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Status Updates posted by yakfak

  1. i should get back into classic microsoft game "doom" sometime

    here i made a silly minigame, tell me yr high score


    1. Alper002


      This put a smile on my face!

      The choppiness of the forward movement took some getting used to, but I think I adapted pretty quick.

      My highest score before I decided to stop was 820.

      It probably could've been higher if I did a few things differently, for one thing I managed to accidentally touch one of the avoidable speedups.

      A few failed runs could also probably be attributed to me wanting to read the scrolling text lol

    2. yakfak


      giggle thank you for playing
      the text is distracting, you're right :3 but i was just so committed to the old school bit that it had to be there


    coming along gnicely

  3. gd2_13.gif.9a6db7ff7bb1ad025b4aa7b305c4c0c9.gif


    really happy with my pico-8 dev progress
    this is for a game called Greyknurl Diahaze 2
    or that might be the game's secret subtitle if I come up with something catchier
    i posted the original Greyknurl Diahaze in the general topics forum last year and it basically sank lol
    hopefully this attempt at a game will stick better
    or maybe i'm one of few people who still like block pushing puzzle games?
    anyway, enjoy gif =P

  4. kinda deleted all Impie's work from my hard drive now i know who he is

    1. Bashe




    1. InDOOMnesia


      Sounds like a good vaporwave vid potential.

  5. checking the "midi recommendations" thread
    that's a huge weight off my shoulders lol i can just disappear from the entire doom scene any time

  6. makin games




    this started as a ludum dare thing but it's too big in scope to finish in time
    so it's now a longer-term project
    an old school weird hacking game with a central card battle idea
    hopefully i finish this lol

  7. either some settings in firefox or the forum have changed or my zekhmet threads have disappeared

    giggle if they have don't restore 'em, I'll make new ones when I'm ready to be a little more professional about project overseeing

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      It seems they are where they should be:


    2. yakfak


      thanks! the search honestly wasn't leading me to them


    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Forum search is kinda not working properly at this point, but you can use your "activity tab" to search for threads you started, posts you made, and such. So as a backup it's workable for the time being.

  8. thinking about zekhmet. LOL
    who tricked me into thinking I could run a community project??????

  9. https://www.patreon.com/posts/30339508


    very bobby prince-sounding orthodox doom tune for a level entitled "district depot"

  10. You MUST distribute this WAD including this file, with no modifications. You must distribute this file in every electronic format (BBS, unlabelled russian torrent magnet, steam code, Diskette, rewindable DVD, CD, novelty USB drive, shouted binary) and include this file intact.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Also share the map on twitter and on facebook. :P

  11. https://www.patreon.com/posts/29582982


    listening is free, midi files are for subscribers giggle


    my silly idea
    doomspeeddemos on twitch made me think of it really
    will think about it properly upon request



    my silly idea
    doomspeeddemos on twitch made me think of it really
    will think about it properly upon request

  13. reading about how there should be rigid community guidelines for difficulty levels and then calling up suicidal tendencies "instutitionalized" . m p 3

  14. https://www.patreon.com/posts/27591764

    hoping this appeals to a few supportive people :3 if yr in doubt about an imminent turn-based puzzle game then consider the way it has music and maps designed by me, grin

  15. patreon and things like it are such confidence crushing tools lol

    a service where people can rescind support at a moment's notice and you almost never find out why

    you just end up thinking "the things i make aren't worthwhile and im uninteresting and this subscriber obviously made a mistake ever caring about my work" this post signed by negative creep 19

    1. Fonze


      :( *hugs*

      <3 yakfak

  16. beastboxing is when you make drum machine noises with your mouth while clinging to a marble wall on a narrow platform which overhangs boiling magma

  17. https://www.patreon.com/posts/three-pico-pico-27248524

    please listen to this!
    pico-8 is a mythical games console that has a set of harsh restrictions
    im learning to dev games for it
    im happy with pixel art and chip music, i am terrible at coding to the point where my stuff looks like BASIC that has been savaged by a goose

    i think i am becoming fairly good at manipulating teh limited things you can do with the sound tracker

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Sounds nice indeed. Didn't know you were into chiptunes.

    2. yakfak


      oh yeah i'm a chiptune person at heart, or at least I was for years :)) i put out plenty of music made in famitracker or various adlib trackers over teh years

    3. Fonze


      Sounds cool yak! I really loved the minor/diminished/dirty crunch notes and the fact that some passages seemed to resolve to them that you had the pads doing between roughly 40 seconds in up to 2 and some change. Really cool chord progression on that and fun drums throughout. 

  18. waiting for teh free sigil edition and playing shin megami tensei: strange journey

    i've played this before a number of times and always gotten fairly far into the game, usually getting to Grus at least, but I've never finished it because at some point you have to have a big session of looking through yer demon knowledge and putting together a well-rounded party and paying attention to which skills are inherited from which combinations of fusions and if the sources make things better or worse etc etc etc

    it's a tough game in some ways if you don't learn the system

    although if you get wiped out it tends to be your fault
    you have so many options besides fighting

    i think it's one of the best jrpgs alongside suikoden 2, smt 3 (which has a cooler horror mood and slightly more exciting combat but worse dialogue and worse loot) and ffx (which has everything but has aged at hyperspeed because of its voice acting)


    zekhmet is still at the back of my mind lol
    i wish i could convince myself im still a mapper but it probably ain't gonna happen

    more interested in making my own complete games in pico-8 lately

    1. PaquoCastor


      You do you, I bet your pico-8 games will be fantastic.

  19. architecture is frozen music

    you think this place, full of crazy map architects, would find refuge in complicated harmonic music that skips beats and rearranges its expected structure, variation and progress and contrast and ornamentation. but yall just drop in any midi with cool enough guitar fifths giggle

    don't let the original Doom soundtrack prevent you from correctly accompanying yr levels with music

    1. AD_79


      i'll do what i want with my midi choices yo

    2. kmxexii
    1. yakfak


      hello i am carolus linnaeus please take me to your fibrous organisms