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  1. Hey coders - any of you privy to resources or documents about learning MS Basic for DOS? or even which version was the final good version for DOS?


    (I remember typing in BASIC programs into a ZX Spectrum in the old days and sorta miss it; don't tell me to pick up a more advanced programming language instead cos it's not like I'm trying to create a career here, I just wanna get back into an old hobby!)

    1. Albertoni


      QBasic was state of the art at the time and has a beautiful debugger for more complex programs, but it cannot generate .exe files (at least the version I had couldn't, your mileage may vary). QuickBasic is a bit older, but it can.

      If you want to go all-out, the Basic PDS (Professional Development System) 7.1 is the last version, but I have no idea what extras it offers.


      This site seems to have some good tutorials: http://www.qbasic.net/

    2. yakfak


      oh, thanks! hey i forgot to reply to this


      QBasic must have been what I was thinking of - the tutorials are great!

      the PDS folder is full of helpfiles I can't actually open & am unable to locate qh.exe to use em

    3. Albertoni


      There is a qh.exe file in the binb folder, heh.


      If that doesn't work, your best bet would be to find a copy of MS-Dos and use the HELP.EXE from there. Alternatively, install Windows 98 on a virtual machine, it surely comes with that executable somewhere. Pretty sure these files are the old DOS help file format, considering the age and environment of QBasic, so modern Windows tools wouldn't be able to open them.