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  1. my music making project this year has gotten more concrete, um

    gonna release three packs of twelve songs each, expect the first no later than the end of February


    gonna be very slow, fairly mysterious music with pacing and sequences of chords that you don't always hear

    totally made out of MIDI sounds but composed in the .it format I much prefer

    possibly less funky than previous yakfak tunes in favour of very very long notes


    partially inspired by level sets like:


    Bloody Steel


    Aliens TC

    Talosian Incident

    Zones of Fear


    Hellfire Dreams


    Whitemare & Whitemare 2



    and the unsurpassable megawads Epic 2 and No End in Sight


    being fairly atmospheric worlds which themselves have a good amount of mystery to them. I wanna add Sunlust and Kama Sutra to this list but frankly everyone knows them, they're both way too hard for me to beat and Sunlust already has a fantastic soundtrack so I don't need to sit here thinking about replacing any of it


    ps if you look at that list of level sets and see something that'd fit right alongside that I've missed, please tell me

    pps i snapped at someone on discord for no good reason and I don't wanna go back in particular

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    2. gaspe


      Gl, I'm a hyped for this.

    3. yakfak


      http://aanaaanaaanaaana.net/drop/05 - earthbye.it


      seven more to go

      im confident that this is one of the coolest things i've ever made

    4. tourniquet


      wow kinda like floating in space, very atmospheric, really love the flute pitch bends