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Status Updates posted by yakfak

  1. checking out the ff7 remake/rewhatever stuff cos i love the original game so much
    everyone is overwritten by miles

    i guess it's so people say "they have fleshed out the original so much"
    but i think the original game just needs clarifying, not 300 hours of sidequests and voice acting, maybe its just me?
    a once-over of ff7's hastily translated dialogue to make everything make sense naturally, instead of making a companion explainer that's several times longer than the story
    along with a tightening of the combat system, instead of a new combat system?

    what i love about the new game is how the music blends together
    some pieces are ultra respectful orchestrations of the original music (could use more beats though, some of it is TOO orchestral to suit the area its meant to soundtrack) while others are riffs on general themes and there's lots of amazing transition work. it kinda ambientizes old overwhelmingly strong themes for moments you aren't in danger and then brings back the urgency when you are


    i think that i could throw away the entire game and keep the soundtrack though, i think i am just an oldschool grump or whatever

  2. eternal doom as we remember it community project

  3. the intrinsically funny yakfak

  4. cool gaming moments: the ff7 enemy "mighty grunt" whose second form is a graceful bodysuit dude on rollerblades, and in one of his moves he just skates up near you and then returns to neutral without bothering to attack. and the animation is partially uncanny in a way i find scary for no reason


    that's pretty formative to me, and i hadn't realized til recently that it was important (watching someone else play through the game and complain about this sort of thing lol. they also complained about the yin/yang zombie enemy who seemingly has a broken spine and takes FOREVER to straighten back up before attacking each time. i love that too, it's so eerie. also i played ff7 before hearing anything about neon genesis evangelion so the unsettling feeling i get from the game is wholly original to it in my head)

  5. -cool, got five speedmaps, may as well just release them to the handful of people who like my work

    -wait no, let's write music for them all

    -let's actually keep five tunes going and work on them in a cycle until they're perfect

    -and maybe the fifth map should be expanded into a 20k line monstrosity full of adventure game logic and i should probably draw a replacement mc

    -and maybe i should expand the scope of everything i do until i get sick of the idea of it and never release it and eventually vanish from the forum for another 8 months lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ugh

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      i did this recently too :/

  6. watching jimquisition, agreeing with what she's saying but then remembering I only care about games that look like doom 2 or angband and my investment in modern gaming is at an all-time level of fakeness and i'll never play a service game that isn't neopets anyway lol

  7.  i love to uhhhh fire the pistol cos i cant get an infight going

    1. Fonze


      Unconvinced, hesitant pew pews is doomguy at their peak performance

  8.  secret video

    1. Fonze


      Looks interesting! I love the imposing high ceilings and monster use 😍

  9. was making a level set that'd run fine in doom.exe
    or in chocolate doom without the need to use -merge


    but um now that's only a technical category cos the maps I am doing need to have hundreds and hundreds of monsters on them lol. they flicker so heavily

    i love using props too much to compromise after all

    gonna test DSDA in minimum resolution... i noticed that even if you select complevel 3, UMAPINFO still fires

    the maps will continue to be designed to avoid VPO and will be tested in original software but I no longer care about concealing the item render limit

  10. type of guy who gives a video about a Doom map you're making a thumbs down

    1. Fonze


      Look at those thumbs downs as reverse thumbs ups from the idiots who are too shallow to play anything other than aaa titles 😉


      Clearly the solution is to charge $60 per wad per person; that's what makes games good, rite?

  11. i haven't even tried modding for MBF21 yet so I shouldn't suggest things
    but I was hoping for an "if you aren't wearing blue armor" general sector function
    to combine with damage over time or instant death so as to create harmful floors which are toxic but not corrosive

    could create big sewer maps where the exit is in a straight line over big expanses of contacty poison
    and you need to dodge into side areas to collect new suits of blue armor so that you don't die as soon as yours wears off

  12. image.png.6bc1858e42c5f8050335a2ec013aa93d.png


    graphic design is my passion kinda thing

    1. wallabra


      good, i like pink and purple

  13. trying to decide whether E2 or E3 of NEIS is my fave (and generally playing lots of doom 1 work)


    "The Grinder" from No End in Sight is so cruel lol, its Xasermapness betrays itself really early and I swear the first section has to be played perfectly so that you don't run out of ammo. so many tight corners, so many opportunities to get bitten by caco and nowhere safe to stand


    and then the bridge level which follows it is SO soothing and laidback and mysterious... finding the secret route is really lovely and you get big barrel chains and huge in-fights to construct


    and then e3m5 which is technically a secret level? feels impossible as heck but I love it, so abstract and lava filled, with the constant urge to run forwards into large column filled spaces which result in you being stalked from every direction... in this one you get armed to the teeth but you run out of health so quickly and because of all the lava you can take yourself into dead ends which you cant return from in time. i love this pain - relief - pain sandwich/trifecta


    and the whole time yr excited because E3M7 is coming and you know about the first frame secret

    1. elborbahquarama


      i think i like both chapters almost as much because they both keep some subtly derived elements from the original game but going with a completely unique atmosphere of their own and much more ambitious level design and becoming an experiment of their own (something that i was kind of sad to not find more in doom the way id did)

      but if i had to choose i would go for chapter 3 as a whole because if a lot of the levels from chapter 2 feel to me like they consistently stand on their own as very well made levels more than the ones in chapter 3, the experience of playing through chapter 3 as a whole left a very strong impression on me of something so playful and almost experimental in how it mostly explored several distinct ideas in each level, and i was glad that it breaks the usual formula by having the hidden level accessible from level 4 and then a super hidden level (also i guess it helps that the last level was one of the most immersive experiences i ever had playing doom)

      those chapters are what make no end in sight a work of art in my heart

    2. yakfak


      that's a really good way of putting it!

      e3 is like going through layers of hell, e2 is a grab-bag of crazy ideas... despite all that, I think I favour E2 because it has Proving Grounds in it and I honestly think that's the best doom 1 map of all time lol

  14. unignored everyone, can't remember what anyone actually did wrong

    tempted to add the current old-schoolers arguing that the old hostility of the place was just them acting normal though, that stuff sucks

  15. can't find another midi editor that actually uses draggable parts, seems to be a cubasis-only thing? everyone recommends seikaju which seems comprehensive but misses the single feature i actually want lol

    1. heliumlamb


      going to bat for seq24 or one if its forks as a free Strictly MIDI program (dont really compose for gen-midi so i can't vouch for its viability with that), it's at first glance a performance oriented cyclical sequencer (kinda like session view in Live From The Company Ableton) but its piano roll is very cubase-esque and it has linear arrangement mode as well that sorta reminds me of something between cubase's arrangment view and FL's playlist view, worth considering.

      cubase 2.02 on the atari st is the only cubase i've used but is very good

    2. yakfak


      that does sound good, thanks!!
      I used Cubasis for NT in a simulated Windows 3.1 for years but I just can't bear to do that anymore lol

  16. THIS IS WHAT A THOUSAND HOURS IN MINESWEEPER LOOKS LIKE: cursor almost automatically solving a huge complicated grid of numbers
    THIS IS WHAT A THOUSAND HOURS IN CELESTE LOOKS LIKE: madeline hopping off spike-encrusted platforms at hyperspeed while thwarting an angry ghost

    THIS IS WHAT A THOUSAND HOURS IN DOOM LOOKS LIKE: me adding a coward's exit to a puzzle map I designed because I can't dodge individual cybie rockets

  17. suggestion: if gzdoom truly wants to be the most popular and feature-complete port it needs to start emulating games that are better than doom. here's some suggestions for starters: bubble bobble, morrowind and x-com

  18. i wanna see wall textures based on R-Type's visual style!!!

    the anime-style ridged plastic casement on everything everything and then the biomechanical stuff

    the graveyard of alien parts, the weird churros of stage 5
    such incredible presentation for a game from 1987 and it really adds to the terror of playing a hard game

    I wonder if there's an even earlier game with sprite art I'd find satisfying?

  19. i just want to remind you that normie doomers hate my music so you probably shouldn't put it in yr levels lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Catpho


      Dunno what a normie is, but your music is one of the best things that's ever happened to this medium.

    3. yakfak


      catpho!!! thank you


      i see so much "shame about the music" stuff in wads that use my stuff though x3 I get sensitive

    4. yakfak


      let me hide the file reviews panel aaagh

  20. happy new year 'n things


    sitting on a few classic maps that look really cool in chocolate doom. they consist of less linedefs altogether than what decorates the void boundaries of the average boom map but that's my current thing, enjoying high sector connection without overflowing the engine, avoiding gradients and inset panels etc. they don't look as pretty as btsx maps or what have you but I'm happy with them


    each map has a hidden untagged secret with a custom texture that tells you the level's working title in case I change it later (I always change it later)


    might send screenshots when I'm not busy

  21. hmm I am properly back into this. just stared at a map for 90 minutes, then moved a radsuit a short distance and then saved the map

  22. despite being on a gamer arc rn with replaying celeste and trying to learn the mechanics better, none of that game awareness really transfers over to doom for me. i just can't seem to play doom as anything other than a casual game - it might be that there's too many variables to control, from in-game factors like monster movement, dodging things you can't be looking at right now and kill order to out-of-game factors like comfort and game equipment, that stops me zoning in and becoming teh doomguy. my flailing has just gotten slightly more systematic over the years and even that I kinda resent. lol


    with celeste, uh, a lot of people here have probably played that game so they understand when I say 7C... a challenge with (almost? there's subpixel stuff i don't understand) no rng and no need to be looking anywhere except directly in front and which requires you to input a strict series of commands, probably a whole minute where all you can do is tackle the thing as intended or die and I get such a rush from that! i get madeline eagle vision and press the buttons more precisely than I normally would and I know regretably  I will never experience that in any 3d action game, and that's a me thing rather than a limit on any particular game genre


    things like plutonia which I've always softly criticized for being "do the intended thing or die" maps still don't put me in that zone of concentration and I can't really work out why

    1. wallabra


      i mean having a good "doom flow" means something different for everyone, and it isnt even for everyone anyway, don't worry too much about it!

    2. Naarok0fkor


      Always remember that Doom isn't about fragging, only participation counts (just like booze contests) and in the end, everybody in the world will realize that...


      ...shotguns are stupid...

  23. image.png.54fc6de0e95f61905722b9ab1b5b3009.png


    looking at dw made me revive a map just as a hobby, not intending to release
    it's funny to see the minimal path through the map, its areas bereft of detail
    and then the all-mportant optional sewer tunnels which get all the style linedefs and real calculation
    crawlspaces rule gameplay is sorta four outta ten

  24. can't really think about doom anymore without thinking of the people who like following me around to drop tormenting little hints about what they know about me. not worth it

    1. Alper002


      That's horrifying!

      How long has this been going on?

  25. ultima underworld 2 - massive improvement to presentation, particularly with an upgrade to fidelity (most of the enemies from the first game return with much bigger and less basic sprites, along with beautiful dithering to the wall textures which makes distance easier to judge!) there's also sampled sfx and a bigger viewport, plus lots of qol upgrades including the keyring, more trading slots etc


    the first ultima underworld is sort of a disconnected masterpiece from the main series, its relationship to the mainline games sort of hammered on at the last minute. 2 brings back castle britannia and some infamous inhabitants you might know from ultima 4, 5, 6 & 7 and wraps its own storyline around the main progression enough so that it really feels like your avatar is The Avatar


    i've heard of people complaining that UU2's encounters are unfair or poorly positioned, but that's sort of just a symptom of how set-piece driven the whole game is - the exploration feel of the first game partially gets replaced by an adventure-game feel where each segment feels self-contained and a little too logically laid-out to be that fun to explore... the meat of the game is in meeting characters from strange new worlds and rescuing them from the clutches of a mysterious titan. you come to understand the castle area as a reprieve from that, a place to be returned to time and time again to test the development of yr skills and gear (trying to clear it before going elsewhere is a bit like trying to play Hell Revealed by killing every monster you see in that order lol)


    i think ultima underworld 1 is a 5 star game and ultima underworld 2 is a 4.999999 star game and suffers from having lots of mini dungeons instead of one masterpiece dungeon that has never been improved upon in thirty years >:3 i think all doom fans should be checking these games tbh

    1. yakfak


      and i think underworld ascendant is uhhhhhhhhhhhh

    2. taufan99


      I have the UU series on GOG, but haven't touched them for quite some time. I wish we had a modern way to play them other than DOSBox, but it could be worse, I guess.

    3. yakfak


      people try and source port the underworld games and just seem to make them worse somehow... devs just can't seem to resist seeing the expanded resolution they've provided as a means to make the fonts hideous or blur stuff up imo


      would love to be proven wrong and ultimately, would love to see a full UU1 dev platform where you could redesign the dungeons from scratch. i think the original exe is mega tightly packed and very proprietary so freeing it from those constraints and letting you import new sprites, new conversations etc would be worth the inherent "not-quiteness" of a source port