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  1. had an idea to write music to suit speedruns rather than levels

    an example: vdgg is my fave misc wad speedrunner and I'd love to undefaultify some of the stuff he's played through
    another more ambitious example: resoundtracking the entire of eternall.wad to suit j4rio's tyson campaign and remove the repetitive Big Slabs of Stone ost it has right now

    probably an insane move by an insane person to actually do the second one (opens cubase)

    1. Jimmy


      Haha this is a cool and novel idea.


      I guess a third approach would be to find a YouTube upload or some other video format that you can actually create a unique soundtrack for, like scoring a movie soundtrack? Though that would definitely be a big undertaking if the speedrun is of a whole megawad and like 45 minutes long.


      If you do end up doing the latter for the j4rio Tyson speedrun, I hope you use the MIDI punch sound liberally.

    2. yakfak


      hee I'd be wary of trying to actually score an action sequence that was 34 minutes long
      my goals are slightly more humble - just make music that is less grating and repetitious to suit longform speedruns. thinkin non-abrasive guitar solos, ambienty techno or jungle, dark funk and that sort of thing :3

      midi punch is of course a must giggle

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Back in the Plutonia MIDI Pack days, I think Bucket mentioned he wrote Plunge Saw while watching UV max runs (presumably of Go 2 It). I can totally hear Tyson as some funk piece that has the punch on each beat and it's sync'd with the actual punching.