the game's devs to talk about the imbalance without sounding whiny and privileged?



    1. Memfis


      I usually refuse to use the BFG in Doom FFA for similar reasons. I know I can definitely get more frags with it and so can anyone else, but rushing to get it whenever possible is the most overdone tactic I can imagine. So I'm more interested in trying other play styles, even if they lead to lower scores for me. I learned to think of it as a cool game changing self-imposed limitation and yep, I do take some pride in following it.


      But in FFA this works because it's not a win-or-lose mode, at least in my eyes. Maybe I have a low chance of winning, but I can try to aim for top 3, or ignore the frag count completely and instead go for the highest kill\death ratio or something. In 1-on-1 duels I would be more frustrated about the whole situation for sure.

    2. Marcaek


      If all a map requires is BFG rushing you probably need to play new maps.



  21. gifedito.gif


    sorta wanna make an oldschool RPG akin to Ultima 5 or Wasteland


    this is me thinking about a level editor


    i initially wanted to use qbasic but it's so slow so this a PyGame program I've written

  22. Hey coders - any of you privy to resources or documents about learning MS Basic for DOS? or even which version was the final good version for DOS?


    (I remember typing in BASIC programs into a ZX Spectrum in the old days and sorta miss it; don't tell me to pick up a more advanced programming language instead cos it's not like I'm trying to create a career here, I just wanna get back into an old hobby!)

    1. Albertoni


      QBasic was state of the art at the time and has a beautiful debugger for more complex programs, but it cannot generate .exe files (at least the version I had couldn't, your mileage may vary). QuickBasic is a bit older, but it can.

      If you want to go all-out, the Basic PDS (Professional Development System) 7.1 is the last version, but I have no idea what extras it offers.


      This site seems to have some good tutorials: http://www.qbasic.net/

    2. yakfak


      oh, thanks! hey i forgot to reply to this


      QBasic must have been what I was thinking of - the tutorials are great!

      the PDS folder is full of helpfiles I can't actually open & am unable to locate qh.exe to use em

    3. Albertoni


      There is a qh.exe file in the binb folder, heh.


      If that doesn't work, your best bet would be to find a copy of MS-Dos and use the HELP.EXE from there. Alternatively, install Windows 98 on a virtual machine, it surely comes with that executable somewhere. Pretty sure these files are the old DOS help file format, considering the age and environment of QBasic, so modern Windows tools wouldn't be able to open them.

  23. wanna make levels where phobias and delusions are at the forefront.


    any ideas how?


    did anyone get any particular message from Sheer Poison?

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    2. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      As the project lead of a fear-based megawad, the best advice I can give that if you're aiming for a phobia, remember that phobias aren't themes necessarily. For instance in my fear of blood map in Panophobia, I try to use blood whenever a fight breaks out or when something "bad" is going to happen to the player, rather than just immersing the level in blood or making it a pain sector. Generally fears are something you want the player to feel trepidation towards, so its best to think both about visuals & gameplay when you set out to do this. The easiest fears to render are probably those that play to Doom's strength, like fear of darkness or fear of hell, as any stage that's transformative usually is enough to "wow" the player.


      Delusions is probably a more fun thing to capture... a lot of fun can be had with WR silent teleport lines.

    3. Albertoni


      That is actually some damn good insight.

    4. yakfak


      yeah I don't wanna do hellish stuff at all, wanna concentrate on my own personal phobias and obsessions and little madnesses... fear of cars, fear of leaving a trail of dirt and mold, fear of being mind-read or psychiatrically obvious, fear of not leaving behind anything defining. not thinking horror movie themes... the hole im stuck down is wanting to be subtle yet wanting to communicate something despite that


      ps dobu your recent mapping work has been ace

      albertoni i'll check out your stuff

  24. i finally searched the internet for xp-50 factory reset and now my keyboard works again lol


    this is the first time in 2017 i've gotten to play a musical instrument apart from some brief drum circle involvement and it could have been easy all along