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  1. wanna make levels where phobias and delusions are at the forefront.


    any ideas how?


    did anyone get any particular message from Sheer Poison?

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    2. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      As the project lead of a fear-based megawad, the best advice I can give that if you're aiming for a phobia, remember that phobias aren't themes necessarily. For instance in my fear of blood map in Panophobia, I try to use blood whenever a fight breaks out or when something "bad" is going to happen to the player, rather than just immersing the level in blood or making it a pain sector. Generally fears are something you want the player to feel trepidation towards, so its best to think both about visuals & gameplay when you set out to do this. The easiest fears to render are probably those that play to Doom's strength, like fear of darkness or fear of hell, as any stage that's transformative usually is enough to "wow" the player.


      Delusions is probably a more fun thing to capture... a lot of fun can be had with WR silent teleport lines.

    3. Albertoni


      That is actually some damn good insight.

    4. yakfak


      yeah I don't wanna do hellish stuff at all, wanna concentrate on my own personal phobias and obsessions and little madnesses... fear of cars, fear of leaving a trail of dirt and mold, fear of being mind-read or psychiatrically obvious, fear of not leaving behind anything defining. not thinking horror movie themes... the hole im stuck down is wanting to be subtle yet wanting to communicate something despite that


      ps dobu your recent mapping work has been ace

      albertoni i'll check out your stuff