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  1. thoughts on "can't beat 'em - join 'em!" balance in games?


    I'm playing an online card game called Storm Wars, where you pick a champion and build a deck and the games play themselves out in front of you; one champion called Malik is significantly stronger than the rest! This leads to just about every strong player setting Malik as their defence deck, which you have to defeat if you want to climb the weekly ladder.


    Do you just succumb to the power and run the overpowered thing yourself, or swear it off for game variety, maybe make it a badge of honour that you don't necessarily do the easiest thing (and get called a scrub)? How would you approach the game's devs to talk about the imbalance without sounding whiny and privileged?



    1. Memfis


      I usually refuse to use the BFG in Doom FFA for similar reasons. I know I can definitely get more frags with it and so can anyone else, but rushing to get it whenever possible is the most overdone tactic I can imagine. So I'm more interested in trying other play styles, even if they lead to lower scores for me. I learned to think of it as a cool game changing self-imposed limitation and yep, I do take some pride in following it.


      But in FFA this works because it's not a win-or-lose mode, at least in my eyes. Maybe I have a low chance of winning, but I can try to aim for top 3, or ignore the frag count completely and instead go for the highest kill\death ratio or something. In 1-on-1 duels I would be more frustrated about the whole situation for sure.

    2. Marcaek


      If all a map requires is BFG rushing you probably need to play new maps.