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  1. it's hard to get this place to care about music, doubly hard when it involves weird music

    at some level people must think music is easy and mapping is the real effort

    1. yakfak


      guess i'm gonna revamp that thread with some soundcloud links people could click to listen instead of just despairing

    2. Catpho


      Well,to be fair,most people here are modders and gamers .Still,your music is pretty cool!

    3. 40oz


      It's not really a matter of whether people care or not. I know people do. People talk about how important music is in Doom all the time. If most people here are anything like me, they don't really know how to comment on music very well. I either like it or I don't and I don't really know how to continue a conversation about it from there. Even when I find music I don't like, it's not impossible for me to think of a map where it could be used very effectively in. People are definitely listening to what you make, and they're probably coming up with all sorts map ideas that they likely wouldn't have thought of without it. People tend to respond mostly to the stuff they find controversial anyway (if my threads are any indication) so I wouldn't measure the community's apathy towards your work based on how much direct feedback you get for it.